Ujjain is the Historical city of India , Located in State of Madhya Pradesh.it is situated near Holy River Shipra. It is one of the Major Cities of Hindu Pilgrimage. It is among the important Hindu Pilgrimage destination. Million so Hindu Pilgrimage visit in Ujjain every Year.
The Simhastha Kumbh Mela is held after every 12 years in Ujjain which makes Ujjain a Tourist and Pilgrimage destination.

I will Provide List of Places to Visit in Ujjain and Tourist Places Near Ujjain
  • Mahakaleshwar Temple : Mahakaleshwar temple is one of the Famous Tourist destination in Ujjain. If you are visiting Ujjain then you will never miss this place to visit. Mahakaleshwar Temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. This Shiva temple is one of the Most Famous Lord Shiva temple in India. The Shivling is only shivling which faces in south direction that’s why it is also called as Dakshinmukhi or South Facing Shivling. If you are visiting this place then never miss a Bhasm Aarti.
  • Kalbhairav Temple: It is the Famous temple from Ujjain and every Hindu wants to visit this pac at least once in their lifetime. Lord Kalbhairav is also known as the Protector of the city.Liquor is one of the offerings to the Lord Kalbhairav Temple.
  • Harsiddhi Temple : Harsiddhi Temple is situated near Mahakaleshwar Temple. Harsiddhi Temple is one of the Shakti Peeth in India . You can visit this temple at any time ,but visiting in Navratri is the amazing experience.
  • Mangalnath Temple : Mangalnath Temple is the only temple in the world dedicated to Mangal Dev. You can have a Mangal Grah Nivaran Therapy by the priests of Mangalnath Temple. It is among the best place to visit in Ujjain. You can never miss this place. 
  • Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir: Bade Ganeshji ka Mandir is located near Mahakaleshwar Temple.There is a Large King Size Idol of Lord Ganesha who is the Son of Lord Shiva.By seeing the Idol of Lord Ganesha you will get devine feeling. According to me it is the must visit places in Ujjain.
  • Radha Madan Mohan Temple – It is the must visit place in Ujjain. Radha Madan Mohan temple is also known as ISKCON Temple. The Travellers to Ujjain doesn’t forget to visit this place. 
  • Chintaman Ganesh Temple : It is a very Old Temple of Lord Ganesha and it is one of the best places to visit in Ujjain. You will see a lots of Ladoo shops near the Temple. You can spend some time in the Temple feel the divine power.It is the very popular place among the locals.
  • Ram Mandir Ghat : Ram Ghat is the holy experience in Ujjain. It should be in your list of places that you are planning to visit.It is located near Mahakaleshwar Temple. Don’t miss the evening Aarti on Kshipra River.
  • Bhartrihari Cave : Bhartrihari Cave is located around 5 to 6 KM from Mahakaleshwar Temple.It is a historical place where King Bhartrihari spend his entire life after becoming Sadhu.
  • Siddhavat : It is the Mythological place in Ujjain. This Place is famous for its after death formalities. This place is also linked with the Vikram Baital
  • Chaubis Khamba Temple : It is a very Old Temple in Ujjain and as its name suggest it is well known for its 24 Pillars. It is one of the rarest architecture in Ujjain. Must Visit Place
You can also try to visit the Below Places in Ujjain
  • Patal Bhairav Temple
  • Vikram University
  • Kalideh Palace
  • Navagraha Mandir
  • Ram Mandir
  • Kalidasa Academy
  • Ranmukteshwar Temple
  • Vikrant Bhairav Shrine
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