Selecting the right platform is a very important step for successfully running your business. In Today’s Competitive world getting a Web Hosting from the best Hosting Provider is very costly and If you have just started your website or blog, then it is not worth to spend so much of money to a Premium Web Hosting Service Provider as you requirement is also very less.

In this situation you will need a Free Web Hosting sites , where you can run your Website or Blog. After you start getting a High Traffic, then you can move to the premium hosting provider. 

Before Starting with the List of Free Web Hosting Sites, let’s first discuss What is Free WebHosting? 

Free Webhosting Service stand for Web Hosting Service provided for Free to the user, So user don’t have to pay any money for using Web Hosting. The Free Web Hosting Sites will provide some free space and a features that helps the user to make their website live.

Advantages of Going with Free Web Hosting

  • Saving of Money
  • If you are in learning stage and thinking to launch a website then it is good for Free Web Hosting
Disadvantages of Going with Free Web Hosting
  • With Free Hosting you will have a very limited feature to use it
  • No Support at all(Except Some of them)
  • Limited Subdomains, Limited Email Ids can be created
  • Web Space is very low
  • Bandwidth is limited.
  • Unreliability
  • Security and Tech Support Issue.

If you have decided to go with free web hosting then, there are many Free Web Hosting Companies in the market, who are providing free web hosting service to the user. But selecting the best Free Hosting Service is very difficult task for the Webmaster.  Some free web hosting providers are really a good and they provide the same service as they provide for their premium. Many Free Web Hosting Companies provide you with the feature to upgrade their service , when you find you need to expand your website or blog.  With the research, Client review, I have found some of the best free web hosting sites.

Today, I will be sharing you the List of Free Web Hosting sites

000webhost – If you are thinking to have a Professional shared web hosting quality in your free hosting, then you Need to go for 000webhost and you can experience the best quality and service absolutely free.

Click Here to Signup for Free Hosting account with 000webhost.

Features of 000Webhost Free Hosting Service.

  • 1.5GB of Disk Space you will get
  • 100GB Of Bandwidth every month
  • You can host your Own Domain with 000webhost
  • Cpanel Powered hosting is provided with this free Web Hosting
  • You will get 500 Websites template ready to download
  • Website Builder is available with this plan
  • Absolutely No Advertising with this free web hosting.
  • 5 MYSQL database with full PHP support is available with this free plan
  • The Account is activated immediately
  • You can upgrade your Hosting Plans as per your needs.

AwardSpace It is one of the best Free Web Hosting Provider. Awardspace also provides the Premium Web Hosting service to the user. It has received many awards for Service on Free Web Hosting. You can use awardspace free hosting plans for Testing, Debugging, Small Websites, Low Traffic Sites.

Features of Awardspace Free Web Hosting Service

  • 1GB of Disk Space is Provided with this Free Plan
  • Monthly 5GB of Bandwidth is provided
  • With this Plan you can host upto 1 Domain
  • You can only create upto 3 Sub Domain name
  • 1 MySQL Database with this plan
  • Awardspace is one of the Web Hosting sites with No Ads. They don’t provide ads to their Client who opted for Free Service.
  • 1 Email Accounts can be created
  • Single Click Installation of WordPress and Joomla.
  • Click Here to Signup for Free Web Hosting with Awardspace.

Hosting.India.toIt is also one of the best Free Web Hosting Provider from India. Thousands of Webmaster have register for a free hosting account with
They Provide Free 1 GB of Webhosting service for Domain Purchase with and also for already purchased domain.


  • You will get 1GB of Web Space
  • Not Setup Fees Required
  • It will give 1GB of Bandwidth monthly traffic.
  • With this Free plan you will get Cpanel Linux hosting control panel.
  • On a Single Click , you can install 50+ Scripts
  • 5 Email Accounts are provided with this plan
  • 1 Mysql Database and 1 Sub domains can be create with Free Hosting plans
  • Activation can be done on Phone.
  • They will show Advertisement on your page.
  • Click Here to Signup for free Hosting with provides one of the best Free Hosting with no ads on your website.It is one of the oldest free web hosting provider. It has more than 10 years of experience in free webhosting.


  • It Provides 1GB of Web Space
  • 5GB of Bandwidth is provided
  • 1 POP3/SMTP webmail is available in free hosting plans
  • You will get the FTP Access and of the file manager.
  • It supports Php4/5 , MYSQL
  • They provide easy to use control panel
  • Free Domain name is provided
  • No Ads on Free Hosting account.
  • Click Here to Signup for Free hosting with

So, I hope you would have like the List of Web Hosting Sites provided in this article. I will constantly update the list whenever I find the best free web hosting sites and companies.

Do Share your Experience with me in comment section this Free Web Hosting Sites. 
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