As this is in the Matter of Supreme Court, I am just adding Views on this article.

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It seems Babri masjid was not built by Babur  in 1528 AD as claimed by influential – So called Historians !. Yes you read it right , the Leftist historians has written history according to their suitability.

Let’s go one by one , Why I am claiming that

  • Apart from Single Inscirption their is not a single proof that Babur has order to build the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya.
  • The Babarnama (Babarnama is the Memory related to Zhir Ud Din Muhammad Babar) does not mention construction of any Mosque in that Area.
  • According to Historians Babar has order to build Mosque in 1528 Ad , then why their is no mention of Babri Masjid by Tulsidas , he has started writing Book Ramcharitra Manas on Birthday of Shree Ram in 1574. If there was a Babri Masjid he would have mention about this in his book.
  • Tuulsidas ji Mentioned about the Great Birthday celebration of Lord Rama but he has not mentioned anywhere about Babri Masjid built on the Birth Place of Lord Rama.
  • Abu’l-Fazl ibn Mubarak, who had wrote Akbarnama, completing the third volume Ain-i Akbari in 1598 !! also described about the Shri Ram’s birthday festival celebrated in Ayodhya, the Residence and birth place of Lord Ram in 1598. If there was any Mosque he would definitely have mentioned in Akbarnama.
  • Abu’l-Fazl ibn Mubarak the writer of Akbarnama,described Ayodhya, As  ‘Holiest place of antiquity’but he also made no mention of any mosque in 1598 !
  • William Finch , the English traveler visited Ayodhya around 1611AD also wrote about the Remains of the Ramchand Castle
  • William Finch,in 1611 wrote that Hindus believed the great God “took flesh upon him to see the tamasha of the world.”
  • Till 1611 there was not a single mention of any Mosque constructed by Babur and you will shocked to know that on 26th Dec 1530 Babur was died
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All the above points described us that till 1611 there was not a single mention of Mosque built by Babur in Ayodhya.

Now let us understand when Babri Mosque appears in writing.

  • The First time Mentioned of Babri Mosque appears in a book “Sahifa-I-Chihil Nasaih Bahadur Shahi” written by daughter of the Emperor Bahadur Shah 1 (the Grand Daughter of Aurangzeb).
  • The Book “Sahifa-I-Chihil Nasaih Bahadur Shahi” was written in 18th Century.
  • It says about creating Mosques have been created after demolishing Hindu Temples at various places. The temples in Mathura , Benaras , Ayodhya were destroyed and Mosque was built on the Temple.
  • As per the same book written by Daughter of Bahadur Shah it mentions about Sita Rasoi” (Sita’s kitchen) and “Hanuman’s Residence.” Were destroyed and on that Place Mosque was built

For Readers Information the Masjdi in Mathura and Varanasi was built by Aurangzeb not Babur.

  • May be that’s why Muslim Waqf Bord and other Muslims organization defends Aurangzeb as he had did a Maximum damage. We had seen the protest by Muslim Organisation on just changing the Name of Aurangzeb Road in Delhi.
  • The Jesuit priest Joseph Tieffenthaler, visited-1766-1771 in India and he wrote somehting that our Histrorians hide the fact with the country or the So called secular government due to its vote bank politcs they hide with the country.It was the Aurangzeb who destroyed Ramjanambhomi and build a Babri Mosque.
  • As this matter is in the court , I am Hoping Supreme Court will consider all the facts before judgement.
  • As Allahabad High Court has already given in its Judgement that Babri Mosque was built demolishing Lord Rama Temple.
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Temporary Ram Temple in Ayodhya

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About Author : This Article was written by My Twitter Friend LooseBull. It is his view on this as he has a Freedom of Speech and Expression as our Journalist and Secular’s enjoy in this country. You can connect him on Twitter : @loosebool