Becoming a reseller host is a simple process but there are several things to be considered. You can earn high profits if you can sustain in the highly competitive arena. And if you fulfill the needs of your customers. There are few webs hosting companies that offer impressive reseller hosting plans to help you earn high profits with its best practices.

Before diving into the question on “How to make money with Reseller hosting” let’s understand the first terms such as web hosting and reseller hosting.

Web Hosting is the term referred to a server where you host your website. It basically a process where it helps the website to make viable for the world.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting generally means when a client purchases hard drive space with the required bandwidth from the hosting provider itself and make them available for other customers or users. In layman’s terms, it’s the reseller hosting by which you can offer hosting to your clients whereby you act as a hosting company. In other way reseller hosting allows you to earn profits on shared hosting plans.

Benefits of Reseller hosting

With reseller hosting, you get to see a wide range of services for offering to your clients. Suppose you’re a web developer as well as a reseller in that case you can offer a one-stop solution such as website development along with web hosting. Also, your clients can take the hosting and everything in one place.

White Label for your business

You can label your brand by reselling a host. All good reseller plans are identified by the white level so that the client can buy hosting by seeking prior specs and features in a plan.

Create your own packages

Reseller packages come with affordable pricing and customizable needs for your clients or users. You can set up, manage and operate the back end of the website as well as manage domains and emails and takes fees for offering these services.

Grow from small to big

The advantages of reseller hosting are that additional resources can be rented when you’re starting out and later upgrades can grow as demand increases.

No server maintenance

The beautiful part of reseller hosting is that you don’t have to worry about the server management as it is done from the hosting end that you have purchased the reseller hosting.

Earning profits

The biggest advantage of becoming a reseller is to withhold of long-term gain. For instance, when you sell hosting, short-term clients can turn into long-term customers so that they become permanent customers and get a steady income over the long term.

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What factors should you consider before starting your reseller hosting business?

There are several things that you should consider while starting a Reseller hosting business.

Choose the right hosting plans for all your clients

The first thing that your customer seeks is the plans that you offer them should be designed to meet requirements. If you’re a web developer you will have a proper idea of the type of hosting you should offer your clients.

Also, you need to consider few things apart from pricing such as disk space, bandwidth, no of emails, and the types of software they are using. As a reseller, you might need customer feedback on an interval of time.

Manage your own growth

The most important aspects of becoming a reseller are to get started with the client list. This indeed leads to expenses low while growing exponentially over time.

Customer Support

Although there is no viable support needed when you’re a reseller but the hosting company itself will take care of the technical issues. Once you have come out with the plans and pricing all other things are automated.

Security and Reliability

When you’re starting out with Reseller hosting security and reliability are the crucial factors that you shouldn’t miss on. As a reseller, you need to confirm that you have added a layer of security. This, in fact, indicates the effective precautions for your own server. Also, other facilities such as daily backups and intrusion monitoring are the ways for earning good profits from reseller hosting.

You can’t just miss the chance for reliability for succeeding as a reseller. The client won’t accept their website going down creating poor impressions of their business which may lead to a loss in business for them.

The uptime and reliable hosting are important to ensure that you choose the best hosting for the reseller. Also, know that customer actually believes in 99.95% from the hosting provider to establish a soothing relationship with the customers.

Let’s See the best Reseller Web Hosting Companies


A2hosting is one of the best web hosts that do just everything. A2hosting reseller plans are among the best fitted with cPanel integration, SSD storage, and a number of supported accounts.

While an A2hosting reseller plan comes with 2 different billing software A2hosting allows you to browse 2 different options. Such as WHMCS or Blesta for managing accounts.

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Among two WMCHS seem the top choices for the larger community with different solving problems. And Blesta is good as open sources allowing you more customized options to fit your needs.

With A2hosting you get to options between Windows & Linux server. Also, OS choice is fundamental and opens up a dynamic ecosystem for developing new software and making available for the customers.

Linux is built on cPanel and PHP so that Plesk and .NET cores. Also, the A2hosting can support up to 40 accounts and hence can grow onwards.

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Why should you become a Reseller with A2hosting?

A2hosting is one of the fastest as many have tested and proved. Unlike other hosting A2hosting takes pride in complete SSD storage with variable data centers established worldwide. A2hosting also offers a “Turbo” server that engages speed up to 20x faster than the normal.

When it comes to supporting A2hosting is one of the best. With Live chat, email, and phone support the addition of rich knowledge base. Users can take benefits of basic issues by reading the tutorials with articles posted on blogs.


  • The choice for billing software
  • cPanel integration
  • Linux or Windows server


  • Not much storage space


InMotion offers a wide range of plans but not all are equal. InMotion reseller plans are great for the category with reseller plans. InMotion offers 6 different configurations and includes almost all the features for reseller hosting.

InMotion is a renowned brand in web hosting and there’s hardly any confusion with the credibility. InMotion allows resources with impressive margins such as SSD storage with RAID-6 data protection combined gives you the fastest speed while maintaining the redundancy checks.

Other features include for resellers to earn extra few goodies such as a free account with eNom so that you can offer customers with a domain name and include SSL registration. Billing software more or less similar such as WHMCS and the invoices are sent to automatically for payments and to keep tracks of all current customers.

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Why should you become a Reseller with InMotion hosting?

InMotion is our takes responsibility in offering customers with great support services we have never seen before. The staffs are helpful and segmented into departments so that you don’t find difficulties as a reseller.

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Also, you get adequate security features such as Patchman malware protection and removal that will help you to eradicate malicious software and quarantine anything that’s suspect. The Corero DDoS protection will help the brute force attacks in the events.


  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent support
  • SSD storage


  • Annual hosting packages


If you’re planning to be a reseller in TMD hosting that can quickly setup your business online then this is it. TMD is relatively different from its competitor’s thanks to their well-rounded plans and diverse categories.

If you want to get into the web hosting business but don’t have the time to manage the server then TMD reseller hosting packages is value for money. The most popular plans start with $19.95 per month and go upto $49.95 per month.


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With All-SSD WHM Reseller hosting you get exceptional speed, superior performance with TMD!

  • Preferred data centres close to you
  • All SSD based servers with 6 layers of cache help in the loading of pages faster
  • 9% uptime guarantee

The plan starts with triple standards performance muscles and enables the customers with CPanels, unlimited email,and white label hosting. Also, TMD resellers hosting are based on Linux only affairs with adequate resources as per plans you choose. Purchasing a reseller hosting from TMD will let you provide your clients with exact disk space, bandwidth at a low cost.

This means when you start reselling the hosting service you will get the instant profits. Other benefits include TMD Reseller hosting packages are:

  • You will be able to start a new hosting company
  • You can create and manage the client’s account using the WHM software
  • Easy creation of hosting packages using the WHM
  • You can always rely on TMD support team for technical assistance for your clients.


Reseller hosting is needed when you require multiple accounts or wish to sell the hosting space to customers through the web hosting business set by you. Small business where the budget is really short and don’t want the headache of support people have seen to prefer the requirement of becoming a reseller hosting.

We have curated a list of best reseller hosting that people have chosen and voted the favorite among others. If you have liked the post please consider sharing it with the world. In that way, we can reach out and help others like you in search of good reseller hosting today!