On 26th May 26, 2016, Modi government in the centre completed two years. To celebrate the anniversary and success of its achievements, the government has given huge advertisements and also held many rallies and TV interviews. While the party is confident about their achievements in two years the opposition parties are terming the two years as failure.

Well if you listen to both the sides, you will be at time convinced that everything is going good and on the other side you will be convinced that nothing is going good. To clear your perspective here is a small analysis of the two years of MODIfied India. The analysis is done on the work achieved by the government and what changes it will bring in your lives.

Since the day of swearing in ceremony, the Modi government has been a success in international diplomacy. The advantage of international diplomacy is that, India has succeeded in making a special impact around the globe which has made the rivals like Pakistan and china rattled.  Also this rise has attracted the business towards India.

  • Rise in Foreign Direct Investment: there has been huge rise in FDI, from $ 2.4 billion to $ 3.4 billion which will create jobs in the country. Huge companies have decided to open their manufacturing hub in India. The impact which can be seen on us is, suppose Apple installs a manufacturing hub in India to manufacture Iphones. So the Iphone which costs Rs. 30000 will cost 30% less i.e. 23000 Rs.
  • Huge improvement in Railways: Improving the service of railway has always been a tough task. But Suresh Prabhu has worked hard to change the way railway worked. You can text and tweet to get needed benefit from railways. In case of emergency, railway will help you instantly. Bullet train will be starting in India by 2023. The rest you can experience while you travel through railways.
  • Stressing on agriculture sector and poor: Government launched Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana to give direct benefits to the farmers, government also launched Kisan App, Kisan TV to help the farmers. For poor, Government has launched Ujwala yojana to empower 5 crore families with LPG cylinders. The Jan Dhan yojana in which 21.3 crore bank accounts have been opened, the three insurance policies too have insured the lives of poor.
  • Corruption free government: Since last two years there has been no substantial charge of corruption against this government. Through the opposition has poured some allegations which are baseless.
  • An atmosphere of hope and positivity: The government has instilled the people with hope that they can live a prosperous life. The atmosphere has become positive not inside the country but from outside towards India. Other countries are seeing India has business destination.
  • Launch of startup India: The launch of startup India has encouraged the youth to become self reliant and instead of seeking job they are creating jobs. The change in tax system and a step towards ease in doing business has enlightened the youth. This will make the youth of today more independent and self reliant.
  • A positive intention: The passage of goods and service tax will open the door for foreign investment and will attract the outsiders to invest in India. This will create more job opportunities. Many big companies and investors are reluctant in investing because of complex Tax system. The positive intention of the government will definitely help the people of this country.
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There are many other achievements of the government which can’t be mentioned easily. Since the BJP government has taken the chairs the anti-nationals have been exposed. The congress party has been completely exposed on how it supported terrorists and anti national elements for its political gain. Now the congress is shrinking down with every election.

There has been no major terror attack in the country, infiltration has decreased, GDP has risen, inflation has decreased and many more. There are many more areas that the government needs to focus. India will be 70% self reliable in defense sector and the encouragement in Research sector will encourage innovations.

India is on the path of development and prosperity, the only thing left is to accelerate the speed without any deviation, the people of India should be more cooperative towards the government and that is the only way towards shining India.