What’re your user’s most important behaviours? Time to find out a way through which your users see and browse your website. SmartLook is the option to go. How? Let’s see. Before that, we must tell you that is one such tool that is essentially vital for all blog and website owners. So, Why are we discussing about SmartLook Review? How this Tool help you to identify your issues and increase your conversion rates?

This tool, helps you find out everything when users interact with the website or blog. It practically tracks and mainly works like a recording a screen from the user point of view. That’s why the tool is named SmartLook.

Smartlook Review

SmartLook is just the right weapon. Let’s head over to the real facts for making of SmartLook application. For Instance, most of the business is online which makes a pervasive for all website owners to see what you’re customers are up to or what they might search on your website. Basically, the application itself offers you a unique feature that can easily find out how each customer or users are interacting with your website?

SmartLook Features

Now, when you create a SmartLook account you’ll come to know how useful it can be for a website owner. Generally, after making an account, you get a dashboard with a Script <HEAD> to paste it on your website so that the application can track and do its job. That’s how it really becomes easy for everyone to check and come to know the user behaviour.

This is helpful when you’re just starting up and you’re not that fond of marketing and stuff. It’s an essential tool to have SmartLook in it. Due to it advance features of tracking every visitors right from entering your website can help you know the right tactics to market or offer your products in a much better way.

SmartLook also offers you tons of things pertaining to Ad placement as well as affiliate links. We know when ads placed in a right way the chances of getting clicked increased therefore chances of conversion are always better. The SmartLook app also tracks how a user interacts with your ads or content. You can use the insight to change or alter Ads and adjust your placements consecutively.

SmartLook Heat Map Generation

Not only that SmartLook offers a steady heat map generation for your website that pertains to how a user behaves with your website or blog. Let’s say if you have website or blog and if manage to bring searchers to your website, I mean a lot of searches/traffic to your site then. The SmartLook can help generating full-reports and show you the aggregate activity on your website.

SmartLook also allows you to filter things to search as per mobile, desktop to know the users browsing history. It’s a real-life tool where you track multiple websites within the same account for all your websites and blogs. In case you’re a developer you can play with the API provided to get information in more in-depth.

SmartLook application is even great for e-commerce platform where the app can track the what customers are eager to find things on your E-commerce website. You get details of every minute details such as when a customer’s clicks on the products page and proceed through the steps you’ll also come to know if the users find any error page while checking out.

All these things can easily be checked for all visitors and make a super way for lead generation through your website.

You can try out for free. SmartLook offers you a free version as well as paid option. The free version has only some essential features where you get an idea of working on the application before you get the paid plans. Thus, SmartLook is an easy and institutive way of finding your online users with product analytics for websites along with apps. You can create, recordings, generate heat maps and know how the conversion funnel works with the automatic event tracking.

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You might come across some answers to following questions like:-

How would you reap most benefits from SmartLook?

Mostly, there are 100’s of website owners using SmartLook integrating with their website that means, SmartLook offers you the privileges to use the online guide to start running your SmartLook app. Despite this, you get all the information right through the application. SmartLook also offers you a couple of blogs on their website that helps users to know SmartLook features through which you can reap most benefits.

What should you do when you run an e-commerce website?

When it comes to using SmartLook application on your e-commerce website. The first thing you need to understand is how to make your visitor convert. Looking at the deep insight on the app itself suggest that it can track the behavioural and choices of the visitors coming to your website. Know where your visitors click mostly, Which products are trending. Know everything from a single app and let your visitors dive into more categories for more leads which in results comes associated with increased revenue.

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Do I need to be always online for better conversion goals?

Observing the customers who coverts is an essential task for all e-commerce platform this is where your most revenue gets generated. You don’t have to be “always online” in fact the SmartLook app track each and everything for your website. It’s pretty common to see what motivates them and help them to convert with more exciting deals and offers, you can use your own marketing strategies for better conversion.

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You will see recordings of using filters with pages associated with the URL. Thanks for SmartLook app as it records all visitors coming to your website get completed an order with a successful conversion. You will have access to user journeys and learn more from this application as the time goes.

When watching recordings of your visitors that visit your websites you should pay attention to few particular things like elements that are getting more popular. Where most visitors spend time, knowing this can improve and help you understand to customize few things and sell your products online.

Get insight for High Bounce rate?

The bounce rate is observed with the percentage of leaving your website after viewing one page. The only way to find out the cause of high bounce rate is to see how a product page responds after users open it. You need to find out the actual reason behind of their leaving the page. Perhaps the product price is high that made them search the product some other place. SmartLook allows you to fix these potential areas of improvements. You can filter out the existing users from your website from a particular page.

  • SmartLook offers you functionality, and filters that help you:-
  • Understand the way to conversion
  • Find a problem and fix all issues
  • Access your website report from anywhere.
  • Find the best way to get to high bounce rate

Our Final verdict on SmartLook Review

Now, it’s up to you. You can get the SmartLook at an ultra cheap price, where you can discover new ways to improve and generate more sales in short run.

SmartLook offers you 24×7 support in case you come across errors. Simply mail them or use the live chat to get support. You also get a FREE version where most of the advanced features are disabled but you can get the work done if it’s a simple website or a blog.