So the big question in everyone’s Mind is “India Living Under Media Dictatorship” Yes you heard right Media has become a Dictator. According to my View the Indian Media has become a Dictator Like Hitler , If you Oppose Media then you are gone , they can label you what they want and you don’t have any opportunity to clarify.

Print or Electronic Media both are behaving like a Dictator. The Journalist’s think themselves that they are the King of the country and through their agenda driven Reporting they can change the government or help any one to form the Government.

In Today’s world Social Media has started questioning the Journalist and the Fake News in the Media and that is the reason all the Top Journalist are rattled today. The People on Social Media are called with different names such as Troll , Extremist Hindus , Online Hindus  and Now a New Word has evolved by an Editor ie.e Extreme Nationalism.

Main Stream Media (MSM) calls them as a 4th Pillar of Democracy, but today they are behaving like a Dictator. Media can drag any story against anyone as long as they want. Today Media doesn’t Show the News they are enforcing their Views to their Viewers and Helping their Master Bosses.

Media Knows Very well that they can influence the mindset of the Viewers , So Nowadays Media has started Manufacturing News and when they are caught red handed they change the topic and there is no Monitoring on the lies of Media. There is a Media Group called as NBA but it is a Toothless Elephant. Till Today it doesn’t take any action on any Journalist or Media houses.

Indian Media has became a Daily Soap and they have became a TRP hungry people , the People have seen the Attitude of Media showing live telecast  of 26/11 and after that it was confirm that the Live Telecast of 26/11 had helped Terrorists to strategize the plan.

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Here the Print Media and Electronic Media both are equally responsible to Make India live under Media Dictatorship. “Print Media will Print Fake News , Electronic Media will Discuss on that Fake News and Social Media will expose that News Till Evening and Print Media will Publish the apology on somewhere 10th page” Their Agenda is completed and their Hit Job is done.

So Lets we Compare Indian Media with Other Media in the World.

  • When Osama Bin Laden was encountered by US , All the American Media was with the government. No one questioned about it. But in India Media Tried and Made Yakub Memon as a Martyr and Politicians started appeasing one community
  • When there was a Paris Attack in France , whole Media was standing behind their government and supported every action by their government and When Pathankot attack was happen our Media Started questioning  the Indian Government.
  • Media questions and Cried a Lot when a Mob Killed a Person Name Akhlaq and started blaming Narendra Modi and Central government and all the Media knows very well that Law and Order Situation is under state Government but they deliberately wanted to tarnish the Image of Modi Government and Media tried their very best to misguide their Viewer.
  • Media done huge hue and cry on Akhlaq but was Tight lip silent when Mob Killed Prashant Poojary. Why media totally boycotted the News because Prashant Poojary was Killed by a Peace Loving people
  • Media says there Should be a Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Expression but not for Kamlesh Tiwari . Not a Single Media , Journalist shown the Solidarity with Kamlesh Tiwari
  • One Incident , I remember about Rape Incident in UP when Mayawati was the CM , until she doesn’t give the advertisement to the Media Channels they were targeting UP govt and CM
  • Do you Remember Rohith Vemula A Dalit Scholar who has done Suicide in Hyderabad University , How the Media tried to give Spin and Some So called Secular Journalist started calling Rohith a Martyr and started placing his statue . Nowadays Media use Suicide to target Narendra Modi Govt and blaming him for his suicide.
  • It seems Some Lutyens Media gang is obsessed with Narendra Modi govt and daily a topic is created.
  • I can say one think , Some Section of Powerful People in Media has declared an Undeclared War against Narendra Govt and Central Govt.
  • Do you remember Mani Shankar Aiyer asking Pakistan help to remove Narendra Modi govt but not a Single Lutyens Media Gang said anything against him.
It is a Sad story of India If anyone gets a Power they all are ready to misuse it. It can be Politicians , Bureaucrats , Police Officers were already misusing the Power but Everyone has Forget that slowly India was Moving in Media’s Dictatorship era.
And I can that Today Media has became Dictator , They can write any false news , They can name anyone but Yes “Don’t Dare To Question Media” , “Don’t Dare to Question them” , “Don’t Dare to Expose them” Today I will not be exposing anyone personally but in General.
All you are watching the News of JNU , and I was amazed how the Media Fraternity was Supporting the Slogan “Bharat Ki Barbaadi Tak Jung Chalegi” and How they are Justifying it. After seeing all the Tweets of Giant Journalist it seems in the Hatred of Narendra Modi they are so rattled that they are now Supporting People who wants India to be destroyed , Who wants Liberation of Kashmir.
Today , I Can Say that “India is Living Under Media Dictatorship” . The Media fraternity are rattled because government is not following their agenda . Media acted as a Power Broker in Past everyone knows about India’s most discussed “Niira Radia Tape” How Journalist was selling the Ministerial Berth. In past Media  was known as the Bridge between Company and Government , Any work needs to be done the Corporates hires the Power Broker Journalist and Journalist would schedule the Meeting.
But Now this all has Stop by Narendra Government and all the Luxurial Enjoyment of Media has totally stopped and that’s why they are rattled. Media’s Job is to show the News but in the Hatred of Narendra Modi they all started Manufacturing News and everytime is exposed.
And Only I want to say to Our Country’s Media “Show the News , People are Interested in News , Not your Views”.
I Hope Media will be aware that they are behaving like a Dictator “My Way or Highway” is the tagline of the Media. Today People has started questioning their Lies with Proof  and I Hope Media should introspect and Make a Strict Guidelines for themselves. Any Freelance Writer writes in his Bio that He/She is a Journalist and can write anything Crap that’s need to be changed.