The internet is growing every day and it has become far fledged even into this day. The web has been occupied mostly with the ever ending content and multimedia files including audio and video.

Similarly, all these content are hosted on a various server and the majority of them are on data centres. These facilities having the high-end infrastructure for handling everything. Call it a corporate or personal website. These servers take all pride offering superior services to the user. Among them most requires ultimate cooling for controlled enrolment and for superior workflow. That’s why they require a large amount of power and energy for powering them. Significantly, this results in emission. More of Co2 (Carbon dioxide) output. This makes an adverse effect on our environment.

For a person who owns a blog or website, usually, purchase it from a web hosting company. Often we do not pay any heed to carbon emission or so. For comfort, we see the pricing of plans or discount before we end up saving our money.

Now, if we see our self in next 20-30 years. The carbon emissions will greatly enhance and it would adversely affect the planet earth and us. A web host that follows all norms, in fact, the equipment in these houses is eco-friendly.

What is Green Web Hosting?

Green hosting specifically refers to a kind of web hosting where they truly carry out eco-friendly equipment that would not affect the environment around us. But we’re disappointed to say that only small portion of this green hosting is active now and the majority are not eco-friendly by any means.

Renewable Energy certificates

Since these web hosting providers followed certain norms to stop carbon emission from their data centre houses they are ascertained with a certificate for Renewable energy credits.

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Carbon Offset Certificates

This is from RECs, an option to set off the carbon emission or VERs which is a different program. The certificate simply suggests reduced greenhouse gases.

Why should you choose a Green Web Hosting?

Green web hosting is eco-friendly in nature that involves that a hosting company following all the norms taking care of many things. So, that it uses a renewable source of energy to power the active servers in the data centres. A company that counts itself as a green host if its preserve the environment such as plantation of trees, cleaning up the waste, recycling or so.

Another good reason for choosing a web hosting would be the cost of a green hosting is comparatively lower than the conventional web hosting. This means a green hosting compatible web host can write-off the tax that does not affect the user in any condition.

My Personal commitment to you for your Best Green Hosting in 2018

We all know a success of company entirely depends upon the satisfaction of the customer. Therefore, it is essential to look for a few web host those invest high-end hardware and in data system with great support. Always, go for the feature-rich hosting. Due to this, I am happier to name a Green web host you can consider if you’re looking for a performance-oriented hosting as well as it creates minimal impact on the environment.

I greatly appreciate your effort to consider reading this post and helping us to promote Green Hosting.


Best Green hosting

Type of certification received: VER


  • Powerful products
  • Advanced Features
  • Affordable Pricing

You must have come across tons of web hosting provider earlier. If you’re conscious enough to make a decision to go with a preferred Green web hosting. Then, you’ll probably feel the need for A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting is having a high-performance server with 24×7 men in work. A2 Hosting is specialized in all features you require to build a powerful website. A2 hosting is one of the best green web hosting provider that more concentrated on eco-friendly aspects.

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This is extraordinary for a host to come with an native for minimizing carbon emission. The host starts with the to offset the emission released from the servers since 2007.

A2hosting highlights in making this practice for green hosting the best way to promote their web hosting services with reduced fee structure and delivering the power and functionality.

When you think of a best green web hosting. The A2hosting is the prominent green web hosting. Starting prices are little high but the reason behind would be on delivering a better power and functionalities rather than keeping the prices down and offering shitty services.

The basic plans get most of the things. For shared hosting plans, you get free site migration, Free SSL (let’s encrypt), CloudFlare CDN and malware scanning at regular intervals. You also get a performance boosting using AnyCast DNS.

You have an option to install WordPress the world popular CMS software in just with a click of a button. Whereas PrestaShop and other e-commerce software are also present. A2 hosting uses its optimized server to host your website or blog and this means they have a plenty of data centre around the globe.

Welcome to FutureServe Green Hosting!!

This is where FutureServe relies upon protecting the environment with carbon emission released from the various datacenter of a web hosting.

Features and Pricing of A2Hosting

A2 hosting offering a bunch of offers for users opting the Green web hosting. For instance, they occasionally mention about the downtimes and about the upgrades.

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Here are some of the best features of A2 Hosting

  • 20X Faster Turbo features
  • Swiftcache
  • Quadruple redundant network

Some of the Pros of A2 Hosting

  • Free to choose your own server location from Europe, USA and Asia
  • Unmanaged and managed plans with tons of options
  • Absolutely free SSD included
  • Ideal for users using WordPress that claims to load up pages six times faster.
  • Installing program is pretty easy and quick
  • Offering 10GB Quadruple reduce network that offers complete peace of mind.

A2Hosting is completely free from carbon emission

Below is the pricing structure of A2Hosting. Feel free to check the snapshot of A2 shared hosting plans.


A2hosting offers a wonderful diversify portfolio of plans and with a greater amount of purposes. With managed and unmanaged hosting. Most hosting gurus take pride in referring A2 Hosting for your online journey. It has already got a WordPress optimized servers.

While paying more is always been associated with a worthless spending. But here adding a little more can bring a lot more additional benefits. Luckily, you’re getting a premium hosting with optimized a2 host server and eco-friendly infrastructure. There is always a possibility getting 99.9% guaranteed uptimes and with 24×7 support.

Like, us if you love reading the article. Let me know if you’re willing to take up Green web hosting at any cost. If you find any question to ask. Free feel to ask them in the comment section below.