One may often hear about the word terrorism which has nothing to do with religion but nowadays a new term have emerged which is “Intellectual Terrorism”. Intellectual Terrorism can be defined as promoting, supporting, defending and justifying terrorism in a legal manner through intellectual discussions, propagation, sponsoring through funding and promoting through the intellectual sepoys in mainstream media, social media and print media.

Though these sepoys aren’t armed with weapons or they are violent but actually they are more dangerous than the likes of Hafiz Saeed, Ajmal Kasab or Afzal Guru.

Basic Aim of Intellectual Terrorists
These intellectual terrorist are basically Left leaning and support left ideology. In India, these liberals strengthen their roots in the time of Left-Congress rule. Important positions like Chairman of HRD, FTII, CBFC, Planning Commission, Academia, Archeological Survey of India, Sahitya Kala Kendra, Media and many more important positions that directly or indirectly affects the policy of India.

These liberals often distorted history, academia, education policy and historical reports. In an indirect way they influenced the people to go anti-hindu or just dislike their religion, language and culture.

With time they created a brigade of intellectual who continue to weaken the basic foundation of India. They occupied various central universities, educational, entertainment and historical institutions from where they propagated their agenda. These intellectuals are highly funded by various foreign institutions and countries that are left leaning.

There major motive is to spread rebelliousness into the people of this country towards Hinduism and India. They targeted the Muslims and the Dalits by doctoring the history and proving to them that they were highly oppressed by the Hindu majority.

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They propagate Max Muller’s ideology of Aryans and Dravidians which the British used to divide India. They promote religious conversions into Christianity and Islam.  Most of the south Indian’s still believe that Aryans have came from outside India and oppressed and ruled them. Observing the present, one can easily understand how the British and the left propagated false ideology which has now huge impact.

How this Started?
After the revolt of 1857 which is known as the first revolt of freedom, the huge loss of British hugely embarrassed them. They were highly furious and were determined to destroy India. Understanding the cultural strength of India, they decided to ideologically defeat Indians.

They use the divide and rule policy and motivated Indian rulers to harass the dark skinned which are known as Dalits. They influenced Indian rulers to build laws that were against the dalits and showed the Brahmins, Rajputs and other senior community as superior. The flaws in old customs of Hinduism helped them a lot to be successful in this.

This false ideology helped them a lot to divide Indians so they can rule much longer. At the time of independence they made sure to divide India in such a way that it never get unite. The reason why India remains so divided on the name caste and religion. Like the british, today political party use this policy to gain votes.

Present Situation
The british made sure to employ their people or appoint sepoys of the same mindset to break India. Many foreign organizations in Europe, America, Saudi Arabia and west are hugely funding their sepoys in India through NGOs. These NGOs on the name of Human rights, peace, environment and any other legal issue tries to stop India from being prosperous and united.

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They are highly involved in conversion, spreading hatred in dalits and muslims towards hindus, spreading hatred towards hindu deities and nation.

Intellectuals in MSM and print Media often highlight dalit atrocities and go numb on hindu atrocities. They tag terrorists as Shaheed and make anti-nationals heroes. They spin, manipulate and distort the truth and often play as victim. Liberals as advocate often help the terrorists and often try to give a face that Indian judiciary is biased against the Dalits and Muslims.

Ways to Counter
After looking to this situation where you can’t do much legally, one can easily feel frustrated but like every problem there is a solution. The government should take every legal action to suppress them. As a citizen, you must be more aware and try to aware people by intellectually arguing with them through facts. Education is an important aspect in countering them.

Most of our leaders and activist fail due to lesser knowledge like them. The best way to counter them is to get highly educated in history, social science and political science. One should master himself in academia and also educate people around with his/her knowledge.

With the Modi government and social media, there has been a huge rise in awareness among people. Appointing our own people in HRM, FTII, CBFC, Academia and media will help us a lot in creating an anti-left feeling. One can feel relief that RSS has asked the swayamsevaks to pursue higher studies through PHD so that they can counter the left liberals.

In the end, one should remember that the great Mahabharata was not won on the great deeds of Yudhistir or the strength of Bheem, neither on the sharp shooting skills of Arjun nor on their stand towards righteousness. But the war was won on the intellect and sharp mind of Lord Krishna. Therefore one cannot leave the whole scenario on the hands of time and wait for destruction.

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One has to stand up and fight with all his mind and soul in a legal and intellectual way and only then can we win over the evil.

About Author
This Article is Written by Mrigank Mishra by Using His Freedom of Speech and Expression to write