A group of Talented people on Social Media started a campaign Known as NaMoInspiresMe. The Initiative taken by Dr. Anuj Singh with founder members Nirbhai Singh, Prabhakar Singh and Basant Rai and Nikhil Didhichh is the official partner with NamoInspiresMe

The Aim of this group is to bring the like minded people together and do something good for the People and country.

The USP of this group is all the Volunteers are Inspired by our Beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi , that’s why the group name is NamoInspiresMe.

The Tag Line of NamoInspiresMe is ‘Virtual World to Real World’ #NamoInspiresMe is a Social Media initiative to bring about positive change in the Society via #SM #Campaigns.

Here are the Official Video of NamoInspiresMe Team

More then 500 Social Media Enthusiast have join this group and helping the society. As I am also a Small Volunteer in  NamoInspiresMe it has given me the opportunity to interact with the like Minded and Talented People on this platform and do something for our Society and our country.

There are Many Initiatives have been taken by NamoInspiresMe Team and they have successfully executed that.

Below are the Some of the Initiatives by NamoInspiresMe Team.

#आओ_दीप_जलाये was the first Social Media initiative by NaMoInspiresMe team

This campaign was a unique in its kind , where you win a Prize for sending a Diwali Message to your beloved using Hashtag #आओ_दीप_जलाये on Twitter.

DonateBlanket Campaign 

Let the warmth of your heart save a life with #DonateBlanket An initiative by #NaMoInspiresMe

— NaMo Inspires Me (@namoinspiresme) December 3, 2015

DonateBlanket Campaign was very successful and it was conducted by Volunteers across India.

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Khadi Gatha the Social Media campaign started by NamoInspiresMe to Take the Khadi to a next level. Due to this campaign people will be aware and will purchase Khadi clothes it will help generate employment for Khadi Weaver. #खादी_गाथा was trending on Top in India with the help of Giriraj Singh Minister of State  and all the People who loves Khadi has supported this trend.

We at #NaMoInspiresMe officially launch our 1 month SM Campaign #खादी_गाथाJOIN us to empower 1000s of Khadi Weavers pic.twitter.com/eOiBnjAjKn

— NaMo Inspires Me (@namoinspiresme) November 26, 2015

Below is the Graphical Representation of the Volunteers Join Across India. It shows the impact of Social Media. This group is the example of How can Social Media also bring the change in the life of Common People.(It is a 2 Months Old Data)

NaMoInspiresMe Reach in India

To become the volunteers you have to just followe NaMoInspiresMe twitter account and send your details and you will be their with the Awesome People of NaMoInspiresMe.

Below is the Social Media link for you to connect NaMoInspiresMe Team and bring the change in Society