The online business is getting spread all over the world. Every businessman wants to capture the global market. To start any online business, one has to get a nicely designed website with striking colors and an elegant look. To launch the website you have to get reliable hosting services.

The web hosting services are available at various levels. The shared hosting is the most basic and easily affordable hosting plan that most of the people prefer at the beginning. But later you can upgrade the sharing hosting plan to VPS hosting plan.

But before we proceed, let us know about these two important factors:

What is a Shared hosting plan?

The shared hosting plans are available at reasonable costs. The shared hosting allows multiple websites to be hosted for different users. The services offered by the server and the resources available will be shared among all the users.

If the server failed to manage the increasing traffic of one website then it might affect all the websites that are sharing the server commonly. It is available at affordable prices.

What is VPS (Virtual privacy Server) hosting plan?

The server offers dedicated services along with all the resources available. The required functions are practically made available. VPS hosting plan allows customization of the server settings and the resources available. It runs the website quickly and runs it smoothly for various business activities.

How to decide & when to upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting?

But when will you upgrade the hosting plan for your business? There are a few points that will help you to know when is the right time to transfer your online activities from a shared hosting server to the VPS hosting server.

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To upgrade the hosting plan, you have to choose the better options to choose a hosting plan which has advanced utilities and options and which costs a lot of money. So you need to exactly know when and how to upgrade your web hosting plans.

1. If the website is running very slow

Website slow

If you have to wait for a few seconds to get the website loaded then you should know that it is an indication to change your hosting plan.

It is observed that the website that takes more than 2- 3 seconds to load start losing the visitors. A visitor cannot wait for more than 2 seconds for the website to load and he will jump to any other site if he finds your website is slower. Slow websites have higher bounce rates and higher bounce rates are always risky for the websites.

2. You need to get advanced hosting features for your website


You have to choose hosting plans that offer better features and higher costs.

Web hosting plans offer the latest hosting techniques and advanced technology. The useful features like daily backups, weekly or monthly reports, and complete access to the server make the website load quickly, run smoothly and remain active by promoting your business.

The advanced and expensive plans can easily manage more than one website which is also an added advantage.

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3. Receiving increasing traffic

If your website is receiving a higher number of hits per day then it is a time to think about changing your hosting plans. In order to control the number of visitors that are increasing on your website every day. The best solution is to change the existing hosting plan for your website.

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The traffic to the website keeps increasing but the shared environment cannot handle the situation. The load of the traffic can slow down the server functionality. The situation needs to be changed and it can be possible by upgrading the hosting plan.

4. The SEO ranking of the website needs to be improved

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking needs to be improved and it will help in promoting your website and increasing its page rank in the Google search engine. It is a website promotional activity which is based on the reputation of the website. The shared hosting allows multiple sites to be launched on the shared server.

All the sites uploaded on the commonly used shared server have a common IP address. If some of the websites hosted on the shared server along with your website have a bad reputation, then it can affect it to your website because you have a common IP address.  It can affect page ranking of your website.

5. Customizing the Resources

In case, if you want to increase the resources available in the shared hosting plan then it is not possible because the web hosting shares server and other resources among all the hosted websites.

If you want to customize some of the resources such as memory capacity, speed of CPU or to make use of specially designed apps. In order to customize the resources, you have to upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting.

6. To control the server functionalities

If you are running a website smoothly on the shared hosting server then to make changes in the server configuration or to have advanced technologies to be used for your website, you need to transfer your website to an independent VPS hosting server by choosing the most appropriate plan.

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The shared server functionalities are sufficient and you need to control overall server functionalities independently.

7. To Get a Dedicated IP Address

In order to avoid the security threats and the abusive activities, you should get a dedicated IP address for your server. The VPS hosting allows you to have an independent server that works solely for your web hosting options.

8. Better Security Features

Shared hosting offers effective security solutions. But the shared server stores lot of data from other websites. Because of the carelessness of other websites, the server may get affected. But with VPS hosting server offers protective firewalls and restrictions that make the websites highly protected.

9. Useful E-Commerce Features

If you are planning to make use of e-commerce facilities in your websites then you should upgrade your web hosting option from shared hosting to VPS hosting server.

It offers various e-businesses, e-banking, and e-shopping features along with online payment options. The VPS server takes care of every need of your online business.

Bottom Line:

If you are planning to have advanced features to be added to your website, if you want to make sure that unwanted issues shouldn’t affect your online business operation then you should upgrade from shared hosting to the most dynamic VPS hosting server for better business prospects.


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