Stablehost is one of the best Affordable Web Hosting Companies for Small and Medium Websites. Today, In this article I will try to review stablehost on its Features, Plans, Services Offered , Pricing of the Different Plans and Stablehost Promo Codes that will help you to save your money when you will purchase a Web Hosting Plans from Stablehost.

Let’s See the Stablehost Reviews 2019

I have seen many people on internet are looking for Stablehost Review, What is the Hosting Price of Stablehost? Services of Stablehost, So I have decided to write on the Features, Services, Plans, Pricing and Stablehost promo codes that will help the reader to decide what they will get from Stablehost.
I hope, by Reading the Review of Stablehost it will help you to decide Stablehost as your Hosting Partner.

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About Stablehost
Stablehost started their Journey way back in 2009 and they have a 7+ Years of experience in Web Hosting industry. Stablehost provides an affordable Web Hosting Solutions to its clients and customers. Stablehost in the company which has only 10 Employees who deeply take care of your Website.
Stablehost has claim that they are no Debt Company and all the revenue is back in the business to improve and provide the new features to the Clients.
Stablehost has 3 Data Centers in Phoenix, Chicago and Amsterdam locations and you can select any one of the data centers at no additional cost.

StableHost Review – Features

Now, Let’ See the Features of StableHost that will help you to decide the Stablehost as your Hosting Partners.
  • Stablehost is the most affordable web hosting companies who provide its service globally.
  • Stablehost runs on Latest Enterprise Hardware and Pure SSD Drives.
  • Stablehost provides 24×7 Fully Trained and Technical Customer support
  • Stablehost provides Premium Spam Filtering features, which helps to catch around 99% of Spam Mails to land in your Inbox.
  • Its Data Center is located in three different Locations such as Phoenix , Chicago and Amsterdam.
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee is provided by Stablehost to its clients.
  • The Main USP or Confidence of Stablehost on its service is its 90 Days Money Back Guarantee.

StableHost Review of its Services and its Plans

In this section, we will review the different Services offered by Stablehost. Stablehost offers the following Web Services.
  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Enterprise Web Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • Professional Spam Filtering
Now We Will Look into the details of all the services provided by Stablehost.
Review of Stablehost Shared Web Hosting and Its Plans
Stablehost provides one of the best Shared Web Hosting to its clients. The Plans of Stablehost shared Hosting is Affordable to the clients.
Let’s See The Plans and Pricing of Stablehost Shared Hosting
Starter Web Hosting Plans
  • This Plan is perfect for the Starter, Who has Just Started their website or planning to start a blog.
  • The Price of this Starter Plan is $4.95 Per Month.
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  • In this Starter Plan you can host 1 Website
  • In this plan you will get Unlimited Data Space and Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Stablehost provides free Website Builder, so that you can create a Website just by Dragging and Dropping.
Pro Web Hosting Plans
  • This Plan is perfect for the user , who has multiple websites
  • The Price of this Pro Web Hosting plan is $8.95 Per Month
  • Use Exclusive Stablehost Promotional Code BLOGGERFREAK and Get Flat 40% discount on your Hosting Bill.
  • It is one of the best Value Plan of stablehost
  • Unlimited Disk Space is provided in this plan
  • Unlimited Website can be hosted
  • SSD Powered Hard Drive
  • Online Website Builder is available.
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Stablehost also has some Old Shared Hosting Plans, Let’s look to them

Basic Hosting Plan
  • The Price of this plan is $3.95 Per Month
  • 3GB of Disk Space is provided in this plan
  • Suitable for Smaller or Low Traffic Website
Stable Hosting Plan
  • The Price of this plan is $5.95 Per Month
  • 7GB of Disk Space is provided
  • Suitable for Well Established Website
Plus Hosting Plan
  • The Price of this plans is $9.95 Per Month
  • It is best suited for Multiple Websites
  • 20GB of Disk Space is available
The Old Hosting Plan of Stablehost is Costly, Limited Space and Bandwidth. I suggest please go for the New Stable Host Plan. I have shown the Old Hosting Plan for the information purpose.
Below are the Specifications that is included Feature  in all the Plans of Stablehost
Control Panel of Stablehost
  • Here, you will get Unlimited MYSql Database
  • Unlimited FTP accounts can be created
  • Webalizer, Analog & Awstats Stats is provided
  • Stablehost provides Sitepro Web Site builder
  • Softaculous Software is provided to install a Script in a Single Click
  • R1soft Daily Backups is provided
  • Stablehost provides Let’s Encrypt Certificates.
  • Unlimited Email Ids can be created in this plan
  • You can create Unlimited Email Forward
  • Unlimited Autoresponder Can be created
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists can be created by any of the Stablehost Plan
  • Virus and Spam Filtering is available
  • Online Webmail is available
  • IMAP and POP3
  • Stablehost provides SSL POP3, IMAP & SMTP
  • SSH Access is provided by stablehost with addition fees
  • Stablehost provides 24/7 Server Monitoring
  • Starting at 24GB of RAM provided by Stablehost.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth is provided by Stablehost
  • Stablehost is equipped with SSD drivers, which increases the website speed 10 times
  • Stablehost provides Apache Server
  • Stablehost has Phoenix , Chicago and Amsterdam data centers, you can select any one of them at no extra cost.
  • Stablehost supports PHP 5.2.x, 5.3.x, 5.4.x, 5.5.x, 5.6.x and 7.0.x Support
  • Stablehost provides MariaDB or Mysql
  • Stablehost Supports Perl 5.8.8
  • Stablehost provides Free Module Installation
Each of the Stablehost Plans comes with the following Features
  • 1 Full Core CPU is included in every hosting plan
  • 1 GB of Memory
  • Maximum PHO Processes is 15
  • Total Processes is allowed is 30
  • 15 MYSQL Connections is allowed
  • The All New Stablehost plans is best suitable for ~215,000 monthly visitors
Pre Installed Software for All the Shared Hosting Plans of Stablehost
  • Cpanel
  • CentOS
  • Site Pro Website Builder
  • Apache 2.4.x
  • MariaDB
  • Varnish Caching
  • Litespeed PHP Caching
According to me the Pro Shared Web Hosting is the best Stablehost Hosting Plan that anyone should buy from Stablehost and use Stablehost Promo Code to get flat 20% discount.
Stablehost Review on Reseller Hosting
Stablehost provides the Reseller Hosting, So Here we will look into the details on reseller hosting plans and pricing of reseller hosting.
Basic Reseller Plan
  • This plan is best suited for the startup
  • The Price of the basic reseller plan is $9.95 Per Month
  • You can host upto 10 Clients
  • 10GB of Disk Space is provided in this plan

Reseller Plan

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  • This is perfect for the user who has more than 10 Websites
  • The Price of the Reseller Plan is $19.95 Per Month
  • You can host upto 50 Clients
  • 20GB of Disk Space is provided in this plan

Plus Plan

  • This Plan is best suited who has more than 50 Clients
  • The Price of this plan is $29.95 Per Month
  • Upto 100 Websites can be launched
  • 40GB of Disk Space is required in this plan

Let’s See the Features of Reseller Hosting

  • SSD Drives – All the server is equipped with premium Hardware including SSD Drives
  • Unlimited Bandwidth – All Reseller Plan of Stablehost comes with the Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Litespeed PHP Caching – With this caching technology, the speed of website increases by 9 Times
  • Cpanel – All the accounts of Stablehost comes with the Latest Cpanel
  • R1Soft – Stablehost provides R1soft daily backup data
  • Online Web Builder – Stablehost provides online Drap and Drop website builder
Stablehost Review on VPS Hosting
Stablehost also provides the best VPS Hosting to its clients. The VPS account of Stablehost take around 24 Hours to activate after their fraud screening process.
Let’s See the Plans and Pricing of VPS Hosting
  • This plan is for the people who are using shared Hosting and they want to move to VPS Hosting
  • The Price of this plan is $9.95 Per Month
  • 1GB of Ram is provided
  • 1 CPU Cores
  • 40GB of Disk Space is provided
  • 2TB Of bandwidth is provided
  • This plan is best for the High Traffic blog or Mid Size Forum
  • The Price of this VPS Hosting is $14.95 Per Month
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 2 CPU Core is provided
  • 60GB of Disk Space is provided
  • 2TB of Bandwidth is provided
  • This plan is best suited for Large Website or large game server
  • 4GB of RAM is provided
  • 4CPU Cores is provided
  • 100GB of Webspace is required
  • 4TB of Bandwidth is required in this plan
Let’s See the Features of VPS Hosting
  • Supermicro Gear – All the hardware use by stablehost is premium supermicro hardware with Raid-10
  • Multiple OS Choices – You have the Option to select the OS from CentOS, Fedora, Debian or Ubuntu
  • Full Virtualization – Stablehost provides VZ technology so that no more sharing memory and CPU resources with your neighbours. As per mentioned in the plan regarding CPU, Memory stablehost provides full guarantee regarding the resources
  • Uptime Guarantee – Stablehost provides 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Backups – Stablehost back up all the data in case of a node crash.
  • Management – Is you are not ready to managed your Server at a Minimal Cost, Stablehost Expertise Team can do this for you.
Conclusion on Stablehost Reviews
  • Stablehost is the best Budget Web Hosting company included with all the Features that makes them the best in the budget.
  • They provide Shared, Reseller or VPS Hosting service
  • They have a 3 Data Center
  • According to me Stablehost is the best to go
  • On Ratelobby Stablehost has rating of 4.92 out of 5, rating given by 191 Users.
  • If you are planning to go for Stablehost as your Hosting Partner, then Go for it.
I hope you have like the Stablehost review regarding all its Features, Pricing and Plans. And It will help you to decide the Stablehost as your Hosting Partner.
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