On September 18, 2016 at 5 AM sharp, Pakistan backed Jihadis attacked Indian army in which 18 army personal lost their life. The attack took place in Uri, which is in Kashmir, India. This attack was the most lethal attack on India by Pakistan. The incident has rose questions in the mind of every proud Indians that what is the solution with Pakistan, a terrorist state. I believe in the doctrine of piece-full relations with Pakistan.

70 years have been passed and our pseudo-intellectuals and “Aman ki Tamasha” brigade are still preaching us that talk is the only solution for settling disputes with Pakistan, but I argue. The liberal brigade argue that Kashmir is the sole reason of dispute, terrorism and sour relations with Pakistan but they fail to analyze that what is the reason that Pakistan has remained in conflict with Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Iran. Why every terror attack and every terrorist’s link ends up having in Pakistan? They can’t answer because there mind is subverted by ISI backed Aman ki tamasha brigade.

So what is the solution?

Understanding Pakistan:

To find the solution, one has to go back in history and understand the reason for continuous hatred of Pakistan towards India. At the time of partition, Muslims from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, central India and Deccan have migrated to Pakistan and got settled in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

These Urdu speaking elite class liberal Muslims have always considered themselves as superior to the rest of the Indians and Pakistanis. They were wealthy both in money and intelligence. They captured much lands and properties from the native Punjabi Pakistanis when they reached there.

Having the power and wealth, they easily pushed the native Pakistanis like Sindhis, Balochis, Kashmiris, Pakhtunis and Poor Punjabis down. Just like the Indian left liberal class, they too implemented their ideological supremacy and always downgraded the native culture and historical heritage of original Pakistanis. For example, the urdu speaking elites banned the native languages of Pakistan like balochi, sindhi, Punjabi and pakhtuni in school, legislature, office and cultural fest. They pushed the Pakistani people to disregard their own culture just like the lutyens do in India.
One can easily find that most of the established men like senior leaders, artists, actors, politicians, army personals and cricketers come from Punjab province. More than 80% of Pakistan is ruled and administrated by supremacist Punjabi mullas. Many generals and leaders of Pakistan have links and traces in India. 
The reason they left India was that they can’t tolerate to be ruled by inferior infidels known as Hindus. The reason they envy Indians is that they can’t tolerate that how can Indians become more prosperous than them and the reason they wage war against us is that they are ideologically forced to do so under the Islamic doctrine “Gazwa-e-Hind”.
Permanent Solution for peace in India against Pakistani Jihad

One can now understand that whether Kashmir remains with India or Pakistan, Pakistan will continue to wage war against India as they are complied to do so. So peace talks and dispute settlements with Pakistan is not the solution. What is it? Waging war?
Waging war and destroying Pakistan looks out to be the only solution but there is more into it. As mentioned above, one can see that the view of the whole Pakistan is not same as that of the generals and media. Balochistan wants a separate nation as they were a separate nation 70 years before. The Sindh province also wants freedom and want a separate nation called Sindhudesh. Pakhtunis and people of Gilgit, Baltistan and PoK too are struggling with supremacist attitude of Punjabi Pakistan over them. What India needs to do is to disintegrate Pakistan into several pieces.

How it can be done?

After several attacks on India, Pakistan needs a lesson for life that he never forgets. Just what we did in Bangladesh, we need to repeat it in West Pakistan. As per now, Indian strategic department must need to create a strategy of five steps to break Pakistan. These five steps are as follows.
Step 1: India needs to go for a long term plan in which India needs to help the Baloch movement, Sindhu movement and Kashmiri movement. India should heavily fund these different identity organizations so they grow stronger and attack Pakistan on all fronts. India needs to create an identity crisis between the Pakistani people and segregate them from the Punjabi mullas. Demoralization, destabilization and crisis should be covered in this strategic step. This step should be of minimum 5-10 years.
Step 2: This step should be focused on Indian policy towards Pakistan. India should recognize Pakistan as a terrorist state and close all the relations with Pakistan within a year’s time. Relations like diplomatic, economic, cultural, and people to people and resource sharing should be closed. Abrogating Indus water treaty is one of the best steps to teach Pakistan a lesson for life. This step will also help India in creating an impact in the international world as well as troubling Pakistan.
Step 3: Implementing the step 2, India will set an example to the world that it considers Pakistan as a terrorist state and therefore has ended all kind relations with Pakistan. India then needs to put diplomatic pressure on Pakistan by convincing other countries to recognize Pakistan as a terror state and put sanctions on Pakistan. India should also highlight the human rights issue in Balochistan and should urge the world to help India free Balochistan. This may succeed fully or partially will depend on diplomatic conditions around the world. It may take year or two.
Step 4: After these three steps, Pakistan’s economy will be in crisis, multiple crisis; abrogation of Indus water treaty will starve Pakistan to a large extent. The different sections like Baluchistan, Sindhudesh, Gilgit and Baltistan will demand freedom from Pakistan and Pakistan will fail to suppress their voice because of inability. That would be the best time for India to intervene and attack Pakistan militarily. Targeting the Punjab province and freeing the other provinces should be the objective of India.
Step 5: India should take control over nuclear department of Pakistan and help the other provinces in defending them from Punjabistan or the left Pakistan. India should regain PoK while going through the UN rules. Pakistan’s situation won’t be that good to fight with India. India can easily gain enough profit from these freed states by engaging through business with them.
While waging war or going strategically, India should take help from Israel, Russia and America whereas it can take help from Afghanistan and Iran for local support. These step looks out to be more imaginative and hard but one should also remember that it’s the best solution and this all has happened in 1971 in Bangladesh and other nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Sri Lanka. 
With the rising Islamic extremism in the world, it is less likely that the west will defend Pakistan. The OIC may support Pak but with clever steps India can overrule them too and thus the Pakistan will remain only as a state of mind as very well said by Tarek Fatah.
Jai Hind
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