Today about 550 million people in India use the internet and the number is increasing rapidly. The use of the internet is increasing day by day, it is estimated that within the next 3 years around 650 million people will be part of the process in the entire country.

As the Indian population is getting digital rapidly, the usage of mobile and data connectivity is increasing. The use of the internet will be growing exponentially over a period of time. The local service providers will have more advantages over the global service providers.

The government of India is supporting a digital India scheme that can also allow large-scale digitalization. Advancements in the telecommunication areas such as 4G LTE (high speed) and up-coming 5G (wireless technology) require huge infrastructure for which India is getting ready.

The cloud adoption technology further helps the Indian data center market to grow rapidly. The overall growth for the cloud service market in India is expected to reach $7.5 billion around 2024.

It makes global brands such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba Cloud, etc have their own data centers in India.

Quick Summary – Best Web Hosting with India Datacenters in 2023

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  2. Chemicloud (
  3. Bigrock (
  4. HostArmada (
  5. HostPapa (

But there is always an advantage for local companies the global brands. Local companies know the market well and they can also make use of the latest innovative techniques. Local companies can offer better services and apt solutions in form of advanced technologies.

The data center is useful because it can offer all types of solutions based on business data & applications required by various enterprises. The international web hosting providing companies have already established the most required datacenters in India.

The datacenters when located in the nearby areas of the clients, who have business websites, always offer quick responses, stronger network capabilities and it helps while dealing with customers and their day-to-day problems.

The list of best web hosting companies given below is providing all types of web hosting solutions with the help of data centers in India. The list is in a sequential format and not related to the ranks of the companies.

1. FastComet

FastComet is also one of the top hosting provider companies. The company always deals with various clients & offers the best of business-related solutions.

The company offers 60 percent off and 25 percent off on shared hosting plans as well as VPS and cloud hosting plans. The company also deals in SSD storage hosting plans with the help of 11 sophisticated data centers and 200 Global CDN network points.


  • FastComet also offers SSD storage with a variety of hosting plans that include Cloud hosting.
  • Cloud hosting features allows you to have your business website at an affordable cost with easy to manage dashboard and many other advantages.
  • The company also makes sure the users suffering from downtime should be e credited by 10%.
  • The high-speed servers and the free site migration services make the company exceptional among many others.
  • It also has many other features such as the variety of frameworks, highly useful development tools, free backup services, 24/7 support services & instant responses to customer calls, emails, and even on chat makes it a perfect deal.
  • Read the detailed Fastcomet Review, which will help you to know about why Fastcomet is the best

Data centers:

For startups and also for experienced webmasters, FastComet has come out with a number of data centers across the world. It also has data centers in Mumbai, India joined by Singapore and Tokyo as a part of Asia Pacific.

Mumbai being a central location, allows many Indian brands to enhance their marketability and to have an outstanding web hosting features & facilities.

2. ChemiCloud

Chemicloud web hosting offers a domain name to be used for life. It offers more than  70 percent off on most of the products available. It has the fastest servers to be used for website hosting including the latest technologies.

Chemicloud Hosting

The company also offers various web hosting packages that can be useful depending on your requirements and budget.


  • Chemi cloud also offers 15 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and also multiple email accounts that can be customized.
  • The high-quality customer service and 24/7 support services make Chemi Cloud one of the most popular web hosting service providers in India. It also offers cloud hosting services.
  • The cloud hosting services offered are very unique and it gives an excellent setup with several advanced options that can be useful in managing your website and your business.


Chemi Cloud offers high-performance websites for customers around the world because of its numerous data centers around the world.

The company also has a data center in the city of Bangalore in India. It certainly helps in offering higher network capability and low latency. It also has a positive effect on the websites hosted in the nearby locations around the data centers.

3. BigRock

Discussion on web hosting companies in India will not be over until you talk about BigRock web hosting companies. BigRock is considered to be a web hosting company that offers cheaper costs but highly reliable web hosting services.

The various aspects that the company provides to the customers in India & also outside remain highly useful & completely advanced.


  • Bigrock offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  • The Control panel is powered by CloudLinux services that allow Apache, MySQL, PHP, and many other useful applications to be used as per requirements.
  • The DelRack servers offer higher speed and superior technicalities.
  • The main features also include – easy installation options using cheap & affordable services.
  • The company also offers a money-back guarantee makes the services highly popular among the users.
  • The Cloud hosting features have become a part of successful web hosting services.
  • Cloud hosting services are offered which is highly capable than having shared hosting options.
  • It offers more resources, better security options, and higher server speed.

Data centers:

  • BigRock has provided the idea of globally distributed data centers.
  • The data centers are offering highly consistent services along with redundancy, reliability, and higher availability.
  • The data center is combined with highly capable networks, well guard security services, uninterrupted power supply, and most required cooling system.
  • The company offers data center services at two locations in India. One data center is in Mumbai and the other one is in Hyderabad which is getting developed.

4. HostArmada

Host Armada is an exceptional web hosting company that is privately owned and mainly run on independent funds. The company offers ample innovative ideas that can be useful in creating reliable websites.

The company has a variety of web hosting plans that can make the websites first accessible completely secure and highly reliable while using in the global market.

Most of the posting services offered or are easy to install, capable of handling advanced technologies, and also make sure that the customers remain happy & satisfied across the world.


  • The other main features of the Host Armada include the excellent hosting services, cloud hosting facilities along its capability to handle the day-to-day business operations.
  • Cloud server hosting with SSD provides fast servers that use multiple caching layers and make your website work with the lightning-fast technique.
  • The low hosting plans keep changing and are always updated as per the latest techniques and market requirements.
  • Websites can be designed using stylish templates and trendy designs.
  • The company is run by experienced professionals, and it makes sure that the services provided will give complete satisfaction to the customers and it offers more value for the money.
  • The company also offers free website migration services, 45 days of the money-back guarantee, and also higher uptime for all web hosting plans that all customers appreciate.

Data centers in India:

Host Armada the web hosting company provides the facilities of data centers mainly to offer complete stability to the websites hosted at a particular location.

The company Host Armada has a number of data centers across the world and it helps in keeping the company ahead in the market.

In India, there is a data center which is located in Bangalore city and it allows a stronger network and higher communication while dealing with the server.

5. HostPapa

It’s one of the highly popular web hosting services offered with additional features. Website performance remains superior while it offers a content delivery network that combines SuperMicro servers with Cloudflare and works smoothly.


Premium servers with a 300% performance boost. Website loading time remains under control due to the low-density aspects offered.


  • The professional templates and website building tools always help in planning well-suited designs for your websites. It also offers the best protection services along with advanced security features including the firewall.
  • HostPapa also makes sure that the web hosting services offered remain effective and can be useful in dealing with many other highly advanced options and services.
  • It also offers cloud hosting services.
  • The use of Cloud hosting technology not only improves the loading time of your website but also helps in increasing traffic to the website.
  • HostPapa provides 24-hour customer service and also has data centers around the world in many cities including Chennai Mumbai & New Delhi in India. It is certainly an advantage.
  • The data centers play a very important role in managing, maintaining, and in customer care services provided to the customers.

Data centers:

  • The data centers are well equipped with complete security, raised floor facility, water detection system, uninterrupted power supply, standby & redundant power generation solutions and it also keeps control over climate and temperature.
  • HostPapa offers the datacenters in three cities in India namely, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai.

Conclusion on Best Web Hosting with India Datacenters

Web hosting companies have become highly advanced and offer the best of options. The fast-running servers, the advanced Cloud hosting techniques, highly supportive advanced technology, and the high-end security and protection services make your websites highly efficient and having fully resourced.

The data centers also have become a huge advantage for the users. The data centers established in the near-by locations make your server work faster, allows quick & easy interactions, and also it improves your relationship with your customers because of faster communication.

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