WordPress is the best and popular open source CMS and now around 23 to 25% of world’s websites are based on WordPress CMS
As WordPress is widely used and it is open source lots of Plugins are developed for wordpress and lots of Research has been done on that.

As wordpress is used widely all over the world , there is a demand of Multilingual websites it means website available on Multiple Languages.
If you have a business across the globe then it is suggested to make your website  accordingly. It helps you to target local markets and it also helps in Localised SEO

If your website is Multilingual then it is easy for you to target localised market and you have the option to cover international market and it will always increase your revenue.

As all you will be aware about wordpress and I hope that you have a wordpress website and You all are planning to create a Multilingual website. So here I will give you the List of 5 Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins to translate your wordpress website.
I will provide Free and Premium WordPress Multilingual plugin with its details and features.

5 best WordPress multilingual plugins and their features are listed below:

WordPress Multilingual Plugin(WPML) : 
WPML is one of the best Multilingual Plugin in wordpress. Very easy to build multilingual websites and run them online. It can be used for Corporate websites , Simple , Sites and Blogs.

Features of WPML :

  • You can use WPML for around 40 International Languages
  • You can add any languages which is not their in the list
  • The User has the option to add any language variants to your blog.
  • WPML can be run on every theme or Plugin which uses wordpress API
  • The comments can be easily translated to any language by user with WPML
  • You can build Multiple Ecommerce portal with Woocommerce plugin with wordpress
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Instant Website & Blog Translator :
Instant Website translates your websites in 40 Languages. The user can be change the language in one single click. With this plugin you can translate for unlimited websites and unlimited translations.
Features of Instant Website and Blog Translator
  • You can translate unlimited translation for your website
  • It Supports all the ISO languages mentioned in 639-1 .
  • Easy to Setup and Easy to translate
  • No Additional Server Request require to translate the content
qTranslate X
You can add a user friendly , multi language dynamic content management system on wordpress with qTranslate X. The Plugins offers features to use multi language on your website and you can make your website very easy with qTranslate X

On a single click you whole website content can be change in another language, you don’t need to do a coding in script

Features of qTranslate X

  • Single Click can change switch your Language
  • It has number of languages inbuilt with qTranslate X 
  • Customizations of Language can be done without changing .po/mo files
  • This Plugin is made in such a way that it will give one language for each URL so it will help SEO for not mixing Multilingual Content
  • qTranslate X supports unlimited number of Languages
  • You can generate Language Specific XML sitemap with Google XMl Sitemap Generator

Lingotek Translation WordPress Multilingual Plugin

Lingotek Translation is a cloud based localization and translation of wordpress website.It Simplifies the translation of content on wordpress. It Simplifies the creating and translation of Multilingual website and its content on wordpress
Features of Lingotek Translation WordPress Plugin
  • Lingotek is a Cloud Based Translation Management System
  • Lingotek helps faster translation times so it reduces the time of translation process
  • The Quality of Translated content is very precise and accurate
  • It is monitored real time by Lingotek translation
  • It reduces the Copy/Paste way of doing translation 
  • It increases the involvement and loyalty and reduces the error in Localised Language
Ceceppa Multilingua
Ceceppa Multilingua add a very friendly Multilingual CMS and translation support to wordpress. It has very easy interface for managing a Multilingual wordpress website. With this Multilingual Plugin you can write Posts and Pages in your languages

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Features of Ceceppa Multilingua

  • You will get a Quick Edit Mode where you can easily edit the content and do its translation all on one page
  • You can get Each Language has separate Posts and Pages and a different SEO and URL for each languages. SO it is SEO friendly.
  • You can translate your entire theme with Ceceppa
  • Ceceppa can also be used to translate Widgets titles
  • You have the Option to use different menu for each language
  • You can translate Site Name and its Tagline
  • Single Click Switching between Languages
  • You can add flag for different languages