TMDHosting may not be so popular among others. But we’ve spent a few days using their services and have comprehended – “What people say about the specific hosting” hence we thought to curate an in-and-out post to let you and others know about TMDHosting review and offerings in 2022.

It seems the company has a lot to offer in 2022. With more than 10 years of experience in hosting industry, TMDHosting featured a great range of services in Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers alongside a WHM reseller hosting or so.

TMDHosting boasts few lucrative hosting locations across 6 countries – To name a few they’re as- America, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan and Australia. You are privileged to get full-set of shared hosting but when choosing a dedicated server you will only find Amsterdam & Chicago.

TMDHosting includes free installation of WordPress and other apps also free updates and patches are conducted timely. Team support is crucial when purchasing a hosting service TMDHosting offers round the clock monitoring with less than 15 minutes of waiting time through ticket raise. Live chat and phone support are available only for UK and US.

TMDHosting providers a special offer on Shared Web Hosting.

Get the starter web hosting package for just $2.95 per month.

TMDHosting Review

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As far as the TMDHosting products are concerned, the shared hosting starter plan support hosting one website but features like unlimited SSD disk space, bandwidth and email addresses with a free domain and one-click installation, let’s encrypt SSL and good server uptime ensures TMDHosting a better choice.

Unlike other hosting, TMDHosting starter price is $2.95 unless you purchase hosting for more than 3 years. A similar host such as InMotion has pretty much the same features but it’s more expensive for the first 2 years.

TMDHosting is a feature-rich hosting solution with solid oriented architecture even in the starter plan. TMDHosting uses Nginx server with basic caching has helped revamped online businesses sprout massively. In recent times, TMDHosting business plan has included 128MB Memcached for speed page loading time and also support hosting unlimited websites.

TMDHosting has recently started the support for windows hosting, but it’s in the nascent stage which makes it little inconsistent.

TMDHosting Windows shared hosting plans are little expensive compared to Linux hosting. The reason is obvious: better-specified feature Kicks-off $3.99 a month for initial terms that can hosts up to 6 websites.

However, dedicated hosting did not have the options for windows hosting at least now.

Nevertheless, TMDHosting plans are decently priced starting with $2.95 for managed WordPress hosting, $5.95 for cloud hosting and going beyond $19.95 for VPS hosting a month.

TMDHosting offers a straight 60 days money-back guarantee on shared hosting plans that help getting your money refunded in the stipulated time frame in case, you did not like their services. But TMDHosting VPS and dedicated hosting server plans provide a refund for initial 30 days.

The only drawback we realize on VPS and dedicated hosting prices are the location of the data centers.

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In the below article you will find the detailed TMDHosting review where we have tried to cover all possible aspects and details of TMD hosting plans, its pricing, and different features which will help you to decide Why TMDHosting is the best hosting provider in 2022?

TMDHosting Account setup

TMDHosting Website has put forward all relevant information regarding all hosting plans. With respect to other hosting providers, TMDHosting features a detailed comparison table to help you find the right plan for you.

Account Setup

Image by William Iven from Pixabay

Prices of hosting plans did not reflect the essential things such as renewal charges and information regarding the shared hosting discounted plans instead TMDHosting flashes the headline price.

Though TMDHosting offers a monthly payment based system they don’t highlight the charges levied on a monthly based payment system. The prices drastically increase to $8.95/month and non-refundable in nature.

On the off chance, we found the pricing makes no sense at all. Like starter dedicated hosting is promoted as $159/month after a 50% discount. After a while when you want to purchase the plan the website signifies a charge of $113.29/month. This is pretty straightforward to see what changes you’re going to pay when you’re signing up.

The TMDHosting purchase process is pretty similar to other web hosts. Fill in the domain name and other contact details including email and contact number and proceed with PayPal or credit cards to check out.

TMDHosting allows you to choose your desired server location via the Location box. Choosing the desired server location will help the user to get access to the website faster. However TMDHosting default configuration chooses the location-based nearest to you.

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After you’ve filled in all the required details and paid the money. They will send all the details regarding the payment order by mail as well as the details confirming the payment. After a while, the details of the web console and link to the client area, webspace cPanel and login credentials, and name servers are sent by mail.

After you have applied all the settings keep the email intact for future use.

TMDHosting Popular Software & Powerful Hardware

TMDHosting includes a host of a feature with powerful hardware and trusted support thousands of people have started hosting their website on it. But the real fascination comes from just-released WordPress hosting with plenty of resources, powered by high-class cloud servers allowing tens of thousands monthly site visitors.

TMDHosting Opensource

TMDHosting acknowledges that web hosting technology is not easily understood by everyone. The fact that web host actually manages to provide fully managed services that help beginners start their first self-hosted blog/website in just a just few clicks.

With TMD WordPress hosting the process gets even easier. Just choose an appropriate theme for your site and the rest will be taken care of by the team.

Lots of Freebies like Domains, Emails & Databases

TMDHosting includes everything in the basic shared hosting package such as unlimited emails, storage, and databases as well as a free domain for life. Emails are safeguarded against malicious phishing, POP3, and IMAP.

You can remain to assure about their services and pick from a list of apps to install using Softaculous 1-click auto-installer which manages with the latest version of the cPanel when included.

Start an online shop in a few minutes

TMDHosting Ecommerce

You can start browsing the TMDHosting homepage where you’ll come across a variety of free templates and layouts for most popular blogging and eCommerce platforms. Professional shops like Mom-and-pop show can build using distinct design templates from Prestashop or Magento and connect the shopping cart using cPanel which shall take a few minutes to go live on the web.

Included SSD: Better Speed and Reliability

TMDHosting network is largely distributed over 7 major data centers locations mainly in Chicago and Phoenix in the US and rests in Amsterdam and London in Europe. And Lastly, in Singapore, Tokyo in Asia, and Sydney in Australia. The server distributions are highly built using the latest technology in Apache, CentOS, and Meme cached with SSD storage for speed, reliability, and enhanced security.

TMDHosting Benefits: Dedicated Support

Web Hosting is mostly looked down upon due to non-responsiveness and support services. Dedicated team supports are provided on TMDHosting round the clock and provide assistance on troubleshooting, migrations as a part of their services. Not just that TMDHosting experienced hosting support that has the precise eye for detail. Allotting actual humans to safeguard your site remains life, fast, and secure that TMDHosting dedicated support prides for their customers.

TMDHosting benefits over daily, weekly backups for free data restore

TMDHosting conducts regular checks take daily & weekly data of your precious data as many times they want. They are ready to offer help or rollback to a previous version whenever you want. Data backups and restore points are the essential factor of choosing web hosting and certainly – TMDHosting is ahead in the race.

TMDHosting Review – Plans and Pricing

TMDHosting has a good number of different types of hosting. If you’re looking for cheap and basic shared hosting then, TMDHosting may pull you out of the way through their lucrative shared hosting plans.

Their VPS hosting may not be that cheap but customers with such requirements can find their way to the web host where you do not need to share your physical server with others, in fact, getting the virtual private machine would mean renting the hardware by yourself.

TMDHosting Pricing and Plan

Although, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting are economically scaled down to suit most user’s needs. At last, if you are someone who sells web hosting to other customers you can intermittently, opt for reseller hosting.

TMDHosting Review – Shared Hosting

Let’s head towards getting some quick facts on how each of the plans positions themselves in accordance to the customer needs.

  • TMDHosting Shared Hosting plans have seen a lot of change, especially with support and response time. In addition, TMDHosting is an ardent response to your filed ticket in less time.
  • Amazing Shared Hosting – TMD packages start from $2.85/month with minimal renewal charges.
  • The “Unlimited Packages” starts with a slashed down the price of $5.85/month
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Glad to say, the hosting packages consist of unmetered storage, bandwidth for a single domain including WHM/cPanel suitable from the price point.

Unlimited packages are sold at the same price however with unlimited domains. There is an extent of most features but sadly, TMDHosting skipped mentioning the free installation of templates, plugins, and other apps.

Overall, TMDHosting is offering a lot at a small price point. Interestingly, they have some great running on their website. Especially shared hosting sold at just a 50% discount.

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VPS Hosting

Numerous web hosting providers VPS hosting at dirt cheap price but are they worth? But what makes TMDHosting the best: Certainly their different VPS packages and the options to choose a lot.

We can’t tell if their web hosting VPS packages were expensive for average users by offering – VPS 1 – 40GB space, 200 GB traffic, 1.8Ghz dedicated CPU power along with 1Gb of RAM as well as 1Gb of burst memory RAM with a reduced price in $116.

We find the VPS-1 Plan is the best fit and stands amongst the middle tiers that offer everything under the budget.

Cloud Hosting

Today, the market demands flexibilities, cloud hosting has become an integral of web hosting solutions. Cloud hosting from TMDHosting has associated three tiers of services mainly, Summer, Cloud, Rain Cloud, and Storm Cloud. Usually, the packages are starting from $49.95/month which boasts a series of features such as unlimited domains, free domain, free SSH access, and more importantly 24×7 support.

TMDHosting servers are fully managed to operate via continuous monitoring by actual humans.

Do you need Web Hosting for Blogging?

Are you aware of a specialized web hosting service dedicated to blogging?

Yes, WordPress optimized hosting. You may not but TMDHosting offer that too. Typically, it is located on the bottom of the page hence, you’ll find the link to generate WordPress optimized hosting with the initial price of $2.85/month also at any point time you do not like their services you can ask for a refund which is valid for the first 60-days of purchasing the web hosting service.

The setup process is straightforward even a beginner can walkthrough. Now, what features does TMDHosting provide in common? You get a domain free for life, dedicated spam protection, and daily backups. Some of these services are payable with other web hosting companies.

There is the added advantage of SSD supercharged technology. Fortunately, TMDHosting includes SSD drives in all web hosting packages. The setup will take a few minutes and on top of that, it’s completely free. It will take a few clicks to install WordPress compatible modules. Installing templates is never been so easy with promised updates.

TMDHosting has a lot to offer despite the fact their support is worth every penny. Additionally, they have crafted several tutorials and put them under their blogs section which is surpassingly cover most frequent issues on web hosting, blogging, and setup process.

Regardless of the features, nothing more important than ID protection, an SSL certificate, and goMobi mobile readiness which is accessible across all TMDHosting packages and comes absolutely free.

TMD Hosting Review on Security Features

TMDHosting robust technology and major infrastructure upgrades compel them to take security blatantly. In regard to the fact, the TMDHosting servers make use of the CloudLinux distributions which emanates some great security enhancements.

wordpress security

TMDHosting frequently monitors their servers and applies patches, fixes, or operating system updates using the Cloud Linux Network that promises to safeguard your website is always protected from brutal attacks and other vulnerabilities.

That’s isn’t all! Their in-house firewall built on Apache’s mod-security allows the firewall to protect against cyber-attacks which is done through the supervision of their support team. In addition, you get free spam protection and SSL certificates.

TMDHosting Web Hosting Talk Discussion

We’ve seen peoples discussing over TMDHosting account being suspended. As you know, there are no unlimited hosting. Major web hosting companies offer unmetered bandwidth but in reality if your usage is many times more of the standard you can run into that problem with any web host.

Customer Care

TMDHosting has 24 hours day customer service every day of the year. You can reach the team by telephone, email, or live chat.

Customer service is another most important moreover when they respond within a 15-minutes response time of submitting a ticket. TMD Hosting promises to sever you with a resolution less than 15 minutes of your response to the query. There is no need to worry when you are using the TMDHosting service.

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Who needs the TMDHosting?

TMDHosting offers an astounding variety of hosting packages at different price brackets suitable for every user’s needs. You can choose TMDHosting services for your blog, running a website or even create an online business website at an affordable price segment.

TMDHosting has a lot of benefits over other web hosting providers such as:

  • TMDHosting brilliantly crafted affordable packages with many tiers to choose from. Regardless of the usual hosting plan TMDHosting shares a dedicated and specialized hosting package built for blogging and eCommerce.
  • TMDHosting ensures security as top-self. We must know that not every web host has a dedicated human kept for monitoring the threats and hardware malfunctions.
  • There are many excellent features included that are absolutely free in TMDHosting while other web hosting providers charges for the backups, restoration, spam protection along domain name. TMDHosting offers these services at no cost.
  • Customer support guarantees 24×7 help with an average turnaround time is less than 15 minutes for answering the queries.
  • A straightforward 60-days money-back guarantees are better than the industry standard.
  • TMDHosting customer reviews are good and anyone can easily find them over the web.

TMDHosting Cons

  • People may not be acquainted with the TMDHosting company so as the fact that users do not find many reviews over the web.
  • There are quite a lot of web hosts that offer many features as compared to TMDHosting for specialized hosting services such as WordPress hosting.

TMDHosting: Everything you want from a web hosting provider

Whether you’re looking for a full-fledged hosting solution on a shared, VPS, dedicated server. Everyone wants a hosting that can accompany your hosting needs and can seriously act on them.

If want better speed, security, and reliability as a basic necessity. TMDHosting prides to go ahead beyond and provide some extras and definitely it shows on their provided hosting solutions.

You may not know but TMDHosting upgraded the infrastructure in the year 2017 since then their VPS packages are allied with their KVM-based upgrade with the resources. In regard to this TMDHosting provides a robust cloud hosting plan which is suitable for most users at lower price points.

TMDHosting also included the full redundancy into the core infrastructure services through computing, networking and storage which impacts positively through the company’s hosting packages.

Our Expert Review on TMDHosting:

We evaluate the top TMDHosting plans through the experts and it is clearly identified that TMDHosting shared hosting, VPS hosting is an incredibly good value for money offering a wide range of features, fast speed followed by dedicated support.

Thus, we recommend TMDHosting Shared and VPS plans which offer better resources and features with premium support backed by the money-back guarantee.

When choosing high-quality hosting mainly, in shared hosting; the topmost priority is a high-tech technology stack that includes dynamic caching (Memcache, OpCache, and inclusion of NGINX) and good support to fulfill user queries quickly. TMDHosting excels in both these points offer endless choices to make hosting a site breeze.

TMDHosting may look new to you but they have revamped the existing infrastructure and certified under the SSAE-16 which portrays a high level of operations, climate controls, raised floors, biometric security, included fire systems, and few other which have made the home of your website completely secure.

TMDHosting is undoubtedly not the best web hosting in the world but a quick look at their website makes you feel enchanted towards them.

TMDHosting offers quite aloof shared, VPS, Cloud, reseller hosting with a massive number of features and outstanding dedicated support to all customers.

While you may not be familiar with TMDHosting well but their testimonials are heart-melting with lots of happy customers across several countries tested and opted for TMDHosting web hosting services just because of the following facts below.

Quick Facts About TMDHosting

  1. Shared hosting starts $2.89/month
  2. Get a domain for life
  3. TMDHosting offer superior spam detection and filtering
  4. SSD technology implemented
  5. Daily/Weekly backups
  6. beginners get specialist assistance
  7. Support is available 24×7

Our Final Words on TMDHosting Review

As we all see there are not a lot of negative reviews for TMDHosting, otherwise a bunch of positives has remarkably established TMDHosting into the best hosting company. The TMDHosting Company have some drawback certainly with the history and reputation similar to HostGator or BlueHost but on a contrary those reviews that TMDHosting does have are brilliant.

So, far said, on the TMDHosting features and benefits we’re certainly assured after we’ve tested their services and felt giving them strong recommendations.

TMDHosting is steadily making a name of them and it appears to be a hidden gem in the hosting world.