The Covid-19 slump affected the businesses completely around the world. The nationwide lockdown and social distancing have a major impact on the lives of people and various business establishments.

For most of the businesses, it is a challenging time, when the expenses are increasing and revenues and income are getting lesser.

Lockdown has spread uncertainty due to the financial difficulties around the world.

The impact of the Covid-19 was mainly seen on the startup and the small businesses which were completely ruined. It has severely affected the lives of people.

Most of the working class people faced difficulties like never before. The uncertain atmosphere around without much hope made life difficult for everyone. The people such as businessmen, employees, workers, professionals, and other daily wagers find it difficult to meet the ends.

To face the situation and tackle the problems one has to show enough patience while handling the situations that are arising around in everyday life. It was not easy to run a business during the period of lockdown.

Most of the people involved in smaller or bigger-type of businesses find it difficult to manage the business as mostly you cannot openly market the items or meet your customers.

You need to find new ways and need to plan new strategies to run the business successfully while facing the dangers of Covid-19.

While facing such a contagion situation it is highly important to make a proper assessment of the situation. You have to understand the changing circumstances when the expenses are increasing and earning and income are almost affected.

It is the time when you need to find all the possible ways of reducing your expenses and increasing your actual revenue. There are some strategies that you need to plan and implement to face the pandemic effects on the business.

The two main factors that you have to think of while deciding your plans are:

Check the feasibility of your business

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During the virus attack when the market is changing every week. It is required to think of flexible ways of business models that can help you to evaluate the business.

Also, it allows you to find the scale of impact of the virus in your life and its overall effects on your work. You should study the sales and the collections of your business periodically.

It helps you to access the details of potential bad debts. The best way to tackle the situation is to make short term plans.

Since the period of the epidemic is very difficult to judge. It is advisable not to make longer plans for the business but make revisable plans of 3 months, six months, or 9 months.  And depending on the effect of the pandemic your business strategies should be e planned and reworked. The businessmen have to be transparent about their business while dealing with employees and customers.

Restrict your investments

Plan your strategies and work according to the strategies that are fit to the present situations. It will be very useful in managing everyday activities. You can cut down the expenditures like hiring more people, doing marketing activities, traveling, etc during difficult times.

While facing situations that are affecting your business, you should not plan any new business adventures and avoid any new strategies. You should also avoid investments in your business at this juncture. You need to have patience and keep all your advanced business options on hold until the situation around you improves for the business.

Latest discuss some of the important tips that can help you to run your business smoothly during the difficult times as Covid-19.

1. Have a transparent communication with the customers

It is a situation where the entire world is suffering from viral disease and most people understand the situation around us well. Always try and communicate with your investors, employees, and customers.

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Let them know the present status of the business and also about the future plans, in case the situation becomes normal. Involve the people around you who are part of your business. You can either call or have a video conference with the entire team once in a while.

Also, you can clearly discuss your business terms products, and services offered during the Covid-19 crisis.

2. Have a healthy relationship with contacts and investors.

This is the time when you have to look after your business while controlling your expenses and trying to gain higher income.  It is very important for you to maintain a healthy relationship with your investors, suppliers, vendors, landlords, and other people your business is dependent on.

It gives them a clear idea about your business status and it will help you to get enough time to make your payments during a difficult time. Always send messages or use the chat applications which are free and effective in talking to the people during the lockdown and social distancing.

3. Manage employees & optimize business

You should follow government guidelines during the crisis and follow the rules. Make sure that you pay your employees either full or part of the salaries during the lockdown even when your business is down and completely affected.

In case if you are not going to pay the salaries to the employees then pay compensation and allowances which can be of great help. Keep the morale of your employees high during the crisis. Get in touch with employees and other people in business; have weekly online meetings using video conferencing.

4. Keep your team of people engaged

Keep for the members of your team well connected and engaged in part of assignments. Keep updating the developments of the business. Also plan the activities such as calling the customers over the phone, sending emails, having a group discussion using a chat app, or online discussions.

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You can involve staff members in online activities. Define roles and responsibilities for each one. You can make use of internet marketing strategies and let communication help in growing the business.

5. Make use of digital marketing

Digital marketing plays an important role in business promotional activities during the lockdown. You can make use of social media networking sites for internet marketing. The various social marketing platforms are useful in spreading the word about your business and it allows more visitors to come to your websites and social networking platforms.

Digital marketing works for all types of businesses and the industry. During the lockdown, online activities help you to remain in touch with your customers.

Digital marketing also offers you the opportunities to reach to the global market.  it is one of the low-cost business plans which is very fruitful during the restricted life while fighting against Corona.  Digital marketing restricts expenses while offering you to gain multiple business advantages.

Even if your business is small and if it is affected due to the pandemic, then digital marketing will help you to grow your business and to stabilize it during the crisis.


It is a life-time crisis that the world is facing today. Almost every human being is affected and still struggling to get back to have a normal life. The pandemic has thought us that, however, people develop technology and feel like acting smartly, but nature controls our lives and we cannot beat nature.

The year 2020 has so far become one of the worst years that has stopped the world and made the human being feel helpless. The best way is to keep calm, follow the rules and advice and work according to the above-given points, which will help you to fight back and win the battle against Corona.