If you have visited Twitter Today, You will find why People on Twitter is Trending a Hashtag #SackSmritiIrani .

If you don’t know why it is Trending I will let us know who are the People who are trending these Hash Tag.
On 18th January 2016, a So-Called Dalit Scholar who was perusing his PHD from Hyderabad University committed Suicide and Media , Secular’s and Adarsh Liberals got there Akhlaq moment to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Now Every Suicide by any Muslim or Dalit will be celebrated by Cheer Leaders of our Media and Opposition Party.
The Situation of Congress and Rahul Gandhi is Like the Vulture, Anyone dies and Rahul Gandhi will visit to play Politics. These type of Politics is called according to me is #VulturePolitcs.
But first let’s discuss any Suicide by any Individual in any party of the Country is being Blame on Narendra Modi or its Ministers. 
Now Every Suicide  is being celebrated by Congress Media, and Now any Suicide in Country done by any Individual will be seen by their Caste , Religion and Goatra
Lets’s see this Whole incident in its Chronological Order.
  • Supreme Court Convicted Yakub Memon (Involved in Mumbai Blast) and he was Sentenced to Death.
  • The Ambedkar Student Association from Hyderabad University protested Yakub Hanging and they protested with the Banner stated “Har Ghar Se Yakub Memon”.
Below is the Image when they were Protesting in Hyderabad University
  • The ABVP Student Protested such Anti National acts and Called these People Goon and Anti-National 
  • The Member of ASA assaulted ABVP student for these Facebook post
  • Then the ABVP Member Complain to the University Management and the 5 students who has organised and assaulted ABVP member were suspended.
  • ABVP Approach Local MP and Central Miniter Bangaru Datatray for the same. Then he wrote a Letter to HRD Minister to take such action against such Anti National Elements in the University.
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  • After 1 Month the Suspension was revoked of all the suspended students by the University Management.
  • After Couple of Months pass away and Rohit Commit suicide and he doesn’t blame anyone in his Suicide Letter.
But Media and Opposition started targeting Smriti Irani and PM Modi for these.
Now Let me know How Smriti , Modi or anyone is responsible for a Suicide.
But after seeing Tweets of People, It got information about Smriti Irani Visiting Amethi the Constituency of Rahul Gandhi.
Every time Smriti Visits Amethi there is such False News to Discredit her and Work
Now Let’s Discuss the Hypociry of Congress and Oppsoition, Media Doing VulturePolitics on this Incident

  1. Around 9 Dalit Student has done suicide in last 10 years but have u seen any such outrage  Visit Times of India for More Information
  2. Congress , Arvind Kejriwal all were and not said a single word when an Airforce officer was Killed by a TMC Politician Son in Kolkatta
  3. If any Brahmin Scholar commits suicide will be the Outrage same as they are doing with death of Dalit Scholar.
  4. Rahul Gandhi doesn’t have a time to Visit the Soldier’s who got Martyred in Pathankot but he has time to visit Hyderabd , What will u called it is Vulture Politics.
  5. Arvind Kejriwal was doing Rally in Delhi when a Farmer Committed suicide in front of him is asking to sack Smriti Irani.
  6. Media(#Presstitutes) all were silent and got into their Shell when Malda Riot was happen in Bengal and Now they are Celebrating death of a Student.
  7. Now How Media will see the death of Person by his Caste , BrahminStudentSuicide , DalitStudentSuicide , by Religion MuslimStudentSuicide and if they doesn’t get something they will call by their Goatra.
  8. I can say that only in India death are classified with their Caste and Religion only to target Narendra Modi and Smriti Irani.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author.