Today on 31st January , I just Login to my Twitter account and I see a Hashtag Trending #NirbhayaOfBengal in India. I thought what had happen know that NirbhayaOfBengal was trending on Twitter.

By the name itself I was aware that Something bad has happen to a Girl in Bengal. But the whole day I was watching News Channel , I haven’t seen any single News on this trend. Then I had decided to find out the reason Actually what had happened in Bengal due to this NirbhayaOfBengal is the Top Trend on Twitter.

Then I just started seeing the Tweets that were using the Hashtag NirbhayaOfBengal.

After seeing the tweets of the Hashtag , I got a news website link where it was mentioned about Raping and Killing of a 15year Old Girl by 2 boy in  Jamuria, Asansol, Bardhaman district of West Bengal on 26 January. Here is the Link of The News –

But I was shocked to see that the Media who covers every news and do a debate and bashing on any such incident were totally silent on this issue. Then I was thinking that Life of a Girl who is living outside Delhi is not important for our So Called National Media.

Then I Started scanning the Tweets of Our Self Certified National Media Houses and there was not a Single Tweet on this issue.

Why they are silent on this issue ,Why they don’t cover the news outside Delhi. I have seen our Media covers a News when they want to do a Bashing on BJP.

After reading all the tweets , I came on Conclusion that if such Kind of Incident should be discussed and debated on National Media then it should be in Delhi or In BJP ruled states. There was so much outraged and Award Wapsi on Dadri incident , So much Political Vulture is happening on Suicide of Rohith Vemula but not a single politicians who are now doing a Death Tourism haven’t said a single word against Such Incident.

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Below are the couple of Tweet bf Derek O Brien Tweets(He is an MP from Bengal and TMC Spokeperson)

RightWing trolls gleeful they’ve again ‘managed’ a Top 4 Twitter trend with fiction. Fact is they will not be in Top 3 in #Bengal election

— Derek O’Brien (@quizderek) January 31, 2016

Sickening how far Right use Twitter.Accused arrested,strong action taken.Yet they play communal card & paid trolls trend #NirbhayaOfBengal

— Derek O’Brien (@quizderek) January 31, 2016

See Here How People has reacted on the Trend NirbhayaOfBengal

Church-attack defender Derek O-Brian flew to Hyderabad to prey on Rohith Vemula’s suicide.For #NirbhayaOfBengal,he has condesecending tweets

— IndiaSpeaks (@IndiaSpeaksPR) January 31, 2016

Sad to say Media have no time to cry on a minor Hindu girl who was Raped & Murdered by Aftab Alam. #NirbhayaOfBengal

— Kinshu Kumar (@thekinshu) January 31, 2016

Woman CM @MamataOfficial cant understand pain of other Women and now WB become hell for womens under her rule. #NirbhayaOfBengal

— Ramrao Kulkarni (@RamraoKP_) January 31, 2016

Hello @ArvindKejriwal Did you heard about #NirbhayaOfBengal ? (Twinkle) Ohh ! Of-course not because WB is ruling by your sister not by BJP !

— Keep Smiling (@MumbaiDiKudi) January 31, 2016

By the Tweet of Derek ,You can understand he is not bother about the Failing Law and Order Situation in Bengal but he is worried about the twitter trend and For the information of Readers , Derek was the first person to visit University of Hyderabad to play a Caste Politics on a Suicide.

But here he doesn’t want any one to speak about such inciden. Derek Sir , You can cry and shout on Fake Church Attack , You can Cry and Shout on Rohith Vemula Suicide and call a Murder.

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Then Sir Ordinary People of Twitter also has the right to ask about the Law and Order Situation of Bengal. It Seems “Bengal is Burning and Cm and you are busy in listening Ghazals” .

Please take care of Law and Order Situation of Bengal