Whatsapp Roll Out a a End to End Encryption New Update for its user across the world. Due to this End to End Encryption , no one can read your Whatsapp messages , Cyber Criminals , Law Enforcement Agencies would not be able to read your messages with this update feature. You Chat and Calls would also be encrypted.

Whatsapp Co Founder Announced about this update on Facebook Today.

So You will be thinking about What is End To End Encryption and How it will work in your Whatsapp?

As Encryption and Security has become the biggest talking point due to the FBI and Apple’s controversy to unlock the phone. So Whatsapp has launched an encryption feature on Whatsapp so all the data , Communication , Call , Chat are totally safe between the user. Encryption will help your data , chats , calls safe from Unknown person.

End to End Encryption feature would be available to user when they will install the latest update of Whatsapp on their smartphone.End to End Encryption feature of whatsapp ensures that only you and the person you are communicating can read what is sent on the Chat and no one in between will be able to read your conversation not even whatsapp. You whole communication will be secured with a lock and only the receipt of that message will have the access to unlock and read that message.

The End to End Protection on Whatsapp will be activated every time , but bothe the user i.e sender and receiver should be using the same version of whatsapp.

What is the Verify security code and How to Verify with other whatsapp?

  • Every chat of yours has its own separate security code that will be used to verify that all the calls and chats you send on whatsapp are end to end encrypted
  • The Security code can be found in your contact info or group screen. There will be both QR Code and a 60 Digit number. You can use both the option to verify your security code.
  • The above Codes are unique to each of the chat and can be compared between the sender and recipients to verify that the messages that are send in the chat is End to End Encrypted 
How to Get Confirm that Whatsapp Chat is End to End Encrypted?

Image Source – Whatsapp
  1. Open your Whatsapp and Chat
  2. Click or Tap on the name of your contact info or your group info screen
  3. Tap Encryption option to view the QR Code or 60 digit Number
  4. If you and your contact person is physically present at the same location , next to each other , Any one of you scan the other’s QR code or compare the 60 Digit Number.
  5. If you scan the QR code and if the code is same then you will get the green tick will appear.
  6.  After this you can be sure that no one can intercept your message or calls
  7. If the Scan Code is not match , then it means you are scanning some other contact QR code with some other contact.
  8. But to enable Whatsapp Security Code i.e End to End Encrypted feature bothe the user should have the same version of Whatsapp
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