If you have multiple Authors or Contributors for your blog and you want them to write an article for your blogger blog, to provide user some quality articles in different category.

It also can happen you have different Authors for different category and you think Managing all the content by one person is difficult then you have to Know about the Option provided in Blogger , that How to add Multiple authors for your blog.
It reduces your work as Author will have limited access to your blog , where they can write their article and can make the article then and their.

You can add User as a Author or an Administrator. It is upto you to decide. First Let’s lean what is the Role of Author and Administrator of a Blog.

Author : The Author has access only to create and Edit his/her own post. Author would not be able to see or edit the post of other authors. The Author would have restricted access to many Blogger Options. Author would have only option to add or remove Mobile device or can cancel their membership from the Blog.

Administrator: You can provide the administrator rights to author or user. You can give administrator rights to multiple authors. The User will have the full access of your blog settings that you have and he can add / remove the user or he can transfer the blog to his name just by removing you. So beware giving Administrative rights to any of the user.

How to Add Multiple Authors in Blogger?

Adding the Multiple Authors in Blogger is very easy and simple step. So I will be providing the information step by step how to add Multiple authors.

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Step 1: Login to your Blogger account by your google Id, you will see all your blog listed with the account. Click the name of the Blog , where you want to add Author.

Step 2 : In Left Corner of the side , Click Settings of the page and go to Basic Tab

Step 3 : Look for the Permission section and click Add Authors Link and it will open the text area as illustrated in above Image.

Step 4: Write the email id of the author or multiple of authors and Click Invite authors button. A Mail will be send to the author for confirmation Mail.

Step : 5 You have the Option to to give the permission as Author or Admin.

Below is the illustration for the same.

Add Multiple Authors.
Once, the Author Accepted your invitation for becoming Author, By default he will be listed as author. It is upto you to change is right.
So this are the step to Add Multiple Authors in Blogger and Minimize your workload and provide the readers with fresh content.