When you look into the news daily, at least one in ten is related to the reporting of Malware cyber attacks on prominent websites.

It is impossible for anyone to remove Malware by hand. Finding compromises in the files may be possible but removing the compromises from the file without affecting the nativity of the contents is only the mega mind work which we should leave to the experts of Malware removal services.

By finding us, we hope that you are already aware of the Malware and it’s constrained and we are here to provide you the final destination for your search by introducing our handpicked best in class “Online Website Malware Removal Services”.

Top Online website Malware Removal services

Sucuri – SUCURI.NET which is first in thought when someone thinks of removing malware from their websites. This platform is famous for mouth-to-mouth publicity rather than in advertising. As we know the more the excellence the more the recommendations.
Free Version: Website scanner
Paid Version: Starting from $16.99/Month
  • SUCURI is a service that occupies your glance from the home page itself. Its home page is in simple interface which asks you whether you want to clean the Malware/ hacked site or else you want to protect the website from Malware
  • Their “CLEAN HACKED WEBSITE” service includes the basic services of cleaning the website which includes removal of website malware, blacklists, phishing, infections, defacements, SEO spam, and other infections from infected websites. They clean the websites which fall under Google blacklist, Host disabled, and websites flagged for malware, efficiently.
  • Secondly, the price, which is far considered as the best in class for their services.
  • They not only clean the website but runs security monitoring which automatically scans your website for viruses, threats, link injections, suspicious redirects, and controls the activities.
  • It also gives you the server scanning option which enables you to overlook the activities going on your web server.
  • It triggers the security alerts and keeps you informed and also ensures your website is not get blacklisted by Google, Opera, IE, Safari etc.
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SITEGUARDING – Our next to the line is SITEGUARDING.COM which is a service for malware removal, protection and also offers services like website backup services, SEO, secured servers, and VPS.

Free Version: Website scanner / 14 days free trial for website protection
Paid Version: Starting from 49.95 EUR / one-time (for MALWARE removal)
  • SITEGUARDING starts with the free scan for your website and offer the packages as per the malware levels
  • The list of MALWARE that can be detected by this site includes JavaScript injections, MySQL injections, hidden iframes,  Phishing page detection, PHP mailers, redirects, IP cloaking, .htaccess as so on.
  • They provide antivirus service for your website under the malware protection category, depending upon your plan.
  • It also does server-side scanning and reports suspicious activities
  • Finally, there are mixed reviews on the web, we can consider this as one of the services which fall in our basket of selection.

WEBGUARD – As like the name of the service, the service intended to website security programs that are available at the customer stake.

Free Version: Web scan
Paid Version: Starting from $48 / Year (Lite Scan)
  • WEBGUARD also offer free scan for your website and as like remaining services, it charges you for premium services
  • On the first look of the website, it is understood that they are expertise in website protection rather than the MALWARE removal, which is our main agenda.
  • The service is accessible from any corner of your stay without hinders
  • They provide the unique feature of providing website seal which increases your website trust
  • Although the services are prominent, we are having two suspicions
  • Although it may provide effective web defense, we don’t see any solid self-claims from the service providers on the removal of MALWARE instead of protecting from malware.
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SITE-SCANNERS – The website starts with the responsive interface which takes you to the various propagandas of the service upon scrolling and finally stops at the pricing of the service as per requirement

Free Version: Ouch !
Paid Version: Starting from $ 6.95 / Month
  • SITE-SCANNERS.COM starts with the educating section and continues with the self-claims.
  • It monitors on a continuous basis your websites and parallels malicious activities.
  • They also prevent you from entering into the MALWARE affected sites by provoking you and enables the possible clearance for you.
  • Their unique service is website response time, which lets you know instantly when your website in down so you can act accordingly.
  • They also provide the Site uptime report which enables you to find you site server, when it goes up or down, so accordingly, you can plan the frontiers
  • It also provides the service that keeps your website from blacklisting.
  • Although all the services responsive in nature, they don’t provide the separate packages for website cleaning alone also lack self-claims of MALWARE removal for the sites which are already affected.
We gone through the above services in a prescriptive manner and identified the pros and cons and the basic services by each. We also know that in the internet conglomerate, so many free sites available on claiming on the MALWARE removal for free, but we can’t authenticate the free services and ability of them, and we clearly know that if they are really good at something, they won’t offer or free.

And addressing the elephant in the room, we suggest SUCURI.NET because it is famous for mouth publicity rather than advertising and also it closely sticks to our topic “Online website Malware Removal services”. When coming to the pricing part also it offers at the marginal price when compared to the competitors by also offering 24/7/365 customer service.

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