Indian Administrative Services also known as Imperial Civil Services is a government service who serves as a backbone to the government. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious gobs in India. Formed in 1893 and renewed in 1947, IAS gives cadres to the government for various duties listed below.

  • Law and order Management
  • Law implementation 
  • Policy Formulation
  • Policy Implementation
  • Civil Administration
  • Advisors to Ministers
  • Managing Bureaucracy (Centre and State).
Being a prestigious and responsible job, its entrance is also very tough. Regarded as India’s toughest exam, it is conducted by UPSC. The success ratio is 0.0017 of 2015. Well if you have made your mind for it, you need to be prepared with a plan that can lead you to success.
Here are the list of 5 important IAS Preparation books that will you to clear IAS examination. 
General Study Paper 1: 2015

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 This book is published by McGraw Hill Education which is revised and updated timely. This book is useful for Preparation of Prelims, Main and UPSC IAS main Examination. In the general study paper there are various topics that are included such as, Indian History, India general knowledge, Indian economy, Indian polity and other useful information of India and world general knowledge. This book is one of the best books for UPSC examinations.

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Indian Polity

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This book is mainly related with Indian constitution and system of government of India. It is divided into different parts to understand Indian constitution, state and concurrent lists, Indian polity, constitutional amendments, department of central government, and important details about Indian polity. This book is best for Preparation of UPSC civil services exam.

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General Science

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Published by McGraw Hill education is one of the best IAS Preparation Books Paper-I. This book is divided into four parts including-
  • Environmental Ecology
  • Life Science
  • Fundamentals of Physics
  • Fundamentals of Chemistry.
While going for prelims paper, go through this best IAS Preparation book for getting a better approach on this subject. This book is efficient for UPSC civil services exams and various UPSC state level civil services exams.

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Indian and World geography

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This book covers Indian Geography, World Geography, and Disaster management, Indian Ecology which is included in the civil services papers of both prelims and main exams. Published by McGraw hill education and written by Majid Hussain, this book is highly recommended for UPSC civil services papers. This book is also available as Ebook.

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Lucent’s General Knowledge

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This book is available in both English and Hindi. Lucent’s general knowledge book includes General science, general knowledge, current affairs, modern and ancient history and a total sum-up off all the topics included in civil services papers. 
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Well above fives is just a selection of important and effective books that covers the whole syllabus. You need to take help of many other books when you want to score best in the exams. You have to go through the subject you choose for the main exams. I hope this article will help you to get best IAS Preparation book for your IAS or Civil Service exam. Good luck ahead!