Jaunpur is the District of Uttar Pradesh. Jaunpur holds the historical , Social and Political Status. Jaunpur is not so famous but yes, I have decided to write the Top Places to visit in Jaunpur because my Native Place is in Jaunpur.

Jaunpur is not very far from Varanasi(Benaras) , the distance between Jaunpur and Varanasi is around 60KM. Jaunpur is not well known Tourist destination in India, yes but people who are planning to visit they always looked for the Best places in Jaunpur so they go there and spend there time.

In Jaunpur there are many historical places to visit. All the historical places has its own importance.

Below are the Top Places to Visit in Jaunpur.

Ma Sheetla Chaukiya Devi Temple: 

Image from Jaunpur.nic.in

The temple of Chaukiya Devi is very old. It is the most important place to visit in Jaunpur. Monday and Friday you will see thousands of people coming to this place. The Main Crowd comes during Navratri. I have visited this place couple of time and I can say Must visit.

Jaunpur Fort or Shahi Qila : 

Image by Fara Khan from Flickr

Jaunpur Fort situated in the city on the bank of the Gomti River. It ws built by Freoze Shah in 1362 AD. From this fort the whole view of of the Gomti river can be seen. It is one of the best place to visit in Jaunpur. There is a Ticket for the entry in Jaunpur Fort.

Atala Masjid :

Image by Thomas From Flickr

Atala Masjid or Mosque was built by Ibrahim Shah Shakri in 1408 AD , It is one of the oldest Mosque in Jaunpur. It is very beautifully designed galleries will really impress you.

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Shahi Pul :

Image from Jaunpur.nic.in

It is the very famous bridge built by Munyeen Khankhana in 1564 on the orders of Akbar.

Sita Ram Mandir : Must Visit Place in Jaunpur. Temple of Sita Ram Mandir. Superb design and beautiful Temple.

Kamla Talkies : One of the oldest Theater in Jaunpur. For Movie lover go and see the cinema in this theater

There are Many Small, Big Temples and places to visit Jaunpur. Just hire an Autorikshaw and in 200 to 300 Rs they will take you all the places that you want to visit in Varanasi.