On 12th February there was Hashtag Trending #ShutDownJNU , So we will look into the detail why it was trending globally.

You have heard about JNU Students cheering for Afzal Guru and Shouting Slogans of Destroying India in the JNU Campus. It seems JNU has become the Place of Terrorist Supporter. The So called Students who are Shouting Slogans and claiming Afzal Guru the Terrorist who attacked Indian Parliament as a Martyr.

This Student never speak about Pakistani atrocities in POK , but yes they will Shout Slogan to Free Kashmir from India is it the Freedom of Speech they are using. Now, when this topic has came to the limelight they are taking help of Freedom of Speech and Expression.

Does in any country , You can shout slogan to Destroy the country , Can this JNU leftist Goons can say the Same thing in US , China or Russia. Why the So called people support Terrorist , who kills thousands of Indian every year.

According to So called Secular, Chanting Anti India Slogan is Freedom of Speech and Chanting Jai Shree Ram is Communal. Talking about RAM Temple is controversial and it doesn’t come to the Freedom of Speech but Chanting a Slogan  , Glamourising Terrorism comes under Freedom of Speech.

This all the Traitors Studying in the JNU should he removed from the University and they should be Ban from getting any kind of Government Subsidy. They should not be allowed to use Govt Hospital , Railways or Airport. The Strict action needs to be taken.

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But the Most Bizarre thing is that Opposition like Congress  , AAP , SP , JDU all have come out to support this Anti National Elements of JNU. But why this Politicians are supporting Anti India Slogan. It seems the Hatred Towards Modi all the Opposition Party has came together destroy India. All the Secular Politicians Have Gone at JNU in support of Anti India Students. So Congress who has fought Freedom Movement against the Britishers are now supporting the Students who want to Destroy India ,

JNU has became the Hub of Anti National Elements , Students and Professors support Naxals , Terrorist. They will celebrate when Policemen or Security Personnel killed in Encounter with Terrorism or Naxals. They will do all kind of Anti India Seminars in JNU in the name of Freedom of Speech

According to me Govt should withdraw all the subsidy of JNU and govt should not provide any kind of Financial help to JNU. JNU has became the Adda of Terrorist Sympathizer. JNU students will protest when Terrorist get Killed .

I will just request Government of India , that this is the Time take a Strict Action against Such traitor and the Police should go to the bottom of this incident who are all funding them. Strict action is the demand of Today and let the Opposition cry as much as they want. People is with Government no Traitor should be Allowed Free

Below are the Tweets of Some People who are Openly Supporting The Traitor of JNU

Ashutosh the Spokesperson of AAP Openly Supports the Terrorist Supporter

Police action against the innocent students in JNU is highly condemnable.Modi turning InDia into police state/fascist state.

— ashutosh (@ashutosh83B) February 12, 2016

BJP was voted to power on promise of growth, jobs. Why’s it getting trapped in FOE debate & on the losing side #JNU https://t.co/gGvojhZw2K

— Shekhar Gupta (@ShekharGupta) February 13, 2016

Here are the some tweets of Eminent Journalist Openly Supporting JNU students who was Chanting Slogan of Destroying India.
Pakistan has deep access in Indian system , Pakistan doesn’t have to protect himself, , there are secular Indians who do that work for Pakistan

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