Creating a website for the business is a very basic step that helps to display details of the business in terms of products and services offered.  But once, you design the website then activities can be decided according to the business promotional plan.

You have to choose the most suitable techniques and also required to make use of advanced technology which depends on the strategy and the availability of the resources. In order to host your website, you have to decide the best possible options at a reasonable cost.

Which is the most common Web Hosting Plan?

There are a variety of web hosting plans available with various web hosting companies. You have to find out more about web hosting plans that can offer you apt business solutions, use marketing strategies to grow your business within a short span effectively.

In order to grow the business, you need more visitors to visit your business website to extend the customer network and to expand the business operation.  Some of the businessmen have a misconception, that if the visitors to the site grow, it grows business but it slows down the website.

But it is not true. The website gets slow only when the business outgrows the hosting plan of the website.

You have to upgrade the plan or you can choose dedicated services instead of sharing services.

The business websites can be launched and hosted on either shared hosting plan which offers shared server and resources or the website can be hosted on a dedicated server with specialized services.

The dedicated server hosting plan is called VPS (Virtual Private Server) is highly preferred hosting plan and it can be categorized as Managed VPS Hosting and Unmanaged VPS hosting plans.

Let us discuss in detail about VPS hosting plan (Managed VPS vs Unmanaged VPS), the advantages, disadvantages, differences, and which one to choose for the business.

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

Managed VPS Hosting is one of the most popular website hosting plans that have become highly favored among the growing business houses. The VPS services are based on advanced technology, dedicated responsible servers that offer timely business solutions in a competent manner.

The professionals and the dedicated staff offer well-timed services, handling the technical requirements and keeping the website running for 24/7 all through-out year. It is the most suited hosting services for the growing business with a hands-free structure.

The business owner with limited technical knowledge will prefer a managed VPS hosting plan than the unmanaged VPS hosting plan.

Features of Managed VPS Hosting

  • The hosted website is monitored round the clock and it makes sure that the website remains active with 99% uptime.
  • The hosted website remained protected around the clock and there will be no virus attack or damages to the site by malicious malware.
  • You don’t have to be technically sound and experienced to set up the site and host it using VPS managed server.
  • The VPS server offers a higher level of resources in terms of RAM, CPU-processing, bandwidth and other facilities.
  • VPS servers can be customized according to the business requirement to enhance the performance of the website.
  • The VPS managed server is costly when compared to other hosting services because it allows you to concentrate on business activities instead of spending your time on server maintenance and other useful resources.
  • The server remains in service 24/7 and allows you to upgrade the software and other features and also helps in taking backup regularly.

Advantages of Managed VPS Hosting:

  • Managed VPS hosting offers a number of advantages that make it popular among users around the world.
  • It offers complete assistance to the website 24/7. The website with 99% of uptime makes sure that all the functionalities are working fine and offering you peace of mind.
  • The users with limited technical knowledge need not worry about running and maintaining the website. The professionals and experts keep monitoring the website and offer timely solutions.
  • The availability of the resources allows the web site to offer higher performance for a long duration. The scalability will be high in terms of RAM, CPU, bandwidth, and other related factors.
  • The VPS server with managed hosting allows a number of benefits to the users. It keeps the server performance increasing. The server allows the website to have more visitors and higher traffic.
  • The users don’t have to spend time on the server and its maintenance so you can get more time to perform other tasks.
  • The managed VPS hosting allows you to have root access to the server and can be easily customized and upgraded as per requirements.
  • The required resources such as CPU, Memory, bandwidth, and storage space will be made available instantly as per the hosting plan using the server.
  • VPS hosting is a dedicated server offering the best security services to the website. The IP addresses are dedicated to individual websites, though they have similar physical servers.
  • SSD and HDD hard drives are also part of VPS hosting. SSD is highly preferred which improves the performance of the website by enhancing the uploading speed of the website and also the web page ranking in the Google search engine.

The disadvantage of Managed VPS Hosting

  • VPS managed to host is expensive when compared with any other plan such as shared hosting or unmanaged VPS hosting.
  • VPS managed to host is required to configure the server for the business websites. It requires technical knowledge to manage the server, without which it will be a complex matter.
  • You may not have complete control over the VPS hosting server, unlike a dedicated server.
  • The resources are shared in the VPS managed hosting and the availability of the resources is subjected to the number of accounts the websites hosted on the server.

What is Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

The unmanaged VPS hosting providers offer powerful services along with the dedicated server. The business web site when launched using the unmanaged VPS hosting is required to take care of by the business owners.

The tasks relating to website maintenance such as managing various processes including operating systems,  sharing and maintaining the resources, and handling the common procedures on a daily basis.

The web hosting provider will take care of only the dedicated server and its technicalities round the clock. It won’t look after the entire web site which is the responsibility of the business owner. The people running the business have to practically manage and need to take care of the hosted website.

The unmanaged VPS hosting suits well to the business companies which are already established and running smoothly. But for the newly formed companies and for the emerging businesses, unmanaged VPS hosting won’t suits at all.

For the business owners of new establishments have to focus on business development activities and not on running and maintaining the hosted website.

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Features of Unmanaged VPS Hosting

  • The unmanaged VPS server can independently control memory, disk space, bandwidth, and installation of software.
  • The setup of the server can be made according to the precise requirements and business needs.
  • The availability of the server offers a cost-effective solution and there is no need for any additional expenses to upgrade the server.
  • The higher bandwidth is useful for the business & marketing activities
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Advantage of Unmanaged VPS Hosting

  • An unmanaged VPS hosting server can be set up according to the business requirements and depends on client deals.
  • It offers the freedom to technically sound clients to make use of advanced features.
  • The VPS hosting allows various tasks to be performed as per the terms and conditions.

The disadvantage of Unmanaged VPS Hosting

  • To setup unmanaged VPS hosting you need to have complete technical knowledge which makes it easy to control and monitor the server.
  • It needs more time to spend with the server while managing various resources, planning, and monitoring the processes as per business requirements.
  • It is not highly suitable for beginners or people having limited technical knowledge.
  • It takes a lot of time to set up the server and the associated tasks required for the business.
  • It is exhausting to monitor the server and the other routine applications. Also to manage the technicalities need expertise and experience.
  • It can be a total failure if you cannot manage the hosting and run your business properly.

What Should You Choose? Managed VPS vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting

After discussing both the VPS hosting services, you have to decide the most suitable hosting option which can offer the required services as per the business activities.

The VPS managed hosting is costlier than unmanaged VPS hosting.  But it is the most reliable service which is risk-free.

If you are managing your business well and requiring more time to spend on internet marketing and social media marketing then you should choose the managed VPS hosting else you can have unmanaged VPS hosting which offers advanced features at a reasonable cost.

One has to plan the entire business strategy including the web site hosting. If you have started the business newly then you can choose for the unmanaged VPS hosting which is less expensive and initially allows you to spent time on hosting but later as your business grows, you can switch over to Managed VPS hosting.


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