The SEO is one thing that gets constantly updated and the SEO Professionals or who has interest in SEO should always be updated with the Latest Change in Google Algorithm , New Updates of Google , Do’s and Don’t for SEO Practitioner.

So How will you yourself updated with the changes taking place in SEO World. So the easy way to keep yourself updated about the SEO is to follow the Top SEO blog’s who constantly update the change happening in SEO world.

To Minimize your research , I have Provided the List of Top 10 SEO blogs you should be reading and following for Keeping yourself updated in SEO

Google’s Official Blog : Any SEO Professional , SEO expert should follow Google’s official blog here you will get all the latest updates , News on SEO. But if you are following for Learning purpose , they don’t give you Tips and Tricks.

Moz Blog: It is the Most Popular Blog among the Readers. All the Latest Updates can easily be found. All the articles in Moz is written by an Expert SEO Professionals in Industry and it covers all the Topic Related to SEO. Moz also provides the SEO tools.

Search Engine Land : According to Me this is the Most Popular Blogs and they are the first to break news happening in SEO Industry. They have 100s or articles written on a Topic , So it makes easy to understand the Topic.

Search Engine Journal : These Blog  is mainly contributed by the Guest Authors writing different articles on there expertise. Here you will get different Views on a Topic . But Reading different views always helps to improve the SEO Knowledge.

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Search Engine Watch : This is also one of the best SEO Blogs you should follow to get updated on SEO and other digital Marketing activities

Matt Cutts : The Blog of Matt Cutts should be there in your Bookmark and you should visit daily to read his view on different topic. He is working on Google and Head of Web Spam Team . If you are confused by reading articles that any Technique is right or wrong visit his blog and I can say that His word matters

Quick Sprout Blog : Quick Sprout is My Favorite Blog and I have learn basic SEO by readn quick sprout Blog. I will recommend every one who is planning to learn SEO must learn from Quick Sprout.

ShoutMeLoud : It is also one of the best blog , I have come across . You should bookmark these Blog and Visit frequently to get updated on SEO. I can say only 1 thing for these Blog , It is the Best Blog for SEO , WordPress

Yoast Blog : This blog is must for blogger who are using WordPress Platform for blogging. Yoast provides SEO tool for WordPress and it provide information on there tool and the tutorials for the same

KISSMetrics Blog : This Blog is very engaging blog which mainly focus on the Metrics and Graph and Info-graphics representation.When you will read KISSMetrics blog you will not feel bore. The Way of representing the data is very good in KISSMetrics