Today I am writing about the Tools available online to Monitor and Malware removal from your website. This Tool helps to Monitor and scan your website against unwanted Hacks Attempt, Malware on your website1, Domain, or IP Blacklistings.
Whenever any unwanted activities undergoing on your website, these tools will alert you.

If your website has been attacked by Virus then the expert will Clean Up your website without any data Loss
Security Monitoring and Malware Removal Tool also provide Firewall so that Future attack can be Prevented.

Below is the List of Security Monitoring Tools, Their Plans, Prices, and Features.

Sucuri : Sucuri provides professional security support for the website. Sucuri has 4 Products Solutions

1. Website Antivirus
2. Website Firewall
3. Enterprise Solutions
4. Agency Solutions

  • Securi Does a Professional Security Analysis of your website
  • It detects malware on your website.
  • Cleanup of Malware Done by Sucuri
  • If you have any warning on Google or it has been blacklist Sucri repairs the Blacklist
  • It also repairs any Black hate or dirty repair done on the website
  • It monitors your security.
  • It also helps to remove your domain from blacklisting


You will also get a Seal from Sucuri where you can display on your website.
Sucuri also has a wordpress plugin so it will be easy for wordpress bloggers or websites to install Sucuri.
Sucuri Pricing Starts with 199.99$ / Year i.e. $16.66 / Month but you have to pay yearly

Click Here to Visit Sucuri Monitoring and Malware Removal Tool

Site Scanners: It is an Automatic Malware Scanner and Complete Site Monitoring Solutions.

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Site Scanner is one of the best Virus or Malware Scanner Tool available online.

Features of Site Scanner Tools

  • Have you seen the Red Error Warning message in your website or Don’t Visit Website it is affected by Virus. So Site Scanner scans Virus and Malware on your website.
  • Site Scanner Monitor your Website response time, So you will get information when your website is down and you can act accordingly.
  • It also monitor Site Uptime , So you will be informed when your site server goes Up or down
  • Site Scanner helps to prevent from Blacklisting and loss of your website search results
  • It helps to reduce loss of traffic due to preventing from Blacklisting.
Pricing of Site Scanner Tools: There are types of Pricing Options available with Site Scanner starts with $6.95/Month for 1 Website.
Click Here to Visit Site Scanner website.
Web Guard : We guard is also one of the best tools for your Website Security or you can say It is a BodyGuard of your Website.
It acts like your website Security Detective.
Features of Web Guard Monitoring and Securing your Website
  • It keeps your website safe from Hackers and Malicious Links
  • You will get Web Guard Seal which increases your website trust
  • You can access Web Guard platform from anywhere at anytime.
  • It Scans your whole website daily or weekly and it gives you the Notification for the same.
Webguard It has 3 Products . Select according your need
  1. Security Scan : Security Scan pricing is $396/Yr
  2. Lite Scan : Lite Scan Pricing is $48/ Year
  3.  Free Scan : Its free to get tested on the platform
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Click Here To Visit Web Guard and Use COUPON CODE : BLOGGERFREAK on checkout you will get 10% discount on your Total Bill. :  Site Guarding is the best Security Solutions for your Website.SiteGuarding provides the security servide for your website against malware and hack. If your website is blacklisted or hacked the SiteGuarding will help you overcome this kind of Serious Problem

Features of Site Guarding Security Solutions of Website

  • It has dedicated SiteGuarding server who monitors and keep tracks all the communication of your website
  • SiteGuarding does a server side scanning of your website
  • It has a Special type of Malware detection software which crawls your website to see the infection and Malware on your website.
  • You will received notifications of every task on your Mail
  •  Malware Removal , The Professional expert are there to remove any malware infected files on your website
  • It helps to Clean your Website from Malware and From Hacking.
SiteGuarding has 3 Pricing Types
  1. Basic Plan at €6.95/month
  2. Standard Plan at €9.95/month
  3. Premium Plan at €19.95/month
All the Plans are for 1 Website.
Click Here to Visit Site Guarding website.