Do you Want to keep your personal information or data with full security in digital world? Everyone in this world wants to keep their information with full protection. There are many professional and experienced hackers around the world and these hackers can misuse your personal information by hacking your personal information without your knowledge. So, domain privacy is one of those special kinds of privacy that you can use to keep your information safe in this competitive world.

What Is WHOIS Privacy?

There are many companies that providing the WHOIS privacy (sometimes termed as domain privacy). If you are thinking that dealing with this kind of privacy is expensive then you are absolutely wrong. This privacy is really worth and ready to secure your information to be misused by a hacker or some other user.

There are although can be many reasons why you should be using WHOIS privacy on your domains. Here are the top five reasons why WHOIS privacy is so worth and important for you.

1. Spam is reduced

When your information can be seen in WHOIS search, you are actually opening yourself with good numbers of spam and unwanted message. Many companies and marketers will like to use your information to build up lists for sale to any of organization looks to mass email information. Spam sometimes sends by hackers companies and if you open that message, your information can be hack by that company. Sometimes some company wants to attempts to earn your business.

Actually, all spam is not sent by a hacker company. Website developer, website designers, and many other dealing companies can fill your inbox with their unwanted offers. The main work of this WHOIS privacy is to protect your inbox and information from misuse.

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2. Reducing Identity Theft

This is actually a very important benefit of using the WHOIS privacy. It reduces the chance of identity theft. Actually, many of identity theft hack your credit and debit cards but not all. Some hackers hack your information and will surely control your website. These hackers will misuse your website in any way he wants because he will have full control of your website.

Dealing with WHOIS privacy means no chance of losing your website and your identity that can be misused by any user or hacker.

3. Helps to keep professional and personal life separate

Most of the people will use this kind of privacy to separate their professional and personal lifestyle in a sensible manner. If you have commented any bad comments regarding the particular post on the particular website then your identity can be linked to that feedback or comment by your name.

If you are using WHOIS privacy then your identity will be hidden and your name will not be linked to that comment and then you can give your reviews without any kind of fear. If your name is linked with that comment then the owner of that website can go out of their way to leak every bit of information related to you.

4. Contact information is also controlled

From the professional perspective, this WHOIS privacy is very beneficial as it helps to re-enforce all visitors to make use of specific contact information.

If you are dealing with WHOIS privacy, the visitors can’t disturb you by calling on your personal number, sending e-mails to your id. The visitors need to use information and details that are provided on your website. This gives you a full control of your website.

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You actually don’t want when you are going for a sleep and suddenly any unknown visitor of your website calls you at late night for clearing his or her doubts.

5. Hides your location

If you are operating a popular site of online shops or e-commerce then you actually don’t want to address your correct physical location. By addressing your location, it can really difficult to live a life in a gentle manner.


From all point of views, WHOIS privacy is actually a beneficial privacy because it will give you full control of your website.

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