Remember the days visiting wildlife centuries when you’re child, yet the sight of nature mesmerises anyone right. The wildlife comprises of the beauty that has been lost into the concrete world. This article brings you the list of top ten places where your journey to the wildlife promises an enjoyable and delightful one.

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1 . Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

The heaven is not anymore eternal since it is present on the world much physically in the form of the great Ranthambore National Park. A vast area that forms the wildlife reserve and becomes the natural pick of any enthusiast wildlife lover and author.  Missing out this would be grieving as it has lot more than to tell only than tigers.

The big cats form special attention after they suffered a blow from the royal family huntings. Marsh crocodiles and leopards form another important fauna in this marvellous place. A fort on the top of a hill, Ranthambore Fort of 10th century stands as if imposing something.  Padam Talao lake inside the park has abundance of water lilies simply weaving the fine thread of sublime.
You could have a safari trip here with sloth bears, wild boars and Sambar roaming around.

Best time to Visit Ranthambore National Park: March to May.

2. Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

The best known wildlife of India, where even a kid of 6th grade also knows the place is located in the Nainital district. The large predator cats, Royal bengal tigers are found in abundance here compared with other parks and only next to a park that tops this list. Tourists from outside Indian subcontinent also visit this place. The park began in 1936 and got established as Tiger reserve in 1974.

Image Reference – Unnati Silks

You gotta see the rare Fishing cats here along with Serow, Goral, Himalayan Tahr. The national park allows overnight stay which is a boon for ones who wishes to spend nights in forests safe and natural.

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Open gypsy jeep travel or rides on elephant back could be the best options to roam around here. You have got 50 species of raptors if you are one of those kind who loves to watch predator birds very much. There are lot more to discover for you as an explorer.

The best season to visit this place is from March to May.

3. Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

The resplendent and gutsy Royal Bengal tiger resides in this most densely populated forest area of the Madhya Pradesh. A place where it tops the regular list of wildlife spots, Bandhavgarh in the past worked as ground of hunting for the royalties.

Image Reference – HolidayTourPackagesIndia

History combines with the geography in this magnificent place. Even the name justifies it due to the presence of an ancient fort in the hills of Vindhya ranges of Umaria. If you want some monumental also, 39 caves are waiting for you.

A whopping count of 22 mammal species and 250 species of birds make this park a paradise for its residents. Langurs and Rhesus Macaque are few of the primates that add to the scenery. Apart from them you have got Asiatic Jackal, Bengal Fox, sloth bear and Ratel. This reasons out why Bandhavgarh National Park should be one of the top among the list of every wildlife lovers.

4. Kaziranga National Park, Assam

The Assam’s most enticing park is known for its rhino reserve. It was recognized as World Heritage site by UNESCO. The park runs 40 kms from east to west while 13 km from north to south and is circumscribed by the gigantic Brahmaputra river on the north and east sides. ‘Biodiversity Hotspot’, as the name suggests, promises to show you a large varieties of fauna with various types of elephants, boars and panthers.

The best season to visit this magnificent park is from November to April.

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5. Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

The famous Jungle book finds its root in this very magnificent  and exquisite park. Rudyard Kipling was fascinated upon seeing this park. This mowgli land has black panthers, bears, pythons, elephants and bengal tiger for our delectation.

Image Reference – Panoramio

Opens between Mid Oct and June but is best suitable for visiting during March-May time.

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6. Gir National Park,  Gujarat

The most well known park of the country and very famous for being the sole habitat for the Asiatic Lions, the king of the jungle. Amazing features of this forest include the sighting of hard to find fauna such as pygmy woodpecker, hyenas and gir foxes.

Image Reference – Travel Bharat

An open top Jeep safari across this forest is one thrilling experience that the visitors can delight at. This was once the hunting grounds of Nawabs of Junagadh.

7. Manas Wildlife, Assam

A world heritage site recognised by UNESCO shelters wildlife such as Assam roofed turtle, hispid hare, golden langur and pygmy hog. The name originates from the Manas river that flows and flourishes this beautiful park. The odd ones which are wild water buffaloes are highly populated in this forest.

Image Reference – Pinterest

Visitors mostly make a trip to Bansbari and then gaze at the art inside the forests at Mathanguri.

Opens between October and April but makes it best from January to March to see the beasts wandering.

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8. Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh

The Park is largely covered with big trees causing it to be a vegetation that is sheltered and moist. It happens to be the only park in India to be spread across two states, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Image Reference – Tourism of India

Major attraction for this park is the tiger reserve. Others include leopard, wild boar, nilgai, crimson breasted barbet and others.

Remains open between October and June.

9. Satpura National Park, Madhya Pradesh

The uneven terrain which is rough, becomes an adorable place for visitors as it provides shelter to spotted deers, leopards, sloth bears and black buck and many more.

Image Reference – SwamiRaRa

October to June is the time when you get to see this Park.

10. Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra

Tigers, the big hunters of the forest reside in this oldest and largest national park of Maharashtra. The name descends from one of the God’s name worshipped by the tribals of the area. Largely owed to the presence of tigers, yet it houses Nilgai, dhole, jungle cats, Chital and many more. The park spans over 1727 square kilometres and is a must visit.

Image Reference – TripAdvisor

Best season falls between March to May although the gates throng open from October to June in order to spot the tigers.


We believe there are some excellent benefits pondering the exquisite nature and nurturing those wildlife animals all over India. When you take a visit there don’t forget to take snapshots of earthly inhabits residing there.