PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) framework is powerful software and it offers a well-respected back-end technology for web development.

PHP offers nicely designed templates for software development and software applications.

It is a general-purpose scripting language that provides effective techniques in web development activities.

PHP offers certain frameworks and you have to decide which framework suits well to which project, maybe after doing certain meticulous thinking.

The popularity of PHP is limited when compared to Java or Python but it has been seen that 75 to 80% of websites use PHP as a part of the server-side application and most of the users feel satisfied while using PHP.

PHP has a stronger framework that can extend support for the development of generic types of software applications. PHP can streamline the development of software using the foundation and functionality offered even before the developer starts writing the code.

It is highly understood that using PHP makes you write less code and limited discrepancies while working on a project.

The PHP framework can be considered a useful guide while creating web-based applications. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a recursive acronym and the word hypertext is part of hypertext markup language (HTML) is a part of structure and design useful for web page content.

Types of PHP frameworks:

PHP framework is available in various types and has different features. It certainly enhances web development projects when using a suitable PHP framework.

1. Laravel:

Laravel is one of the commonly used PHP frameworks. It was released in the year 2011 and it is considered the most popular PHP framework.

Laravel offers a variety of advanced features and it also has scale propensity, excellent syntax, and a suitable design that allows progressive growth.

Laravel is expensive but easy to understand and use with the help of boilerplate code. The technical features that Laravel has are a template engine, routing, authentication support, and higher security.

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2. Laminas Project:

It is also called Zend technology or glue technology. It is an advanced PHP network that is component-based.

Laminas Project supports model view controller (MVC) software techniques.

The framework is supported by PHP components that are enterprise-ready and offer various tools such as input validation, filtering, dependency injection, and pagination.

The framework is combined with components, API tools & MVC, and Mezzo which makes it highly powerful.

3. CodeIgniter:

CodeIgniter is also a popular PHP framework that is very simple to use but highly effective because of its superior speed and flexibility.

CodeIgniter is supported by the software architecture model view controller (MVC) as an option but not necessarily required.

The framework is highly powerful and can keep the track of errors with quality testing procedures.

The framework is useful and easily implemented because of its documentation which is available in detail and can be easily readable.

4. Slim:

Slim is also a micro-framework of PHP which is also considered an alternative to the PHP frameworks which offer full stack services.

The slim PHP framework offers simple and limited options and can be considered a disadvantage when compared with the other frameworks.

To operate a slim PHP framework the user should have experience in web development.

It can help them to use the slim framework easily and effectively. The additional functionalities can be added as per the requirement. it also offers client-side HTTP, cookie encryption, and URL routing and sessions.

A slim framework can be utilized to offer Web services.

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5. Symphony:

It is a PHP framework that can also allow using reusable components along with libraries of PHP. Reusable components are useful in the coding process of mitigating repetition.

Java micro framework Spring is the inspiration behind the development of the Symfony framework.

It also offers similar techniques to the Laravel framework. The framework is highly useful but has complex starting options.

The framework also offers a modular component system along with database support. Symfony framework allows developers to build better web applications.

6. Phalcon:

The world Phalcon is a combination of PHP & Falcon. The framework offers the tools to develop the precautions in a nontraditional mode.

Phalcon offers improving performance and manage is the memory operations well. Phalcon framework is developed using C language and it has been added with C-extensions.

But it is not necessary to use a C language file inter the PHP framework.

7. FuelPHP:

FuelPHP is one of the simple but fast & flexible PHP frameworks. It makes use of hierarchical factors of MVC and widgets the content.

The unique design offers higher modularity and the ability to extend its operations. The entire structure of coding is easily manageable and it can also be reusable.

FuelPHP also provides better security features that include cross-site request forgery (CSRF). It also provides uniform resource identifiers (URIs), cross-site scripting (XSS), filtering inputs, and output encoding.

8. PHPixie:

PHPixie also supports and utilizes the hierarchical model-view-controller (MVC). PHPixie is developed using independent components as a part of the framework.

The components of PHPixie have higher modularity, flexibility, and dependencies that remain well under control. The PHP framework offers high-speed performance with low coupling options.

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9. CakePHP:

CakePHP is a rapid development framework. It is required to configure the framework according to the requirement to make it easy and effective to use.

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Convention over configuration (COC) is one of the best-known software engineering concepts that offer higher speed and flexibility.

To offer better implementation CakePHP needs to make use of libraries with useful components.

The framework also offers higher security features that can make cake PHP highly superior to most of the other PHP frameworks. It offers CSRF protection, encryption, and password hashing.

10. Yii:

Yii is the best option to be used by the fresher using PHP for the first time. It offers basic training to the users about making applications and using databases along with MVC patterns.

It is a Chinese app that indicates a simple and evolutionary framework. Some of the Yii concepts effectively handle the errors; control various functionality testing operations and offer security information of CSRF and XSS.

It also makes use of a layered caching system.

Choose the right PHP framework for effective usage:

Choosing the right PHP framework is not an easy task. Most of these frameworks have their advantages and can handle complex applications effectively well.

You have to understand the frameworks and their working well before you make the decision. You can consult professionals and software developers before making the decision.


PHP is a structure used for back-end development. But it also has outstanding features that made it popular among web developers.

PHP frameworks are available in various styles and methods. Every framework has its advantages that make the PHP frameworks work better and faster.

The experienced web developers will always be considered the PHP framework as the best and offer the best utilities for the user to make web development highly successful.