I have written articles on different topics such as CMS hosting, wordpress hosting, and Blog hosting. In this article, I will provide you the detailed information on the One Page Website hosting service provider where you can host your single-page website without any issue.  I will provide you the list of Best and Top One page website hosting where you can select from the list as per your requirements.

According to the theme, you should look at the below features before purchasing Single Page Website Hosting

  • Price – It is the most important factor, for anyone who purchases a hosting service, I will provide the pricing of the hosting company which will help you to purchase your one-page hosting service.
  •  Web Space – As you are hosting, only a single page website, then according to me webspace should not be a concern. For you, 10GB of web space would be maximum to host your website
  • Bandwidth – It should be very important for any website, Always look for the Unlimited bandwidth is provided by the hosting company
  • Free Domain Name – If you haven’t registered any domain name, then you should look for a web hosting provider who can provide you the Domain Name for free
  • Uptime – It is the most important factor to select any web hosting company, Always look at the hosting company which provider uptime up to 99%
  • Customer Support – I always recommend everyone, before purchasing a hosting service look at the reviews about customer support. Also, look at their turnaround time to your chat request or your support ticket
  • Open Source hosting – Look for the web hosting provider who provides an open-source hosting environment so that you can host your open source script hassle-free.

In this article, I will provide you a list of the top 3 best web hosting providers for Single Page websites and you can select any one of them from the list. At the end of the article, I will let you know my Recommended one-page website hosting that, I will prefer to host and I have helped many of my friends to host their one-page website.

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List of Top 3 Best One Page Website Hosting Provider


I have listed TMDhosting in the first because of the features that, I have mentioned above. It has all the features that will help you to host your one page website without any issue. TMDHosting is one of the most affordable web hosting provider with premium hosting services make TMDHosting stand apart from his competitors.TMDHosting provides a fully managed web hosting service with fully cutting edge technology.

One Page Website Hosting

TMD hosting provides best shared hosting service and for your single page website, I will recommend you to go with the shared hosting as space is not constrained for your website. TMDHosting provides 7 different data centers around the globe and you can select your nearby datacenter

Price – As you are having only a single-page website, then the hosting company should be affordable SO TMDHosting would be your perfect choice. The Price of TMDHosting starts at $2.85 per month for your shared web hosting

Domain Name – TMDHosting provides a Free domain name for any hosting purchased with them

Web Space – TMD provides Unlimited SSD web space to its customers, so you don’t need to worry about space as you are only having a one-page website

Bandwidth – With TMD, you will get unlimited bandwidth for your website, so you need not worry about limited bandwidth

Uptime – By Researching all the reviews on social media and claimed by TMD, they provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee

Customer Support – TMDHosting provides well-knowledgeable customer support. You can contact them 24×7 via Live chat and ticket-based.

Open Source Hosting – TMD is famous for its open-source hosting service, they provide Single-click installation

Coupon Code – You can use exclusive TMDHosting Coupon BLOGGERFREAK5 to avail 5% discount on your hosting

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Fastcomet is one of the fastest and affordable web hosting company providers across the globe and I have hosted by Blog on the same platform and I can say they are the best in terms of all the features that you are looking for in your web hosting partner. Within 3 to 4 years they have made a major impact and according to me, Fastcomet should be in the list of top 5 web hosting companies around the globe, giving a tough fight to hosting Leaders such as Hostgator, Bluehost.

Fastcomet provides Stunning cloud hosting with 7 data centers across the globe. Fastcomet provides one of the best blog hosting service providers and it is the best suitable for one-page website hosting.

Price – Fastcomet hosting price starts at $2.95 per month for a 3-year hosting plan and I will recommend you to go with this plan, it is affordable and the renewal rate of Fastcomet is the same as that of the purchase rate. So it means you don’t have to pay extra during the renewal rate.

Domain Name – Fastcomet provides a Free domain name for a lifetime, Here lifetime means till you have a hosting account with them till then you don’t have to pay for a domain name

Web Space – Fastcomet provides 15 GB of SSD cloud hosting space, which is good for your single-page website

Bandwidth – Unlimited bandwidth is provided by fastcomet

Uptime – 99.9% uptime guarantee is provided so that with fastcomet your website will never suffer any downtime. According to my experience, I haven’t suffered from any downtime till now.

Customer Support – The customer support of Fastcomet is one of the best with 24×7 customer support via Live chat and ticket-based customer support. Their Customer support turnaround is 10 Minute.

Open Source – For Open source, I will recommend you to go with Fastcomet. If you want windows open-source, then fastcomet doesn’t support that. Fastcomet doesn’t support windows hosting.

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Last but not the least, it is my favorite web hosting provider with lots of features that make any online presence to flourish. Due to the pricing, I have listed A2hosting in the last, but it doesn’t make that features of a2hosting or service of a2hosting is not good. If you don’t have any Price constraints, then I will recommend you to go with A2hosting as your one-page website hosting partner. A2hosting providing hosting services for the last 14 years and continuously they have met the growing expectation of their clients.

Price – The Hosting price of one-page website starts at $3.92 per month, Yes it is costlier than the above two hosting providers.

Web Space – A2hosting provides unlimited SSD webspace to its clients, so in the future, you need not worry about the web space.

Bandwidth – Unlimited bandwidth is provided by a2hosting, with 20 times faster server speed, which makes your website faster.

Uptime – A2hosting, claims that they provide 99.9% uptime and by reading the reviews of the a2hosting customers they have kept their words on providing the great uptime

Customer Support – A2hosting provides Guru crew Customer support service to its clients. You can contact them via Live chat, ticket based, Phone and Via Skype also

Open Source – A2hosting is one of the rare hosting providers which has invested a lot of effort in open source hosting.

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So, This is the Top One Page website web hosting provider, which you can select any one of them from this list as per your budget and requirement.

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