“Swaraj without Swadeshi is a lifeless corpse and if Swadeshi is the soul of Swaraj, Khadi is the essence of Swadeshi”From these words of Mahatma Gandhi the Movement for Independence took its momentum. The basic points that were pointed by Mahatma Gandhi were to boycott foreign goods and embrace our local goods. The concept behind Gandhi’s mission was to make India a self reliant nation.

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Khadi or khaddar is a term used for hand woven and handspun cloth from India. These cloths are primarily woven from cotton, silk and wool which are a versatile fabric, worn both in summer and  winter. These cloths are spun into yarn on a spinning wheel known as charkha.
After the Independence the culture of wearing Khadi clothes got limited only till Politicians and cultural icons. The so called liberals designated Khadi as unfashioned cloth and embraced western culture and its fabric. The productivity decreased to such an extent that khadi became limited only in government supported shops with limited variety.

The Revolution of Khadi
What Mahatma Gandhi did in 1918 was repeated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his first radio show “Mann Ki Baat”, were he emphasized for the necessity to promote khadi. From then the fashion of wearing khadi cloths again took its momentum and there has been a rise in sale of khadi cloths in the year 2014-15 in comparison to 2012-13. With the enhancement  in sale, the traders have become exited and are now introducing new designs to woo the customers from all over india.

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Narendra Modij’s View on Khadi:  Narendra Modi(Prime Minister of India) is very keen in promoting Khadi and he want to establish Khadi Gramudyog network in all villages.
PM Modi has asked people to have a 1 Khadi clothes in their wardrobe it will help to grow employment in villages who all are depended on Khadi. Narendra Modi has said in Maan Ki Baat Khadi has become a Symbol and it has unique identity.

The need to promote khadi

There is a famous saying-“We cannot be respected by others until we start respecting ourselves”, the same way if we want our nation to become a “Vishwa-Guru” we need to learn to embrace our culture and its belongings. For this Khadi is the best ambassador for self reliance and Independent india. Every Hollywood movie we see comprises mostly a character which shows that America is the supreme nation in the world and it act as a savior for the world. The reason to support khadi not only restricts to embrace our culture, but it will create employment in our country. The benefit that India will get from promoting khadi is:

  • There will be rise in employment in the country
  • While importing raw cotton, only the farmers used to get benefit but by manufacturing khadi, there will be other sections that will also get benefit.
  • The production owner, the technicians, labors and the traders, all will get the benefit from khadi.
  • Khadi clothes will replace the exported western dress and will reduce the cost and also will lead to a self-reliant India.
  • The pride of wearing this sacred clothe will embrace the young generation and will create a sense of respect and responsibility towards their country.
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I have come across many such Fashion Designers who are promoting Khadi in different means. They are organizing Fashion Shows and different events.
#खादी_गाथा was the trending topic in Twitter and it was very well supported by Our Honurable Central minister Giriraj Singh.
If you are thinking about the Options in Khaid you would be shocked to khow that Khadi would be a New Style Symbol.
You have varieties of Products available in Khadi such as

  • Sarees
  • Mens Formal Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Kurta’s
  • There are many other other options in Khadi to use as a Daily Wear.
Now Khadi has been working on Solar Charka and it has been provided to 5 crore women in villages of India.Solar Charkha in Khadi industry is the new revolution.
Here are the Tweet of Dr Anuj Singh on Solar Charkha

Solar Charkha schemes 4 Khadi Weavers as per KVIC Norms. Share interesting facts about Solar Charkha with #खादी_गाथा pic.twitter.com/eN4LIu4CHh

— Dr Anuj Singh (@anujsingh18) January 22, 2016

With these benefits it is our duty to promote khadi and help our country to attain sustainable development. We hope this article would have created a sense of patriotism and love towards our ancient culture which was maligned by our liberal intellectuals.