On Saturday 30th April 2016, eminent senior journalist quits twitter after he was heavily criticized and trolled on twitter due to the rumors that he was also the one among the 20 journalists who took bribe in Augusta Westland helicopter scam. While deactivating his account, he cited that his account has been hacked by someone and some abusive messages have been sent to his criticizers through direct messages (DM).

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Many of his mates and media houses have pointed out that he was heavily abused and trolled along with few other journalists like his wife Sagarika Ghose and Barkha Dutt. The reasons that most of them pointed out was that these three or more have ideological and political differences with BJP and it’s superstar Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But if you look up in depth, you will understand what the real matter is.

Two years back Rajdeep was thrashed by the NRIs of US when he started provoking people in Madison Square garden at PM Modi’s addressing to the NRIs. He even attacked the people who criticized him and was abused later. These same self proclaimed journalists call them and their media institution as the fourth pillar of Indian democracy. So with power and fame doesn’t comes the responsibility?

A media channel is viewed by people across all the religion, ideology and political party. So why there is so biasedness in reporting? Most of the news channels have been so biased that one can easily point out that which channel is supporting which party. Will one agree when the judges of the Supreme Court starts giving decision on their ideology and not on the facts.

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Their biasedness in journalism has been now heavily criticized as people have got a platform to raise their voice. This gang of journalists are now pointing finger towards the government and twitter as well.

They are questioning that why is so much of freedom has given to the hate mongers? But they fail to remember that they are the ones who justified Freedom of expression in all cases. They have problem when someone abuses to their mothers and sisters but they supported FOE when anti-nationals where abusing Bharat Mata.

They have problem with Cuss words and abusive words now but they were the ones who criticized the Censor Board when they took a decision to ban cuss words and abusive words. They have problems with Hindi abusive words but are comfortable with F- words. The mere reason is that they choose everything based on their comfort.

Either one is in favor of Freedom of Expression or is against it. But choosing FOE on the basis of comfort is not acceptable. There should definitely be a limit of FOE, but who will decide? You or me? The answer is the Government which these liberal Journos criticized.

There is nearly every public figure that has been trolled by people. The victims do not belong to some limited party but everyone who has raised his/her voice has been answered in the same way. If you have the FOE to criticize someone then they too have that right.

It depends on their choice that how they must express. You may use sarcasm and they may simply abuse. You may criticize someone in English, the other may in Hindi or Bhojpuri.

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The fruit of their long doings are now ready to be reaped. When they got the power to use the press then they misused it against whoever they wanted; now people have got that same platform and these journos are now rattled.

The solution is simple. Do what is right and be neutral in your journalism. People have shown great respect to Rajat Sharma as well. If this scenario is not stopped then journalism will lose its credibility which has now been started.

This Article is Written by  Mrigank Misra 

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