You must be wondering why a post like Ghost Vs WordPress is considered as an important topic but if you look closely you will come to see that there are several blogging tools unlike WordPress platform.

A beginner first preference would be WordPress when starting a new blog?

You must have a question regarding Ghost vs WordPress which one is the better option? Mainly they have their own Pros & Cons neither of them is said to be 100% efficient not they do serve a definite purpose. Depending on the nature of the specific goal your blog as you can choose the one works great for you.

If you are still in two minds, in this post we will uncover the features both the platform has as well as gives you the opportunity to look at each platform in a more detailed manner.

Here’s we Go……

WordPress WordPress needs no introduction since it has started back a decade since then it has revolutionized the way people used to blog previously. WordPress is the most popular website building platform with content management system built to cater to the needs of the bloggers, webmasters and nearly a quarter of the websites belong to WordPress where’s it’s operated and maintained. Although there are many benefits of WordPress such as building e-commerce stores, corporates sites, photography sites, news portals and more.

WordPress features two major aspects

  • Self-Hosted WordPress blog
  • Free but with paid add-ons on

In the simplest term, the difference between .com & .org is huge? Through you can download and install straight to the server and you can customize everything from themes, plugins or so.

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On the other hand, offers you less or limited access and can be operated through the servers only. You can customize only a few things and out of most get severely limited access.

Anyways WordPress wins the battle with simple and easy to use the platform. If we compare Ghost Vs WordPress chances are that the WordPress popular blogging platform will remain active in the future. Since the platform is extensively used by millions of peoples worldwide. There are no possible chances that other platform may survive the battle. However, the special elements such as SEO metadata or custom content types can only be found in

WordPress is not completely free in terms of money however there is a free version too the software remains free (Open Source) but you might have to pay for the web hosting charges.

In the next section, version is completely free for trying a hand on WordPress for the beginners. This engulfs a free basic usage with loads of storage and limited features on board. Although if you want some fancy stuff to play around or a custom domain then you might have to go for the paid plans.

Ghost –

Ghost is pretty clear with the idea a robust platform that looks simple, crisp with the minimal user interface. Unlike popular WordPress, Ghost does not power an array of websites instead of Ghost is created for bloggers and will remain a  blogging platform but you can change the way and work much like WordPress using markdown editing.

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Ghosts to come with 2 different aspects of functional working.

  • The self-hosted version which is free to use
  • And a hosted version with Ghost’s servers on use

Many have disliked Ghost due to unavailability of a free version similar to Whereas Ghost provides a 14-day trial although ghost paid version offers to upload own themes and content by using FTP to users. Ghost also is known for better SEO setting and social sharing features provided to the core itself.

However, the Ghost stands first when minimalism which is not only in paper but in functionality to come. You can create and edit posts, manage multi-author blogs, magazines sites or portfolio sites.

I have written detailed article on Ghost Hosting, you can read and get your best hosting partner

Still, does the Ghost stands to be a winner? Our Verdict

Certainly YES, the answer is pretty straightforward with no-nonsense blogging tools that both the platform offers through publishing post, formatting, SEO or social sharing. Ghost seems to be the best platform for you.

It is simplistic and works straight out from the box and requires no configuration to the user. In other way there are few flipsides such as Ghost is operated in Node.JS which is still an underwhelmed thing for most of the hosting providers but you can choose a specific Node JS hosting that is meant to powered Ghost through the self-hosted blog. The price of ghost hosting solutions starts as low as $19 per month and a maximum of 25,000 pages views per month.

Now, on the WordPress part, it’s universally accepted with plans going anywhere between $250/month for WordPress cloud servers. If you are interested in going with the free or paid plans than it’s larger and overloaded with features than the Ghost.

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I hope you have like the detailed comparison between Ghost and WordPress. Also, you can comment and let me know your favourite blogging platform.