Suresh Prabhu the dashing and Most active Railway Minister has introduced a great Railway budget in 2016. Before this the Railway budget  was looking like a State Railway Budget. Those who were Railway Minister they just introduce new trains for their state and always forget the other state. The Same practice was followed by all the Railway Minister they were not behaving as if they were the Railway Minister of India.

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Suresh Prabhu is like the Nav Ratna of Narendra Modi government , the Most Efficient , Most Talented and Most Professional Railway Minister India have got in recent times.  So last and this budget was like a National Budget , All the States have go their due share in this budget and the Low Oil Prices have helped a Lot to Railways and due to this there was no Increase in Railway Fare in this budget , So this is the biggest Achievement of Railway budget for a Common People who travel from a Train.

Attention Seeking Projects Announced in Rail Budget 2016

  • A fund of 50 crore is allocated to find out or to encourage the startups within the Railway i.e from Railway Employees(According to me this is the Amazing Idea by a CA Rail Minister)
  • 2 New Locomotive Manufacturing factories will be setup at the cost of Rs 40,000CR
  • Now first time Railway will be Having a R&D Team , whose main job will be to do a research and development and bring an innovative ideas for improvement in Railway.
  • The Green Signal for Bullet Train from Mumbai and Ahmedabad ges sanctioned in this Budget
  • Rail Auto Hub will be setup in Chennai. You would be thinking what is Rail Auto Hub? A Rail Auto Hub where the Auto Cars would directly move from their factories to their destination through Special Trains. The Automotive industry has applauded this decision and it will help the Auto Manufacturer a Lot and it will also help to increase the revenue of Railways.
  • Railway Minister has given a 4 New Category Trains to the Country ,they are Humsafar , Tejas , Uday and Antyodaya will be a fully unreserved trains so that People can travel through very easily.
  • Humsafar will be a Full 3rd AC train , Tejas will be the fastest Train which will run around 130Kmph and Uday would be the Double decker Full Ac Train.
  • Railway will monetize their assets i.e Lands so more utilization can be done of that waste land and it can be a source of revenue.
Announcement Related to the Daily Commuters or Travellers
  • 17,000 Bio Toilets will be installed in the trains this year and Railway is contributing in Swachh Bharat and Swachh Railway 
  • The Capacity of E-Ticket will be Tripled
  • Clean Your Train just requesting an SMS
  • For the Young Net Savvy People , 100 Stations will be made fully Wifi till end of 2016 and 400 more stations till next year.
  • Now Railway will also have a Baby Food in Railway Menu , So now no worry when you are travelling with Kids
  • The Reservation for Women has been increased in this budget
  • 120 Lower berth seats will be reserved for the Old People.
  • New Smart couches will be introduced equipped with LED , Dustbins , Automated Door and many more features, It will you the comfort feeling like a Home.
  • Now GPS will be installed in every coaches , So tracking system of Coaches would be improve.
  • In this budget , Railway Minister has said all the Stations will be made disabled or Divyang Friendly and it Pilot Project will be started from Konkan Railway
  • All the North East States will be converted in a Broad Gauge till 2016, So If it is done then I can say it would be the biggest achievement of any Railway Minister.
  • More Suburban Investment in Indian cities and its fare would be less than Metro Trains 
  • All Unmanned Crossing will be removed in Next 4 Years(It should be the High Priority in the list of Rail Minister as thousands of People gets killed due to this)
  • Now Local Cuisines will be made available by IRCTC.
  • More than 400 Stations will be developed again by a PPP Model ie. Public and Private Partnership Model
  • Now the Carrier will not be called as a Coolies , Now they will be Called as Sahayak and they would get the training in Soft Skills 
  • Separate Toilets will be made for Divyang People
  • Pilgrimage Stations will be beautified here are the some of stations included in this list – Varanasi , Ajmer, Amritsar, Gaya, Mathura, Nanded, Nashik, Puri, Tirupati, and Nagapattinam
  • Special Focus will be given to explore the advertisement capabilities to increase the revenue.
  • A New  Railway Board will come into existence.
Here are the Some of the Main Points  , I have included in this list. The Source of this Budget is different News Portal. I hope as country has got a most balanced Rail Budget we will be getting Similar Finance Budget
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