Kanpur is one of the Important City of Uttar Pradesh State in India.It is also one of the best Tourist Destination. So if you are planning to visit Kanpur and you are planning to explore the tourist destination, Here I will give you the list of best places to visit during your Kanpur Tour. It is always difficult for the people to find out the places to visit during any Tour, So the list I will be sharing with you, I hope it will really help to explore the places in Kanpur.

Kanpur is the Most Populated City in India and it is located on the Banks of River Ganga. Kanur was among the Cities where Industrial Revolution in India was started.

Kanpur is one of the best Tourist Destination in Uttar Pradesh and Below is the List of Places to Visit in Kanpur

  • Bithoor : Bithoor is the small town in Kanpur and you can also says Bitoor is the Home of River Ganges , Many tourist comes to this sacred place to have a bath in River Ganga. It is one of the best tourist destination in Kanpur. Bithorr is also famous for its 1857 revolt against Britishers
  • Shri Radhakrishna Temple : Shri Radhakirshna Temple is very beautiful design and carved , If you are visiting Kanpur , you should visit Shri Radhakrishna Temple and don’t forget to attend the Evening Aarti. You will get the full devotional atmosphere
  • Sri Sri Radha Madhav Iskon Temple: It is one of the must visit place in Kanpur , Iskon Temple is famous for its beauty. You will find this place as a devotional place , where everyone is lost in devotion.Don’t Miss the Prasad here.
  • Boodha Bargad : Boodha Bargad Means an Old Banyan Tree , It is the must place to visit and it is sacred place as 144 Indian Revolutionaries were hanged by Britishers During 1857 Revolt.
  •  Green Park Stadium : If you are a Cricket Fan , then you would know very well about Green Park Stadium in Kanpur , Here International Cricket Matches are conducted and it is one of the best cricket stadium in the Country.
  •  Jain Glass Temple : It is one of the major temples dedicated to Jains. The Entire temple is designed and made with a glass . Here there are statues of Lord Mahavir and 23 Tirthankars.
  •  Allen Forest Zoo : If you are visiting Kanpur , Then I will say ,please don’t miss this place, Allen Forest Zoo is spread across 190 Acres of Lands , There are many Wildlife habitats in this Allen Zoo.The Botanical Gardens , Lakes , Aquarium is the different attractions that are available in the Zoo.
  • Valmiki Ashram Temple : It is the historical place to visit in Kanpur. This Asharam is located at Bithoor and you will really enjoy in Temple. This Temple is the Oldest Temple in Asharam and It is the place where Lord Valmiki wrote the Ramayana, So it is the most place for Hindus.
  •  Dwarkadhish Temple : Dwarkadhish temple is located in very crowdy place in Kanpur , the temple i Small but Statue of Gods is very beautiful and you could feel the divine here,
  •  Blue World Amusement Park : Yes you have heard Kanpur has its Amusement park , the Blue World and it attarcts a lots of tourist visiting in Kanpur. You will find lot of theme based amusement activities here and the Price is reasonable.
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The Kanpur , Is Also Known as Manchester of India . There are lots of Leather Factories in Kanpur and It is very important place in Kanpur.