Yesterday on twitter there was a Trend called as #PakCheerLeaders. So I have bring this post to know why #PakCheerLeaders were trending on twitter.

Image Source from Nirbhay Singh Via Twitter

So let’s go into the background of this trend.

Everyone is well aware of Anupam Kher the Bollywood actor , His visa was rejected by Pakistan , as he was going for participating the Literature Festival in Pakistan.

You will all be thinking if the visa of Anupam Kher is rejected then Why this type of trend on Twitter. You all know about Shiv Sena Protested the Ghazal function of Ghulam Ali in Mumbai then there were some So called Seculars and liberals who protested strongly that Culture and Sports should not be politicised and they started saying Intolerance Rising in India and started attacking NDA led govt and PM Narendra Modi.

They have came out for full support on Ghulam ali and Politicians like Arvind Kejriwal CM of Delhi  and Mamata Banerjee CM of West Bengal requested to Ghulam Ali to perform in Delhi and Kolkata respectively.  Then I thought may be they are genuinely concerned about the Culture and Sports tie with Pakistan

But When Anupam Kher Visa was rejected by Pakistan the same seculars and Liberals started targeting and questioning the intention of Anupam Kher instead of Pakistan.

Anupam Kher was in the delegation of 18 Members who all are going to pakistan , 17 Members got the visa but only Anupam Kher visa got rejected. Country asked all the delegations to boycott this literature festival. But you know very well they all 17 members have not spoken a single word in support of Anupam Kher.
All the So called Secular Parties in India started condemning Anupam Kher and I was amazed that our Liberals or you can say #PakCheerLeaders were cheering and supporting Pakistan.
The Award Wapsi people have a pin drop silence on Anupam Kher because he was one of the Person who was taking them on.

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So lets see the Hypocrisy of Indian Self Certified Seculars and Liberals Attacking Anupam Kher and You will realised what is wrong with the Indian Seculars.

वीसा मिल गया होता तो पठानकोट के मास्टर माइंड को भारत लाकर ही मानते अनुपम खेर। होड़ लगी है पाकिस्तान जाने की फ़र्ज़ी राष्ट्रवादियों में

— Kapil Mishra (@KapilMishraAAP) February 2, 2016

Damn the Pakistanis| how dare they not give visa to famous non resident of Kashmir valley….

— Saba Naqvi (@_sabanaqvi) February 2, 2016

Genuinely feel sorry for anupam kher who i greatly admired as one of d finest Indian actors.Why is he reducing himself to a new low each day

— Rana Ayyub (@RanaAyyub) February 2, 2016

Lol! “Anupam Kher thinks a visa is like Padma Bhushan – ‘you get it without applying'”

— Ammara Ahmad (@ammarawrites) February 2, 2016

Does Deputy PM not understand how visas are handed out?

— Mihir Sharma (@mihirssharma) February 2, 2016

If indeed @AnupamPkher has been denied Pak visa for being “pro-Modi” ,it proves what Congress said: Modi’s “Jhappi diplomacy” is a big flop.

— Sanjay Jha (@JhaSanjay) February 2, 2016

Not surprised. .@AnupamPkher is a master actor!

— nikhil wagle (@waglenikhil) February 3, 2016

Secular Parties like Congress, AAP , Journalists in India they all started targeting Anupam Kher.

But I have got a question in My Mind that instead of targeting Pakistan they are all targeting Anupam Kher . Why Secular People always become Pro Pakistan and Anti India. When there is a Terrorist Attack in India All the Secular Gang start targeting Indian Govt and when there is a terrorist attack in Pakistan they start trending India With Pak type of trends.

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They are not against Anupam Kher , they are against Narendra Modi. Yes you heard right ,All the Seculars and Liberals are against Narendra Modi. There hatred towards Narendra Modi is so much that they can go to any level. Do you Know how Mani Shankar Aiyar Congress Spokesperson ask Pakistan Support to topple Narendra Modi lead Govt in India.

By Seeing such kind of Tweets by Pro Pakistani people the Patriotic Indian started a Trend PakCheerLeaders and in a Hour more then 32,000 supported this trend and it was a Top Trend in India. That’s whey they hate Right Wing People because they expose the hypocrisy of the So Called Seculars. All this people were dying to Support Ghulam Ali and Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri but they are targeting Anupam Kher.

I just want to say one line for All this So called Seculars and Liberals “Support India and not his Enemy Countries”

And I Pose One Question to them ; “Will they Support India or Pakistan in the Condition of War”. I have a doubt that Liberals will Support India