Google AdSense is one of the best networks to monetize a site or a blog. It is 90% superior to some other CPC advertising programs. It offers the publishers the most astounding CTR for each site page. The advertisers could make loads of income day by day from Google AdSense. Each new webmaster has an unreal resourcefulness to monetize his site with this AdSense features. Though there is a hefty task to get google adsense approval. It has offered some strict guidelines and requirements.

The stirring news is “Getting Google Adsense approval with a New Blog is Now Really Easy”, in the event that you take after some essential tenets from the beginning of your blog. When I initially attempted, I neglected to get approval. However, taking after these guidelines, now I have an approved AdSense account. Envisaging this topic, we settled on a choice to share the essential principles of AdSense.

google adsense approval

Initially, Ready Your Blog Before Applying for AdSense:

AdSense moderators dependably approve those blogs whose have gotten together the right prerequisites. As a matter of first importance, you ought to make your blog prepared for this procedure. Check first if your blog considers these prerequisites. Presently, there are some underlying fundamental prerequisites stated by AdSense team, and there are some known hacks and traps that work.

For instance, on the official page it’s said that for nations like China and India, Users need to own a site and then apply for AdSense at least for least 6 months, which is not a thumb run the show. Numerous Indian bloggers have got approval with the one-month-old domain. The main thing which truly matters here is “Quality”. We should take a gander at elements which will make your blog AdSense prepared:

  1. Write High-Quality Contents:

A basic precept “Quality written content is the final deciding factor” helps you comprehend this necessity. A great blog is related to the amazing writing contents. A prodigious content mean fresh, designed, expressed and clear deliberate content. Some dark cap website admins say duplicate content just between 100-200 words is sufficient. Yet, I may guarantee him that his adventure to AdSense will be absolutely wrapped up soon. I think, how a blog post or content could be just between 100-200 words?

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In my verdict, it is unrealistic to totally portray a subject between 100-200 words. Also, if duplicate content is sufficient, anyone can represent him/her as a blogger. If you don’t mind remember, Google AdSense doesn’t support sites with duplicate copyright content. A very much upgraded blog content ought to be 100% plagiarized free or more 500-600 words. In this way, consistently write a content blog post over 500-600 words at least which will clearly express the blog topic.


  1. Improve Blog Post with Meta Tags and Make It Search Engine Friendly:

Improve your one of a kind blog posts with Meta Title and Description Tag. The Meta labels depict what the content is going to the crawler bots. It is impractical for AdSense article board to check each and every site that has connected to get AdSense approved. Along these lines, decidedly they will utilize their crawler bots. The bots will check for each impression on your blog. That is the reason you ought to ensure; you have determined these labels with suitable data.


If it’s not too much trouble remember that your Meta Title must be between 69 characters (counting spaces), and Meta Description have to be between 156 characters (counting spaces). On the likelihood that you are operating on WordPress or Blogger.

  1. Have Sufficient Contents or Posts:

You should have adequate content or posts on each page and classification. Altogether, you ought to have 15-30 blog posts on your entire blog. This is not an official assertion. Despite that, I prescribe everyone to at any proportion have it. In this way, you ought to have no less than 3-4 posts in each category, tag, and page. Google Adsense told that we should have adequate content in each and every website page.

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In this way, we must include content in all pages and category. There shouldn’t be any blank page with no content. What’s more, these blog content should pass the base length of 500-600 words as it is the best blog length. The more you raise the length, the more you go towards to get Google Adsense approval.


  1. Blog Domain Must be Old At least 6 Months:

As I said above, in specific nations like India and China, there is a prerequisite for 6 months for the blog to apply for AdSense. Here is authentic diction from AdSense team:

Some blog space could get approved having less old than six months. Indeed, I got my Adsense account with only two-month-old span. Can you imagine? At the same time, the normal area age for certain geo-area ought to be six months.

  1. Apply Using Root Domain:

You have to unfailingly use a personal domain/ paid domain, hosting service like Not

The Paid domain will cost you around $10 to $20 as your domain extension. There are many domain provider company which you can purchase from them and also their are many web hosting company which provides a free domain name on every hosting account. I have hosted my website with Fastcomet and they provide a free lifetime domain till you have your hosting account with them

  1. Be Serious to Choose Content Images:

Google Adsense doesn’t favor if they prompt copyrighted content. Copyrighted means the things that have been duplicated from others index without their consent. What’s more, we make blame each time while picking a picture. A few people simply go to a picture directory, take their appropriate pictures and transfer these on their web page.

Did they ever check in the event that they have the authorization to utilize these? The truly miserable news is that, the vast majority of the website admins who neglect to get Adsense on account of this copyrighted law. Also, this is truly brought on by copyrighted pictures.

  1. Lead a Nice outline and Blog Structure:
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Blog structure is the essential structure of your blog. Along these lines, ensure that you have a pleasant looking header, content directory, sidebar, footer, and so forth. Continuously think if the guests will like the structure. On the probability that persons like it, Adsense would like it too.

The early introduction of any blog accompanies blog outline, and you can exploit any expert looking formats (free or paid), and utilize it on your blog.

  1. Check if Your Blog is Not Blocked by Google:

Make sure that, your blog is not hindered by Google. Since Adsense will check your blog insights on their web search tool. Don’t know how to check it? Simply look for “” on Google.

On the outlook that you discover indexed lists, your blog is not blocked. Nevertheless, in the occurrence that you not, it is blocked.

  1. Try not to Have Adsense Prohibited Content:

Adsense has specifically informed that, locales with grown-up content, copyrighted content, tranquilize liquor related content, hacking breaking content, savage content, weapons related content and other unlawful content won’t be validated.

  1. Guests Are Not a Factor for Approval Yet:

For getting AdSense approval, visitors are not a factor. Since you will get affirmed relying upon your blog quality. It is certain that the Adsense team will never check for visitors count. In this way, don’t stress over guests. However, to generate incomes, you should have enough visitors.

Read the Official Guide on Google Adsense Terms and Conditions

Here are the 10 detailed tips that will help you get Google Adsense approval for your website or blog. In future, I will try to upload the new tips that will help you get your adsense approved without any rejections