Every blogger invests in web hosting, which in turn allows running the WordPress blogs. Most of the web hosting companies offer a variety of hosting services and plans.

The demand for an online business is increasing due to the enhancing internet facilities and availability of advanced technology. But the cost of shared hosting and VPS hosting is getting costlier day by day.

The bloggers have to limit the expenses on web hosting and while publishing the blogs using WordPress. The expenses should be controlled, till the bloggers start getting higher returns from the blogging sites and blog-posts.

The bloggers have to learn a few simple tricks that can save money on web hosting initially. It can also encourage the individuals to start the career as a blogger that will start flourishing slowly.

The following given tips will help you to save your money while hosting your site & using WordPress blogging in a short span.

Get a competent web hosting service provider:

The bloggers have to do initial investment to start a blog.  But before investing money to host a web site or web page, you have to make sure that, you have chosen the best hosting service provider. Before choosing a web hosting company, make sure about various features, facilities, speed, and the performance of the company.


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You have to make sure about the availability of the disk storage, SSD drives, and performance of CPU, bandwidth, protection & security certificates, customized email-ids, daily/weekly reports.

Also the available Uptime, speed of the server & various hosting plans supported by the advanced techniques play an important role before you invest your money. You should also find more about after-sales services and customer support services offered by the company.

The web hosting plans are similar but are based on shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting services. The services offered can vary and are based on different customized plans and packages offered.

Most often, people spent money without knowing much about the web hosting company and later feel cheated when they don’t get the services worth the money spent.

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Longer hosting plans are beneficial:

Once you choose the best web hosting service provider and wanted to choose the most suitable hosting plan, then you have to check for the other offers of the deal. Some companies offer discount coupons or reduce the web-hosting cost for a plan of two or three years.

Longer Time

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The long duration plans are highly feasible and beneficial. You can even bargain for the long-term plans with the hosts and get more discounts.

The cost of the hosting plans for WordPress can be from $3.00/Mo to $18.00/Mo.  Always check various hosting plans offered for the duration of one year, two years, or three years.

If you purchase a website hosting plan from a hosting company for $160/- per year. After completion of one year, the company offers a discounted hosting price for the renewal which is $4.95 per month for two years.

  • The total web hosting cost for three years is $160.00 (first year) + $4.95 * 24 (monthly cost for 24 months) = $278.8 for three years.
  • The other hosting company offers a huge discounted cost of $3.95 per month for three years. The total cost for three years will be $3.95 * 36 months = $142.2 for three years.

If you keep your eyes open, deal with web hosting companies properly by bargaining for the hosting price then you will surely get the web hosting solutions as per your need and the according to your budget. The cost of the deal gets reduced for longer duration contracts.

Choose the web hosting plans for a longer duration and you can bargain with the service provider for the discount. If the discount offered is for one year or two years, then you can ask for three years of services with a special discount. you will save a lot of money.

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Saving money while planning web hosting renewal

If you already have a website and you are using it for writing & publishing WordPress blogs then you must have experienced the process of renewal which is not as easy as it sounds.  For most of the self-hosted bloggers, who make use of the WordPress platform; have to invest money in order to renew the hosting plan.

Save Money

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WordPress blogs are available on all types of WordPress web hosting plans and packages. It is possible to host the WordPress blog on a shared hosting server or on the dedicated servers, depending on the requirement and budget.

WordPress blogs can be easily hosted with an economical budget of $4/month to $10/month which varies depending on requirements.  The cost of the blog-posts can be cheaper on a shared hosting server where features are limited. The cost of the blogging posts can go higher on dedicated servers or VPS servers.

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Know the hosting procedures & technical knowledge

People think that having a website and hosting blogs is an easy task. It looks like a simple process that doesn’t require any technical support at all.

But launching a website and publishing the blogs require a complete understanding of the hosting procedure.  Without a complete knowledge and understanding, you may not able to take the decision wisely and end-up in paying more than saving any.

If you don’t have proper knowledge of the hosting process and other related techniques then you may take the wrong decision. You may pay more than necessary or you may choose the wrong hosting company or plan, unless you take an interest, understand the work-process and work accordingly.

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Find web hosting experience using (shared /dedicated/ VPS/Linux) servers

Before you decide to host your website and plan to start your blogging site, find more about web hosting experience with the help of shared or specially designed servers. You don’t have to be technically expert or you don’t have to become a professional web developer.

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You have to understand the part of the work that you are involved in. so that you can manage your work efficiently and also, it will help you not to spend your money unnecessarily but to save all your money.

You should understand the various procedures of web hosting, advantages, disadvantages, and benefits of procedures which includes Shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting. Also, you can find out more about the Linux server.

It is cheaper than most of the Window-based servers and it offers powerful cPanel that can help you to install and manage the WordPress website more effectively.

Learn and understand the various techniques available in the web hosting market and also, find out which type of server is the most useful one for you to choose to host your website and start your blogging business.

Choose the web hosting provider with discount & deals

There are many web hosting service provider companies available at the local & global levels.  Every web hosting company offers a set of functionalities, procedures, and various features that are useful for you to make your mind and to choose the best service provider for your blogs.

You can Google-search and list-out the most popular, highly advanced and technically sound, web hosting companies that offer you the most useful and perfectly suited web hosting service provider that can offer the web hosting and WordPress blogging solutions at cheaper costs with huge discounts and it helps in saving your money.

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