WordPress CMS is the most useful software application that helps in the development of business-related & e-commerce websites.

WordPress is an open-source application that is freely available and can offer a set of themes and plugins for the developers that offers a better look and additional features to the website.

It offers premium plus themes and advanced plugins that enhance the performance of the website with better security options.

But the premium plus packages are costly and it can become an additional expenditure of the website.

In order to save the increasing cost, most of the users prefer to make use of nulled themes & plugins which are free of cost and easily downloaded and installed.

The nulled WordPress products can be easily available and can also be found using the Google search engine.

It can also be downloaded in various designs & categories from third-party sources. The idea of using nulled themes & objects offers limited features for limited purposes only.

The nulled objects cannot be suitable to be used as a long-term liability.

Let us discuss a few reasons to know why the nulled WordPress themes and plugins should be avoided. The admin of the website should understand the disadvantages of the nulled WordPress objects and why not use them.

1. Nulled WordPress products have higher security risks:

Nulled themes & objects always have a higher security risk. Users keep experimenting with nulled objects and it could often expose these objects to be attacked by viruses.

The malicious code can enter into these themes for plugins in the form of illegal code, spammy links, and can have unauthorized access.

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There can be unlimited possibilities of leakage of confidential information stored, getting access to dubious websites, getting your website crashed, and many.

The nulled WordPress products are easy targets for hackers, who damage the systems without knowledge and understanding.

Such attacks can be possible without any solution or recovery.

And this is the reason why nulled WordPress options should be avoided and cannot be used because it offers maximum risks.

2. No updates are available.

Every WordPress version is available in the new updates from time to time. But the nulled themes & plugins that are available freely neither get updated nor have any new versions, even when WordPress gets higher versions.

The nulled WordPress themes and plugins are outdated and do not offer any new features that could bring changes to your website.

When you download and start using nulled objects then your website gets stuck with fixed features and outdated options without any improvement.

Your website will have to face vulnerabilities and it can be exposed to various malicious issues and virus attacks.

The developers find it very difficult to manage and maintain your website for any changes. The incompatibility website creates a negative impact on the users.

The website gets restricted and the updated versions of the nulled WordPress objects remain worthless even after re-installation.

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3. No support is offered:

The nulled WordPress themes and plugins offer functionalities and usefulness but it remains very limited. These objects do not get any official support or any license while using it for the website.

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Neither it will offer any documentation nor have any significant resources for updating. The nulled products do not offer any solutions if you face any glitches and confusion.

You make limited solutions while searching it online but there will not be any official support team offering you the necessary help minimum required.

Using the nulled WordPress products in the website should be avoided because it doesn’t suit the model-changing technology and without having any necessary support.

4. Nulled themes & plugins offer no support to SEO.

The website needs to be built and tested using keywords for the required Search Engine Optimization techniques.

But with the use of nulled WordPress themes and plugins, the SEO doesn’t get any support. The nulled WordPress products tend to spam the links which could completely fail the effectiveness of SEO.

It also creates outbound links which could invite various viruses and malicious links to the websites. And such links can be easily detected by the Google crawler’s wild testing the websites for the website page ranking.

The websites with spammed links, malicious themes, and plugins can be removed from the index completely. Google crawler bans websites that are prone to viruses because they are easy targets for hackers.

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5. Hurts user experience & damages the reputation of WordPress developers:

Nulled themes & plugins not only cause great confusion in the WordPress website but it does not offer complete satisfaction to the users.

Users will always find that an important part of the website keeps always missing. Some of the latest techniques & advanced options remind unavailable websites and which holds the users.

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Unwanted advertisements get displayed in the form of pop-ups and addons which is a big disadvantage. The advertisement displayed on the pages has a huge impact on web page loading.

The nulled WordPress themes and plugins are outdated and it affects the work of web developers.

Most of the developers depend on the quality products of WordPress which can help in improving the web development according to the requirements but nulled products of WordPress cannot offer any help to the developers.

It certainly put them out of business with a huge loss and lost opportunities.

These are the main disadvantages that people face while using nulled WordPress themes and plugins on their websites.

Instead of using such nulled WordPress products, you should look for well-designed and highly technical plugins and themes as per requirement by paying a little more.


The WordPress themes and plugins available as premium WordPress products are licensed products under General Public Licence (GPL) which is enabled freely without any restrictions.

Such products should be used while developing the WordPress website which is an advantage for the users as well as for the web developers.

The nulled WordPress products should be avoided while developing or using the websites.