The complexity of the web applications is increasing and it affects various procedures involved in web development such as authentication, software Integration, conflicts in data sharing, installation failures and many others.

In order to reduce the issues relating to web development, the latest techniques and advanced technologies are introduced which not only controls the web development processes but makes it simpler to use.

In order to install Laravel, you need to follow an equally lengthy procedure. But if you make use of the application Softaculous, then the installation procedure could be quick and easy.

Before you understand the procedure of installation of Laravel using Softaculous, let us discuss the two applications Laravel and Softaculous briefly.

Laravel Framework

Laravel is the most sophisticated web application framework used to control various complicated tasks involved in web development.

The main aim of the Laravel framework is to make the web development process simpler by controlling the various functions involved such as authentication procedure, caching and routing sessions.

It offers superior techniques that can make the process of web development pleasurable than getting complicated.

Laravel framework believes that web development should become an enjoyable experience and the developer should follow creative thinking methods. It will release the work-pressure completely and reduce the complexity of the tasks.

There are other similar web frameworks available in different languages but Laravel is easy to access and a more powerful and robust application. It has a flexible migration system, integrated testing unit, and inversion of control containers which are useful in building superior applications.

Softaculous – Auto-installer

Softaculous is an auto-installer application and it can install any web application with a single click. The applications in the form of blogs, polls, forums, CMS, and web portals can be installed using Softaculous without any complications.

The auto-installer process helps Softaculous to install any web application instantly.

It also makes use of a back-up procedure during installation. It allows backup of the complete installation when you need it. Softaculous is available freely.

It is effectively managed on Linux VPS and dedicated servers and it can install a list of web applications freely.

How to install Laravel using Softaculous?

Installation of Laravel

To install Laravel, open the auto-installer application Softaculous.

1. Log in to cPanel of Softaculous – The SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER section will be displayed in the cPanel.

The various categories will be displayed on the screen.

2. The Category box will be displayed with a list of categories and Click on Softaculous icon or you can select the Framework and you will go to below page

3. Type Laravel in the Search text box and press Enter.

You have to find Laravel for installation. Once Laravel framework is found in the list and it gets displayed on the screen with details.

4. Click on the option Install Now.

The procedure to install Laravel will start by displaying the installation page with details.

5. From the Protocol list, select the protocol as per specification.

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You have to select the options –

  • https:// or https://www (if you have an SSL certificate installed on your site)
  • http:// or http://www    (If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your site)

6. The Domain list box is displayed.

You have to either choose the domain for installation, or you have to choose the default value.

7. The text box for Directory is displayed.

Enter the name of the directory along with the path or accept the displayed default value.

In case, if you have selected a domain name, then no need to enter directory name and Directory list box should remain empty.

8. Select the icon and click on it to get the Advanced Options.

9. Select the Disable Update Notification checkbox

In case, if you do not want to receive any e-mail notifications after an application update.

It is advised to keep receiving the notification after every application update. It keeps your site updated and protects it from unauthorized access.

10. Backup Location list box gets displayed.

Select a location for storing the application backup.

11. Automated backups list box is displayed. You can select an option.

In case, if you want to get Softaculous periodic backups of your application.

12. The Backup Rotation list box is displayed.

You have to mention, how often you want Softaculous to overwrite the old backup.

13. The Email installation details box will be displayed

Type your e-mail address in the box, to receive the details of configuration information after the installation process is over.

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14. The option to start the installation process is displayed.

Check the selected installation options and the specified settings and click on the Install button.

Source – Domainracer

Laravel framework gets installed successfully using auto-installer Softaculous.


  • The web applications that you make use of should be of latest versions and having a recent update.
  • Laravel framework required for installation should be of PHP version 5.6.4 or later. In case, if you have the older version of PHP then Softaculous installer will ask you to enable the installation of PHP 5.6 or the latest version of PHP before starting the installation process.


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