Today , I will be writing about Another Hit job by Journalist on General VK Singh

General VK Singh

So Today Some Morphed Video Circulated on Twitter and our Indian Journalist got a lottery to target General VK Singh.

Here are the Screenshot of Ajai Shukla Tweet.

Ajai Shukla is a Journalist , A Defence expert and I have seen many times that Ajai is obsessed with General VK Singh. Don’t know the reason  , In Twitter, People Says that There are Journalist who hates him from when General VK Singh was a Army Head ,He has shut the door of Defence Agents or Defence Brokers.

Today on 26th January , a video is being shared stating that General VK Singh touching Feet of BJP President Amit Shah , Without Verifying facts Ajai Shukla Tweeted that He is Embarrassed due to this. The work of Journalist is to verify the facts before sharing on Public Platform. But in India ,Journalist has the privilege to Lie and when they are caught Pant down then they just start screaming .

After that General VK Singh Tweeted and Slam the Journalist who has Re-tweeted the fake Tweets by Calling them Presstitutes.

Below is the Link of General VK Singh’s tweet.

video of shri Vijay Pal Tomar during felicitation of shri Amit Shah has been floated to say it is me. A case of mischief by prestitutes !!!!

— Vijay Kumar Singh (@Gen_VKSingh) January 26, 2016

Journalist or Presstitute (In the Term of General VK Singh) should have verify the Facts. After this Blunder by Presstitutes when they got exposed on Twitter they started calling them “Bhakts”.

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And It has been seen through Neera Radia Tape that their are Journalist who works as a Middleman. I will not name any such journalist.

We have seen a Hit-job by Indian Express , By Times Now and their is the whole list of Journalist who openly hates him. So What is the work of Journalist to give the news or Hate Any one So much that by Verifying any Facts you started Targeting Him.

The  Video of Vijay Pal Tomar was circulated in such a way by Morphing that it was General VK Singh who is touching the feet of BJP President Amit Shah.

But One Question Arises in My Mind. Why Journalist Hates General Vk Singh So much.
Why Journalist cannot verify the News and then they should become judgemental.

We can say Media Tried to spread lies against General VK singh as they have done in Past , But again Alert Social Media Activist poured cold water on their Plans.

Media would have got the TRP Masala News for a week. But they all are depressed

I hope they would always be in Depressed situation because Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression every citizen of this country Enjoy and Now People has got the Platform to counter their lies.

Note : This Post is the Personal Opinion of the Individual and he is using his Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression for writing this Article.