Why do some People fail? Why do some businesses fail? How some people make millions from pennies and some end up with Null? While if you are planning to build a business or make influence in the society and people you should know how things work. Do you believe that you can be a successful person being independent and without any ones support? If you think, you are wrong. People do generally make mistake of behaving in a common way when they face problems, but if you want to be different from the world, you need to care about few important points. Have a look to these points and trust me this can turn your problem into opportunity.

Every person thinks about himself and every person wants for himself. I love chocolates and so do I love fishing, and for some reasons I have found that fish prefer worms so this means that if I wish to catch some fish I won’t bait the hook with chocolates but with worms. So why can’t we apply the same principle while fishing for people. It doesn’t matters for someone what you want, so when you want to execute some work from someone, tell him what he will get out of that.

Suppose if your son smokes and you want him to stop smoking, what would you do? Generally you will preach him not to smoke or will you punish him for his deed. But that can guarantee that he will not smoke in future? You told him what you wanted that he must not smoke, but you didn’t tell him what he wanted. Tell him that smoking can keep him away from winning a race or sports competition or maybe anything that he likes much.

While making friends try to emphasize on the points on which you both agree, in simple words try to get more “Yes” from the other person. Here are some more suggestions that can help you in mastering over people and winning them.

  • Never criticize or complain someone. If you want to yield more output from someone, never ever criticize. Instead try to appreciate every little improvement that he does.
  • Sometimes you don’t get agree to someone’s ideology, don’t condemn him but instead try to understand from other person’s viewpoint. Maybe he can be right.
  • If you want to lead some institution then you have to be a leader. Men may follow the forced leadership, but they won’t do it so willingly. So it is important to ask questions and create a desire for him to do that work instead of giving orders.
  • People work for no cost if they are pleased with your personality. Never hesitate to give something for everything. You have to sacrifice something if you plan to achieve everything.

People often succeed when they have nobler motives. Setting up finer relationship with your society pays verily. If you want to get the best from someone, use the finer way of persuasion. 
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