Yesterday on 29th March SMVsMediaLies was trending top on twitter , let;s see Why it was trending on Twitter and what were the reaction of Social Media Warriors.

It is interesting to see that the Main Stream Media i.e MSM always hates the Social Media , because their Agenda is always burst by Social Media. Before the existence of Social Media the People doesn’t have their voice to raise against the Fake , Biased News or I can Opinion of So Called Journalist. The Opinion was final , What they say was the word of the whole country , they were behaving like Monarchy. No one was questioning their agenda , The Journalist in the lap of politicians became the Corrupt and there whole News was Agenda Driven to target a political party.

The Journalist who was the frequent flyer to a foreign trip with the Prime Minister’s on the Exchequer Money. They were enjoying the Royal before the 16th May 2014. After Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, He stop taking the private Journalist with him to the Foreign Tour , He Stop the entry of Journalist or Journalist cum Broker to the government officials and The Media (Who was Enjoying Power) started targeting Narendra Modi , BJP and their Supporters.

Narendra Modi , Prime Minister of India has a huge fan following on Social Media it can be on Twitter , Facebook or any Social Platforms and this Social Media warriors who exposes the lies of MSM are on target by prominent Journalist of the country. Journalist always uses the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expressions are the tools to say anything to anyone. But when Social Media started using this tools against the Journalist they have became rattled.

As Many People in India started using Social Media to keep their views and started exposing the lies of Mainstream Media , the Journalist or I can say #Presstitutes who sold their Pen for the Money. Now the Lies of Media are busted in a Day and they have to apologise for their fake news.

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More then 32K Tweets received by #SMvsMediaLies and still people using this hashtag to expose the Media and their lies they spread to target BJP and Narendra Modi.

We will see The Lies Spread by a Hate Mongering Journalist and How the Social Media Exposed them.

  • We will See the Tweet of Madam Sagarika Ghose who is the India’s Famous Journalist and in Social Media she is famous for her Hate towards Hindus and Narendra Modi 

You have heard Many Times , the Terrorism doesn’t have religion , but Look Her Tweet , She is Disclosing the Religion of Terrorist. When Social Media starts countering her , then the Social Media Warriors becomes the Bhakt of Narendra Modi. Just Imagine if any BJP Leader Mention that “Islamic group are doing Terrorist Activities in India ” what will be the reaction of her.

Today Print and Electronic Media are running for the TRP and I have seen the Trend , The Fake News Published on Print Media in Morning, It is Followed and Debated on Electronic Media and the News Gets Exposed on Social Media

People on Social Media is saying that Half the Problem in country is due to the biasedness or Media and Journalist.

One of Social Media Accounts exposed Sagarika Ghose lying on Live TV, During Her show

Here Sagarika Ghose using the Pappu’s Security Man as a Voter in Amethi and She is trying very hard to fool the People who are watching her News Report and Social Media doesn’t take a single minute to expose her,
  • A Doctor in Delhi was killed by a mob of 15 to 16 People and when social Media was demanding justice for the doctor , the Presstitutes on Twitter were making fun of the People who were demanding justice for Doctor. During Dadri incident every Media Personnel , Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal , Rahul Gandhi were the front runner to visit Akhlaq House and started communalising the whole issue ,but Media , Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi doesn’t find the address of Doctor who was killed. You can understand Why he Visited Akhlaq house and Could not find a time for Visiting Dr Narang’s house. 
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You will be amazed for Arvind Kejriwal Hyderabad was in Delhi and Vikaspuri was in Andhra Pradesh. For Visiting Akhlaq house and Hyderabad university he doesn’t take any permission from LG but visiting Dr Narang’s house he opt for permission from LG , but Main Stream Media doesn’t even dare to question Arvind Kejriwal , but Social Media is not biased like MSM and they question and all who were crying for Dadri started labelling Social Media People who were demanding justice for  Dr Narang a communal , bhakt who wanted a Riot. MSM has forget their duty and it seems in the hatred of Narendra Modi they have become totally blind and they are looking for a incident where they can blame Modi for it.

  • On 27th March there was a Terrorist attack in Pakistan killing More then 60 Pakistani’s , Here you will find amaze that a letter written Pakistan Media Regulator to their private Media houses that Don’t work for Commercialization of Terrorist incident.
  • Unlimited Number of Times , the Media has lied and Social Media Exposed them, Here is one for News Headline by India’s biggest Newspaper Times of India
See What Actual Happened and How our Media Reported the incident , and Social Media exposed their news. 
  • In the Case of Rohit Vemula , a So called Dalit Student from Hyderabad University does a suicide and all the Media started blaming on Narendra Modi for this. In the Suicide letter Rohith Vemula has not made any one Responsible for his suicide , then also Presstitutes in Media started blaming Narendra Modi for it. And The Telangana Minister on the Floor , told that Rohith Vemula was not a Dalit. Why Media doesn’t check the facts before reporting or they have forget their basic journalistic guidelines.
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No one has forget JNU Incident , I was amazed How our Journalist openly supporting the Traitors who was chanting “Bharat Ki Barbaadi tak Jung Rahegi” and “Afzal Hum Sharminda hain Tere Qatil Zinda hain” , Media and Politicians like Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi was the quick to target Modi and given a clean chit to the Jnu students and now they are constantly making Traitor a Hero of this country.

Our Print and Electronic Media spread daily 10 to 15 Lies on behalf of their Political Masters so that they can discredit Current Narendra Modi’s government. But they always forget We , the People of this country is behind with Narendra Modi and We are not Paid by anyone to work for the agenda. 
The only thing , I will say for our Media People , Country Need News , Not your Views
I Just have to say only one thing , In Today’s India People of this country are not fool to believe the Presstitutes, Now they have a weapon known as Social Media to expose the Presstitutes then and there.