PHP is a server-side programming language that has been a part of web development. Many other technologies such as HTML CSS and JavaScript are also a part of the PHP framework.

Even today PHP is actively involved in managing various bigger platforms and is used in server-side programming.

Well-known platforms such as Wikipedia, Facebook, Instagram, and many others make use of PHP technology while managing and executing the portals successfully.

Even the biggest CMS framework – WordPress is completely based on PHP language. PHP framework has a huge worldwide following by web users.

It is one of the most popular and highly advanced web development technology which is mainly preferred by web developers and web designers around the globe.

PHP manages majority of websites:

According to the recent report published by W3Techs, PHP is mainly used in 80% of website designing & development work today.

It has been more popular than ASP.NET – the nearest rival of PHP as the server-side programming language. It can be well-suitable for small & medium-sized business applications to large-sized e-commerce websites.

Why PHP is suitable for shared hosting?

PHP Framework offers the most useful options and reliable advanced techniques that inspire developers and also for business owners to make their choice while decide to use the digital technology for business purpose & also for business promotional activities using shared web hosting technology.

Let us find out several reasons that help us to understand why PHP is most suitable framework of shared web hosting PHP with its advanced web application can be the most suitable for shared web hosting and will remain highly beneficial.

  • PHP is suitable for shared hosting:

Shared hosting is mainly popular among web developers and business owners because of its affordability and easy usage of resources as per the requirement.

PHP framework streamlines all the processes and keeps improving the entire workflow of the various designing and development operations with ease & effectiveness.

Shared hosting deploys the PHP framework efficiently and also it offers various useful techniques that make the working of the PHP framework powerful to use. It also makes the entire work easier by utilizing standard security features.

  • PHP makes low-cost shared hosting highly effective:

The cost-effective shared hosting solutions provide an excellent environment that allows the PHP framework to offer essential techniques that help the website to run quickly and perfectly well.

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It not only minimizes hosting expenses by offering advanced technology at a cheaper cost but makes the website runs faster & grows over a short period.

  • Shared hosting & PHP make constructive web development:

Shared web hosting allows user-friendly cPanel which has easy navigation that helps in deploying various technologies quickly.

cPanel can allow you to have a better interface with the PHP framework and it can configure the server automatically by engaging in various other activities together.

It offers a technology that has a simple interface to manage and monitor development as per clients’ requirements and also according to the business needs.

  • Scalable shared hosting offers higher flexibility to PHP:

Shared web hosting is scalable and it helps decide the use and application of various resources to be used. It can offer you complete freedom of controlling your expenses by minimizing to use of unnecessary applications.

Unlike VPS hosting or a dedicated server, you do not have to implement the technology on a remote server. The open-source PHP framework remains ideal to be used for shared web hosting and it can remain easily compatible with other system techniques and technologies.

Shared web hosting with higher scalability will enhance the PHP capabilities.

  • Shared hosting with PHP supports all types of websites:

Shared web hosting can manage all types of websites that include personal, educational, business & commercial, etc.

These websites can be designed using the PHP framework. Shared hosting can manage all types of designs and out for the website depending on the need of business and customer requirements.

The shared web hosting option is useful in managing small websites with limited options to large-sized websites with advanced options.

It can also manage e-commerce websites with e-shopping, e-banking, & online marketing options. PHP framework has become one of the most resourceful and highly reliable frameworks to manage projects related to website development of any size.

  • Shared hosting with 24/7 assistance:

Shared hosting facilities offer a set of resources according to use and requirements. It can look after every process and offers the required help around the clock without any delay.

PHP works on the server side and makes sure that the interest system works perfectly fine and keeps the website going with higher speed, easy movements, and by offering interactive services to the visitors.

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The shared hosting option allows better use of applications and resources of the server. PHP platform also provides various advanced techniques to be used for the website as and when required.

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Combining power of PHP with development-friendly shared hosting:

When you decide to develop PHP based website or a PHP application on a shared hosting platform then you have to make use of shared hosting features that can help you to design and develop a PHP application quickly to offer it to the end-user.

  • SSH communication tool:

Secure Shell (SSH) is a well-defined network communication protocol that mainly enables communication between different systems and can transfer and share data.

Shared hosting uses SSH to manage the file structure of the hosting account. It can allow installing of the preferred PHP framework on the server for sharing.

It can be utilized either on the command terminal or using a standard web-based graphical interface.

  • Integration composer:

While integrating the PHP framework along with shared hosting, a composer is mainly used to take care of all the dependencies automatically.

It certainly helps you to focus on the development website instead of managing the dependencies. The moment you get a new version of the PHP framework, you have to update the composer and it will manage the changes in the dependency easily on its own.

The composer also offers an auto loading option which can optimize the entire process and makes it work faster.

  • Git version control:

cPanel office offers additional features such as Git version control. It provides Git repositories as a part of the hosting account.

It allows you to take care of any number of files and assets that are part of the website, whether they are in the form of software or files in text format.

It is one of the useful features that keep cPanel active.

  • Modern hosting features available include:

The latest version of PHP requires modern hosting facilities. PHP 8 has advanced features. It has a just-in-time (JIT) compiler, argument methods, inheritance, Apache extensions, and static return types. The latest version of PHP is made available for shared web hosting.

  • Offers regular backups:

An automatic backup system is available, and it is set according to clockwork precision. It certainly makes sure that the projects are running safely and getting regular backups of the data and system. The restore manager service is available in case you get undesired results.

  • Higher security and better performance:
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Shared web hosting supports many powerful web security methodologies. It offers complete security to the network’s various applications and also provides server-level security to the website.

The multi-level integrated solutions are effective in managing the most modern and highly advanced web projects.

The security it offers is stability that enhances performance with the help of the PHP framework while managing various web applications.

  • Constant customer support

Shared hosting offers 24/7 support to all types of business websites that are part of a shared server. Special care of clients can be taken, which ensures Swift assistance.

Customers find it highly helpful that every aspect of website management and customer care is working easier and more effectively.

  • Provides complete knowledge and guidance:

Shared hosting is managed by experienced and expert developers and business managers. Customers will always get complete knowledge and useful guidance at every stage of managing the website and executing the processes.

The complex tasks of web development and website hosting can become simple with the help of available tutorials and online training sessions while using the PHP framework.

Shared web hosting has offered a set of advantages to developers, designers, project managers, and businessmen.

It has also offered special technologies and useful techniques to manage the most versatile and highly advanced PHP framework by making it easier to use and highly effective while managing the website and the business.

The best PHP frameworks for shared hosting:

To find the most suitable PHP framework to be used for shared hosting. There are several PHP frameworks available on the market, and you have to choose the most suitable one.

In the next article, we will discuss the useful PHP frameworks to be used along with shared hosting in detail about various PHP frameworks & its usefulness in the business management.

The PHP frameworks, such as Laravel, Symfony, Codeigniter, Yii (Framework), CakePHP, Phalcon, and FuelPHP are some of the most advanced & highly appropriate PHP frameworks that have become popular among developers, businessmen, and the users.