E-commerce has become the most dynamic way of running & managing a business and interacting with customers.

E-commerce offers effective and most secured business solutions using the latest internet technologies and provides a scalable framework to remain sustainable while managing every aspect of the business, expanding business operations, and extending the customer network.

E-commerce startups have become a part of success stories today and shared web hosting has offered the necessary support and assistance to the e-commerce business requirements using advanced technologies.

E-commerce sectors:

The booming internet technology and Smartphone usage have opened many opportunities in the world of business & industries today. The E-commerce sector is also increasing rapidly.

The sector can be divided into four main sectors business-to-business (B2B) sector, direct-to-consumer (D2C) sector, consumer-to-consumer (C2C) sector, and consumer-to-business (C2B) sector.

The two sectors are having an immense increase in the past few years are B2B and D2C sectors.

The overall e-commerce market will cross US$360 billion in the next few years. With the adoption of 5G technology, the e-commerce platform will definitely have higher growth in the coming years and will offer higher opportunities globally.

Why shared web hosting is good for E-Commerce start?

E-commerce is a business model which includes buyers & sellers. It offers products & services to consumers over the internet. E-commerce business reaches millions of online consumers.

Shared Hosting is a popular type of web hosting that allows multiple websites to be shared on a single server.

The entire space speed and capabilities of the server can be divided according to the use and necessity of the website hosted on it. Shared web hosting also shares various resources such as CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and others.

Any e-commerce business is required to have a well-designed website with user-friendly designs and customer-friendly navigation. It also requires having the necessary options relating to e-shopping, online marketing, and e-banking.

Most e-commerce businesses start at the lower end and slowly start expanding their operations stage by stage. You cannot make use of all the required resources such as an online store, expandable menus a gallery with multiple pages, online billing, and online payment options.

It requires the e-commerce features to be used and added to the website as per the business management and expansion.

A shared web hosting service is the best suitable option for E-Commerce businesses and applications. Shared web hosting is a cost-effective and highly flexible hosting solution. It can be professionally managed well by offering several benefits to the E-Commerce business.

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Though the entire server may not be available for the website because it gets with multiple websites as the website starts growing and the traffic to the website starts increasing you will have additional benefits of shared web hosting.

Shared web hosting has the upper hand while providing the necessary atmosphere that suits E-commerce startups and e-commerce business applications.

It can be beneficial not only for managing the business but also while executing various processes and business promotional activities.

Let us find out some of the advantages offered by shared web hosting while managing an E-Commerce start-up.

Some of the major advantages are discussed briefly below:

1. The best economical solution:

Shared hosting is an affordable solution for a website to be hosted on a server. Here the server gets shared among multiple websites but for a new hosted website with limited resources and moderate traffic, the server can manage the operations perfectly well.

You do not have to spend so much money even at the beginning of an e-commerce startup. Every resource and every service that you want to use for your website needs to pay handsomely but be the help of hosting your expenses will be limited at the beginning while you experiment with your newly designed e-commerce website.

2. Easy to use control cPanel:

The website management can be managed by cPanel which is one of the common hosting purposes. Use of cPanel is as easier as managing the email services or adding domains.

cPanel has powerful dashboard that can allow you to work effortlessly while selecting the required options and choosing the useful commands.

cPanel provides easier set of commands that can divide the entire work of website management into smaller and effective parts.

The users will find it easy to work using cPanel and to manage the e-commerce website as per business requirements. The cPanel is easy to use and having user-friendly options that make it highly effective to use.

3. Managing website without technical expertise:

You can manage the technically advanced shared website without having any technical knowledge because the shared web hosting providers make sure that the entire e-commerce website along with required resources and the technical assistance will be managed by the experts and the server administrators.

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Even if you don’t have any technical understanding or expertise in the website management, even then your website will be managed well by the experts and the service providers.

The entire task from managing the resources to protecting the data & information, every task & functionality will be managed and maintained by the e-commerce service administrators.

4. Advanced & scalable services:

Shared hosting allows you to use the server for limited functions and for selected processes. You don’t have to either manage or maintain the entire server.

The entire management of the server can be done partly as per the need and specific usage. The website hosting providers make sure that the required e-commerce resources are made available to the website for managing and maintaining purposes.

The administrators look after the website design, installation, use of applications and the resources required.  useful applications such as website builder can help in designing the website and using the Softaculous options which are easier to download and use.

The advanced features are made available as per the need and the website can be scaled as per the need of various features and resources by keeping it scalable.

The website can get expanded by adding variety of additional options needed for online marketing, sales and banking operations and the hosting providers allows the entire structure of the website to remain expandable.

5. SSL certified security solutions:

Shared hosting solution also offers higher security services to the e-commerce website when hosted on the shared hosting platform.

In order to offer effective security solutions, you need to have necessary funds and ability to manage advanced security solutions.

But shared hosting services allows you to have the necessary security solutions that offers complete protection from unnecessary virus-attacks, network issues and hacking related problems.

The use of SSL certified products, plans and policies to be used freely while managing the website and keeping it under complete safety while managing online processes.

It is certainly an advantage to make use of latest security applications for the website without spending extra money.

Such protections make the website work faster without having any issues and it also reduces the cost of website management & maintenance.

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6. Most ideal and appropriate option

Today websites have become part of business management technique. Every business either small or bigger in size needs to have a website that helps the organization to have a place to showcase its business, products, services and the policies that attract visitors towards the business.

But to have a website independently can cost so much of money and it also requires resources as per business management.

Shared hosting option to host websites can be considered as the most suitable and appropriate option.

The newly designed websites needs to have limited resources and a set of server functionalities. The cost of shared hosting is easily affordable and most businessmen would prefer to spent limited amount on the website management and maintenance at the beginning.

You don’t have to spend so much money on a newly designed website for e-commerce business but you can keep expanding the website as the business grows.

The shared hosting option is highly useful for the newly designed websites and also for the websites that represents e-commerce-related business operations.

The services offer cost-effective web hosting solutions that remained moderate for the newly designed websites. It can be scalable according to the increasing requirements of the business.

It can be easily expandable by adding the much-needed additional resources whenever required.

It has become one of the most convenient hosting choices that can help in utilizing limited resources at the beginning of the website and can be easily expandable by adding advanced features into the website.

Bottom Line:

eCommerce Web hosting has become one of the most demanding services today. Though there are many other web hosting options available that includes cloud hosting, VPS hosting services and having local server to be used independently for hosting the websites.

But shared hosting is the most relevant option that can promote website designing and website hosting among all businesses.

It remains most economical option for the businessmen and encourages e-commerce startups at all different levels.

Shared hosting not only saves your money but also helps you to keep track of ecommerce activities without spending too much of money or time.

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