Web hosting has become an essential service today. VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting are useful in running business websites and to carry various web-related online services.

Though cloud hosting is getting popular VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting are highly preferred services that depend on the priorities of the business and the availability of the budget.

Are you planning to start online services? Do you want to get your website running? Are you willing to make use of your social media network for your business?

There are various types of web hosting services are available which start from running a website to managing eCommerce business and using social media for internet marketing to blog writing. You have to choose, which type of services you need to use between VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting.

Both these services have their own advantages and disadvantages. The differences between the VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting are discussed below in detail.

1. Resource Allocation

To know about how the resource allocation works in case of both VPS and dedicated server hosting. Let us compare the resource allocation of VPS hosting with ordering pizza to be shared among friends.

The slices of ordered pizza will be shared among the friends. Even the dips, drinks, chips, and anything that is ordered extra can be divided among all. Sometimes you will get a bigger piece or sometimes a small one.

Similarly, VPS hosting resources are allocated and distributed among all the customers depending on availability and priority.

The allocation of resources of a dedicated server is like ordering a special pizza for you with other extra items. You can order a bigger or smaller pizza which you do not have to share with anyone.

All the resources of dedicated servers are used only for your services as you paid for it. You can use the resources of the dedicated server as per your convenience and priority.

A dedicated server offers all types of online services to the websites and for the business promotional operations as an advantage. VPS hosting is not limited and it can allow any extra software to be installed or any file can be allowed to use if required.


VPS Hosting vs Dedicated server hosting – Resource Allocation

The winner is a dedicated server hosting because it can offer unlimited support and offers all types of solutions while running the business website. VPS hosting also offers benefits but it certainly is not a match in resource allocation by a dedicated server.

2. Security

Security is also a very important aspect and it should be considered in terms of VPS hosting and dedicated server. You can compare the security aspects of servers with the security offered to an apartment, in which you have a flat. The apartment has a common entrance gate that other occupants also share.

There can be a security breach if somebody keeps the entrance door open which will be risky for you. The security services offered by VPS hosting can be used commonly among all the other website-owners and it could be risky.

Living in an independent house is similar to a dedicated server. For the independent house, you can make better security arrangements and you will not be at risk for the carelessness of others. The protection offered by a dedicated server to the websites remains strong and cannot be easily breached.

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VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting – Security

The security aspect clearly shows that the dedicated server offers powerful security solutions and it can be highly preferred than having VPS hosting services. Both the servers allow you to install your own security services but dedicated hosting clearly controls the security with full force.

3. Performance

The performance of the server plays an important role in web hosting and managing the website perfectly well. The performance of the server is similar to the bus service in the city.

If the route of the bus is such that only a few people will get on the bus while it is on its way. Then fewer people will get down from the bus and it reaches the destination quickly because it doesn’t have to stop often.

In VPS hosting the performance of the server affects due to higher traffic to the websites & it may slow down if too many visitors keep visiting the websites that are commonly hosted on the VPS server.

The dedicated server is like an independent, turbo-charged, big-sized bus that stops rarely, runs with a speed and can handle the visitors without any delay or difficulty. The dedicated server keeps the track of every operation of the web site and makes it run smoothly.

VPS hosting runs its services like a local bus which runs commonly for a number of people and a dedicated server works like a high-tech special bus that runs for the selected person and performs better.


VPS hosting vs dedicated server – Performance

When the performance of the server is higher, it works faster, runs the website smoothly, and manages the traffic well. VPS hosting offers better functionalities but due to multiple websites, it slows down.

But a dedicated server is the best because; it offers higher performance under different circumstances and providing the best services.

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4. Option for Customization

The web hosting company with the help of the VPS server and the dedicated server can offer managed and unmanaged plans. The plans are considered as a way of handling furniture. The pieces of furniture given can be adjusted to form the furniture of the required size.

The size of the furniture depends on the space available and the requirements. And it is similar to unmanaged plans which are handled according to need and priority with the help of given tools.

The managed plans are like readymade furniture. It can be placed properly in a limited area but utilized fully according to the need.  You will handle both the plans effectively and according to the specifications. VPS and dedicated servers offer various managed plans and unmanaged plans.

But while handling the plans, the servers can be customized using various options.  The configurations of the servers mainly depend on the requirements of the managed and unmanaged plans.  You can make changes in the server settings by using the available resources from time to time.


Difference between VPS and Dedicated Server – Options for Customization

VPS hosting is a winner because it restricts expenses by customization. The services can be customized according to the offered plans. Both VPS hosting and dedicated hosting services offer various managed and unmanaged plans. The resources can be adjusted on a monthly basis and according to the necessities.

5. Scalability of Hosting Plan

The scalability of a hosting plan can grow with the website and it can manage the changing demands. It is scalable because it can be adaptable to the varying environment and increasing demands of the clients & industry.

The scalability of the hosting plan can grow with the development of the website. It can be similar to the growth of a tree. VPS hosting can be compared with olive-tree, which grows faster and remains perfectly all right but it has a limit that it doesn’t cross. Server hosting is like an oak tree that can grow without any limit.

The dedicated server offers the required resources, complete security, and higher performance. The scalability of the hosting plan is always higher and it is an advantage.


Difference between VPS and Dedicated server on – Scalability of Hosting Plan

VPS hosting is clearly a winner because a dedicated server offers complete support for the website with scalability which is higher than necessary.

But VPS server allows space to grow for the websites. The web hosting plan can grow with the website and can be upgraded according to the need which keeps scaling the limits.

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6. Hosting Services Costs

The hosting services costs are higher and it doesn’t need to explain using an analogy. The dedicated services remain special services and are costlier than the VPS hosting services. VPS hosting offers various affordable plans that can be modified at later stages.

The dedicated server doesn’t have different offers and plans. It has all the set of services and resources available at your service at a reasonable cost.  But VPS hosting offers various plans and packages can be modified and allowed to fit any business website for better future prospects.

There are various web hosting providers in the market offering cheaper web hosting services and dedicated hosting plans at reasonable costs.  The cost of web hosting services depends on a monthly basis.


VPS Hosting vs Dedicated server hosting – Price

VPS hosting is clearly a winner. Dedicated server hosting offers higher and more competent hosting services but it is very costly. But VPS hosting offers all the required services at affordable costs.

7. Server Management & Maintenance 

VPS hosting offers valuable solutions. It offers various hosting plans and allows the users to look after the business operations than going after managing and maintaining the servers. The dedicated servers offer the required resources and keep the websites running smoothly by offering complete support.

VPS hosting services are affordable and the recourses are used as per availability and priority. It can help the users to use the resources at minimum cost without wasting any resources and saving your money which is very beneficial.

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VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Server – Server Management & Maintenance 

VPS hosting service is the winner. It offers the required resources to support and run the website smoothly along with other support services. The dedicated server too offers the services but at the cost of premium packages which are costly.

8. Tech Support & Customer Care

The web hosting companies provide superior quality support services to the customers which makes both the VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting highly useful in uploading and running the websites & other online services.

The customer care executives and the technicians work round the clock offering the best of the services. It helps you to plan business strategies and business promotional activities. You don’t have to worry about server management, site settings, and configuration.

It is one main advantage that keeps you happy and satisfied while you choose either VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting.


VPS Hosting vs Dedicated server hosting – Tech Support & Customer Care

Technical support and the customer care services offered are of excellent quality and it makes customers feel contented with VPS hosting and also the dedicated server hosting.

Here both VPS and dedicated hosting services are winners. It makes sure that customers and the issues relating to running and managing websites can be handled effectively.

9. When to Choose Which Services from VPS and Dedicated Server

The web hosting services are highly useful in running online businesses that include various online activities like smoothly managing a website, handling internet marketing, and using eCommerce features. The following given tips will help you to know when to choose which of the services:

VPS hosting plan can be chosen when –

  • Your website is running smoothly and your visitors are increasing.
  • Your blogs are getting noticed and you are looking for better hosting options but you cannot afford higher charges.
  • You are looking for specific resources but you do not want to purchase the dedicated server.
  • You have the technical knowledge and don’t want to buy managed services.

Dedicated hosting server services can be chosen when –

  • You want excellent services to manage your website effectively.
  • You want to make sure that your website remains the best and successful with the help of additional resources.
  • You need higher security and complete support while running online services.

Bottom Line:

The web hosting services are highly in demand today. It not only offers you, all the required online services but also provides advanced features that can encourage your business setup, boost your business prospects, and help you to grow faster.

There are several web hosting companies available offering the various web hosting plans and packages which includes VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting services.

To have smoothly running websites and efficiently managed online business operations, you need competent web hosting services, unlimited resources, better security solutions, and 24/7 technical support.

But depending on the business priorities and the budget you can either choose the VPS hosting services or the dedicated server hosting services for your business.

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