As a foundational part of any website, performance and security criteria are crucial to selecting a hosting service.

Since almost every organization requires a website in this era of digitalization, thereby selecting the right plan for the site is based on careful consideration. The features of each host are different due to following reasons-

  • Type of technology used for the server
  • According to management level
  • Offering additional services

Selecting the right web host generally plays a big role to ensure business success and also to boost website performance. Hence, the wrong selection can lead to the risk of the website crashing and unnecessary expenses.

A poorly responsive website with substandard hosting service can endure the loss of users.

So, the creation of a website is linked to reliable and comfortable hosting that can offer beneficial and faster services to its users at affordable prices.

An Overview of Host Armada and Bluehost

While going through a detailed comparison, the criteria for hosting services include factors, like-

  • Uptime
  • Performance
  • Website migration
  • Security
  • Email services
  • Server locations
  • Customer support and more

For a long time, WordPress hosting is recognized as one of the best website building tools in the market.

Due to the many advantages of shared hosting, companies like Bluehost is controlling the shared WordPress hosting services.

However, in recent times, many new web-hosting companies have launched their products in this competitive market, and some of them have already established themselves as reliable and cost-effective hosting company.

Features of a good website

Everyone who wants to run an online business requires a stable and quality hosting service, apart from good design and plenty of features.

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All these are considered crucial aspects to run an online business successfully.

Here comes the significance of a reliable hosting company with large and stable servers to which the users can upload their sites securely and make them easily accessible to the people browsing the internet.

Host Armada and Bluehost are two names to be considered by the users based on these criteria.

Host Armada

Host Armada has features like cloud-based hosting, which are spread across servers.

This makes it a very secure hosting service as data and resources are stored in many locations.

Being an almost new hosting provider, Host Armada was founded in 2019, and this new company has become popular due to its offers.

Establishing itself in the market as a reliable and cost-effective hosting company, Host Armada is offering WordPress, SSD Cloud, and Dedicated hosting solutions to users.

Already recognized as a stable, secure, and high-quality hosting web service, it has become popular among users due to its image of a dependable and beneficial supplier.

Host Armada generally utilizes Solid-State Drive storage and it is a positive side of this hosting service.

By using SSD storage Host Armada makes the website more stable and the hosting cost remains one of the lowest around the globe due to its offering of SSD cloud shared hosting.

Host Armada ensures the users can afford the automatic backups and one-click tool installation apart from getting enough speed and low response time to run a stable business.

The following will give some positive aspects of using Host Armada-

  • Offers a huge variety of services, including Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers Hosting plans
  • The efficient support team is not only available 24/7, but they design flexible plans and choices to give the clients the most valuable support in times of needs
  • Their shared hosting plans include Start Dock, Web Warp, and Speed Reaper
  • Optimized for performance, speed, and security, each plan of HostArmada includes either a LiteSpeed web server or NGINX to boost the site speed to the next level
  • Proactively tracks with sophisticated imunify360 to remove malware and malicious script with an option of daily scan
  • This hosting service offers the industry standard of 99.9% uptime guarantee to remain competitive in the market
  • Being recognized as one of the best technical support teams in the industry, they have experts with at least six years of experience
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Read about Host Armada Reviews, why it is one of the best hosting provider


Being recognized as one of the most popular hosting providers, Bluehost has been in the industry for almost 20 years.

Over the years it has emerged as one of the best shared hosting companies and they record more than 2M websites.

Due to the trust and reliability of Bluehost hosting services, it has been highly recommended by since 2005. Some advantages of this hosting service are provided below-

  • It provides their plans in a detailed and comprehensible way, including 1 year of trusted SSL support with all their plans
  • Known for easiest interface and automatic WordPress installation
  • Comparatively faster speed among the hosting service providers – generally Google recommends a 200ms response time. Bluehost records response time faster than 200ms all around the globe
  • High performance and uptime – Bluehost always records a 99.9% uptime guarantee as examined by the third-party services. So, the users never experience loading issues in this hosting service.
  • Security is always a priority to this hosting service provider
  • This hosting service truly provides unlimited plans like SSD storage, subdomains, bandwidth, and others
  • Technically trained customer support team is available 24/7 and they have the expertise to resolve any problem, including WordPress, in a faster way

Selection of HostArmada over Bluehost

There exist several reasons which make HostArmada a popular choice among the users over Bluehost-

  • In the case of Host-Armada, Server-location is a plus point as the data centers are within the reach of the visitors
  • Only Host Armada offers a free website migration and this helps many non-technical people to change their old hosting services
  • 45 Days money-back guarantee from Host Armada is a plus point for newcomers
  • LiteSpeed web-servers from Host Armada perform better than NGINX of Bluehost
  • Transparency of resources, like pricing and plans page, from Host Armada is much better than Bluehost
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Final Thoughts

In general, we can state that Host Armada is more beneficial than Bluehost due to its affordability. Also, Host Armada offers several benefits to clients like account management, daily archives, free SSL certificate, and others.

Although very difficult to precisely select the best one between Host Armada and Bluehost, it is finally up to the client to select the one according to their affordability and accessibility.

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