Why would one stop using free web hosting services? Let’s not decide anything further until we consider the difference between free web hosting and paid web hosting services. Although there is a significant difference between free and paid. So just let decide on each part to measure. Examples of free blog which comes from Google i.e. blogger/BlogSpot and with another service called WordPress through which one can host own web space.

 Free web hosting and free blogging services – Why you should avoid

Anywhere using Blogspot or WordPress are very basic and absolutely free for a blogging platform. As they are free to use which offers limited features on plugins and most customization options. Perhaps they are good for bloggers running a personal or hobby blog. Whereas they cannot be called as professional bloggers because every professional blogger tends to know the importance of paid hosting.

Web hosting is different

Well, one can surely run a different type of blog site including a WordPress blog. Even Blogspot and WordPress can both provide free blogging platform through which one can publish articles and blogs on a web space.

Sure the content management system is free to use but the blog that is in use is actually not free in that phone the web space containing it. Even though you have full control over the design and feel of your blog and also the content you create but apart from that it’s a different theory from web hosting services let’s get in depth into the segment listed below.

It can disappear tomorrow

The most risk lies for bloggers is that the provider can close the service at any time they want. They will probably let you know beforehand but that doesn’t really help you out. In some cases, you don’t even have the time to redirect the back link to your website. Another hand you may lose an entire linking campaign. That’s the only reason we don’t encourage using the free hosting platform. As you don’t say anything so you have nothing to say.

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Free web hosting is never free

Do you want a free lunch? Perhaps that’s free. But not with free web hosting services. That will often be paid in the form of advertising on your website. They will place there advertisement almost anywhere they want and you have to compromise with your entire site then. They will restrict the placement of your own advertisements. Hence irrelevant advertisement can prevent your website to reach higher traffic.

Limited bandwidth and storage

Why would you one provide you free web hosting service? Even they have paid service on offer. Yeah, you get that right. Once you upload or download a few files your allocation may have reached at a certain level, then you have to wait for the next month to use your website. Does it feels like it’s not your website it just the content you own it now.

The same goes for the storage space it’s extremely Limited web hosting service but if you go through the terms and condition you might find out that the hosting company can actually delete your content without informing you or even can own it. So actually it’s not even your content.

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Lack of customization

The current deficit of opting a free web hosting service may not let you design your website. It may load up its own free build template and in many cases, it will carry out Adsense block and will never let you design your website even through HTML Editor.

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Lack of support

All good players here get 24/7 support. Free web hosting service will never let you any free support. Just like Microsoft charges a handful bucks for support while others might not offer it at all. Your option is to say sorry just leave. You might have some problem with your database, PHP, or your website. Though a free web hosting service is certainly free but will restrict you in various phases of your website design or blog post.

Security and spamming

Now, this is practical. We always know that certain free web hosting providers will never ever provide you security Services. You might end up thinking why so? The answer is simply because you are not spending a lot of cash on Security Services. If you put some cash you include SSL, anti-Spam, and anti-hacking software otherwise your site will be wide open to hackers and spammers.

To deal with your security flaws you will not be able to sell anything or might be your site is insecure, hence you will be responsible if you lose your audience just because of lack of security on your website or blog. Surprisingly if you are using a web host that runs a lot of famous inside then Google might never allow you to get visitors at all.

Blog Ownership

Are you control of your Blogspot blog. See the terms and conditions of Google which let you know that ownership of your blog is not permitted at all. You may see different types of blogs on sale, but it is indefinite if you are not selling your block content. In such situation, Google can permanently banned you from using their own services.

In another way around what does Google AdSense program with anyone breaching the AdSense terms of service. Just carefully read the terms and conditions and make sure you are accessible change the ownership of your own blog or even your own site contents.

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Paid web hosting services and free web hosting: Conclusion

We are not yet! Our intent for those persons or individual starting up their first website of a blog can be free web hosting service. Free blogging sites and not at all for professional bloggers. If you want the ownership of your own blog then it is very necessary to pay for search web hosting service.

Yes, we understand you that you want to keep your cost low a real low but there are few better ways to do this other than a blog that you do not own.

Unless you have a web space and have a better control with an unlimited bandwidth you will always live in fear that your content can be closed down any moment to you by free web hosting provider.

Since you own a limited amount of own web space. You cannot reclaim or you have no rights when the service get shut down. Our recommendation will never be with free web hosting services or with free blogging but to get a paid web hosting services to reach out and make your online presence fruitful.

One note at the end to remember don’t fall in some catchy advertisement no one would provide you anything without expecting any returns immediately or later. We would recommend you to go with cheap hosting which can offer a better service at a reasonable pay. We hope we have covered all the things on free hosting services and paid web hosting services. This is the right time to move to the best hosting service.